Prince is an entertainment-oriented film: Viveik Oberoi

Prince an entertainment-oriented film

Rajan Singh12 Apr 2010

Vivek Oberoi talks about his movie Prince and being in love with the music and his character in the movie. He talks about doing action, kissing and enjoying the company of bikini clad women in the movie. He also talks about being in the news for wrong reasons.

Vivek, there is news that you are in love again, please tell us the truth?

You have caught me nicely but yes I am in love with the music of my film Prince about which I am really excited. I am in love with my fans that are tweeting me always and are giving me so much of love and support. Recently, there were little kids who came up and danced with me at a promotional event of Prince. I was recently in Nashik for the promotion of my film and they showered so much of love and support to me that it was overwhelming. They were chatting and dancing with me.

So all you mean to say that the music of the film has caught up in a big way and people are liking it.

I knew this from day one that we have good music in our film but the response that I am getting from all quarters is simply amazing. The sound of the music is really good and after this now I hope that the audience go to theatres and enjoy the film to the fullest.

Prince movie posterPrince (more photos, videos, songs)

Ok, besides music what else has caught your attention these days?

Well it has to be the character of Prince. Well Prince is a character that has some interesting things going on in his life. He can do anything, he can achieve anything, and he can steal anything. He is very smart and sharp and he has got this amazing brain. Then you take the memory out of his brain and then leave him in a situation where he does not as to who he is, he does not even know where he is. All he knows is that he has got only six days to live and then he has to find something that he has stolen and his whole life revolves around that thing that he has to find. But he is not able to discover it. In the whole scenario while the CBI and other intelligence agencies and mafia are busy chasing him there are also these three girls who are saying to him that look we had something with each other and we were to get married and we were lovers and stuff like that. Each of the girls has a different story to tell. All of them also claim to be the same girl and now he has to figure out as to who is saying the truth.

And with whom does Prince eventually falls in love with?

Well that′s one of the twists of the story, which off course I cannot reveal. It′s a thriller and it has got twists in the tale. You have to go and find this out for yourself.

Were you comfortable with the action scenes of the film?

To be very honest, I was very uncomfortable. They were laughing at me and were also teasing at me saying that I am the most shy-hero around. Normally if I have to jump of a building or leap a cliff or ride a bike on the edge, I am all game to do it but when I am supposed to kiss a girl its kind of bit awkward for me. I am kind of a person who believes in PDAs. I remember when I was doing all those big action sequences, I used to tell Aruna that there is nothing to worry about and you will be fine but when we both were asked to that kissing scene on the bridge, I was really very nervous. I was finding it so awkward and saying to myself that how am I going to do this. Then it was Aruna who came to my rescue and told me that don′t worry at all and everything would be fine. She even told me that she would take care of me. It was role reversal time.

Bikini and kissing scenes have become very common in films these days, do you think they are crucial to the plot or are they there only for promotion sake of the film?

Honestly I don′t think its part of the script. As far as Prince is concerned let me tell you that it′s just a style-oriented thing. It′s an entertainment-oriented film. When you saw the film of 70s with Amit Ji in it, there were beautiful ladies like Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi wearing really sexy outfits and costume and dancing on some amazing songs. For them there was no reason in the plot of the film to do all such things. But it was all glamorous and lovely and it was very entertaining to watch and I think that′s the spirit that we are trying to take forward with Prince.

You are always in news, what′s the secret behind it?

Actually you should be telling me the reason behind it. You are the ones who keep me in news.

Why is it that you are more is news for other reasons besides your film?

Well even I too am ashamed of these things. There are no options with me. I can′t help it. I think that as long as I am single these things will keep happening to me. These are all cross connections, which will keep happening at intervals. I think it′s the single tag with me that actually bring out such news also the fact that I am not dating anyone.

Will it remind us of any James Bond film?

Well Prince can be compared to the sort of films that Amit Ji did in the 70s or the films in 80s, which were made by Rajiv Rai. They had action, fun, music and dollops of thrills and twists in the end. Prince is like that. Prince is an entertainment-oriented film. It has a roller-coster ride to it with many twists and turns to it. Sometimes I do few films, which has this deep meaning attached to it or even has an element of social message attached to it. But it′s got nothing do with such sort of films, this one is a pure entertainer. The aim is to say go out, take your popcorn and enjoy the film to the fullest. Well the film is designed to entertain, let me put it this way that it′s a hero film. But here he is in a handicapped situation where he himself does not know as to who is he. He is not aware of his capacities and abilities. It′s like tying his hands from behind and telling him to fight in the boxing ring but in the end he comes out of all the problems and troubles.

Who according to you is Prince in real life?

I think Prince is that person who has full faith and confidence in himself. He is able to differentiate between self-respect and ego.

Who would be the Prince of Bollywood?

I think there are so many. I think it′s every individual who always works for the benefits of others. I always thank God for making me a part of this profession. My profession is such that it gives me an opportunity to bring smile on people′s faces. It′s difficult to find such a profession elsewhere. So yes, everybody is a Prince in his own way.

Thanks a lot.


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prince is so boring movie
Posted by shruti on  Sep 8 2010 7:28PM

Do you think, Vivek Oberoi is trying to compare himself with Amitabh Bachchan?

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