Not worried about being misunderstood by some people: Salman

Not worried about being misunderstood by some people

Sagar Mehta09 Sep 2010

Salman Khan has reached a stage, where he is not worried about what people think or fate of his films. He is one who always stands for his friends and this won’t change. He doesn’t believe in planning his releases either. He also wants to settle down, but only at the right time.

Along with Aamir and Shah Rukh, Salman has formed the illustrious triumvirate of our film industry for almost two decades now. But Salman just refuses to age, quite like the other two, yet it′s different in his case. There is a child like naiveté about Salman, which makes him endearing to the masses and his industry folk. And yet there is that misunderstood fall guy who′s known to be a brat. It′s always interesting to unravel more about his multifaceted personality. He shakes his head in amazement as he says. “No man, I′m very simple in that sense. It′s quite easy actually to know me because I am who I am. I have no pretenses neither do I try to present myself in a way that′s considered acceptable to others. I think that′s a waste of a lot of time,” he says seriously. “I am not worried about being misunderstood by some people. It doesn′t really matter to me. But there are people who I care for and they care for me, they are ones who need to understand me and get me. They do, so I am okay with that,” he says clearly.

Salman Khans recent movies: Wanted, VeerSalman Khan in his latest films - Wanted & Veer

Salman′s always known to be the friend who stands up for his buddies and those who have been with him through the years. Once Salman befriends someone, that friendship sees through the test of times and Salman has gone out of his way to do things for his friends. In fact he′s often done movies with makers who are his friends, and not always to his professional benefits. “When you talk about friendship, you can′t talk in terms of benefits,” he says poignantly. “Yeah I enjoy working with friends, I like having good atmosphere on the sets. And these friendships have been formed after years of working together, knowing each other and certain level of trust, but personally and professionally. So I don′t see anything wrong with working with people you are comfortable with or are friends with. Yes, all of those efforts may not have been appreciated, and films might not have done well but that hasn′t affected our friendships,” he declares. And how does the superstar Khan deal with flops, of which there have been a few in recent times. He smirks and says, “Yeah quite a few, I know,” he laughs. “See there are a lot of things that can go wrong with a project, and sometimes there doesn′t even have to be anything wrong with it. It just doesn′t appeal to the audience. So I don′t take them to heart that much, but it does affect me more so because you think about your producers who have put in a lot of money in the project,” he adds.

Salman is at a place where hits and flops don′t really affect his position. Which is probably why he could experiment with the kind of movies he does rather than sticking to the safe? Does he not agree? “I have done different things in the past. Those are the things I wanted to try out for myself, rather than what people might perceive as experimenting. That sort of pseudo-emotional, pseudo-intellectual drama, I can′t deal with man,” he says sweetly. “See my audience likes to see me in a certain way and they have given me all their love for all these years because what they see of me. In that sense, every movie of mine is a challenge, is a risk because there are a lot of expectations from that project. So you have to consider all of that. Having said that I will keep trying new things and keeping a balance with entertaining audiences,” he vouches.

But for Salman, who has had half a dozen releases every year for a while now, he seems to have cut down on his work, coz there′s only brother Arbaaz produced ‘Dabangg’ and Sohail′s ‘Partner 2’ in the wings for him. Is that a conscious decision? “I have never planned my career strategically,” he explains. “I have never sat with my producers trying to maneuver the release dates of my films. So it so happens that a couple of films get released around the same time, or some get delayed and there is a huge gap between releases. It happens, and you have to accept that. I haven′t consciously cut down on my work but yeah I am being careful about the movies I am doing. I want to work with fresh minds, with different ideas and take on life. I am doing ‘Dabangg’ with a first time director, Anurag Kashyap′s brother Abhinav who is extremely talented and has a lot to offer. I am not working for money, and I have done a lot of movies in the past working double shifts and all. I am taking it a tad bit easy in that sense and there′s a lots to do and look forward to around, don′t you think?” he suggests.

There probably is in his case, a certain gorgeous Katrina Kaif for example. The hunk actually lights up and smiles but won′t say much. But we still want to know if marriage is on the cards for the perennial bachelor? “Of course I′d like to get married,” he admits. “And everyone wants me to get married. I get that a lot, and they think it′s about time I should settle down. I am sure their concerns come from a good place and they only mean well to me. But such things don′t happen just like that, everything has to fall into place. But when it does, I am ready for it,” he states categorically. And we don′t doubt him even for a minute.

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sallu is best.............. he is a perfect artist .
Posted by shruti on  Sep 8 2010 7:27PM

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