I feel artistes are beyond the limits of boundaries: Anil Kapoor

Artistes are beyond the limits of boundaries

Sagar Mehta03 May 2010

Anil Kapoor talks about his flourishing career and exploring new avenues at this stage of his career. He wants to do good work in any part of the world, while being true to his roots in India. He wants to experiment with roles and take his production house to new heights. He is also a proud Dad.

Aishwarya Rai might be the International face for Indian cinema, Shah Rukh is known even of the streets of Poland and Amitabh Bachchan widely respected world over, but it′s Anil Kapoor who has the ticket to Hollywood after his ‘Slumdog’ act. He′s already shining in the cult TV hit ‘24’ and there are a few more projects in the pipeline, thus making Anil a very happy man. “Yes, I am extremely thrilled,” he confesses. “I am so happy and satisfied that I have been accepted and welcomed there with open arms. I do wish our film had got as much appreciation at home as it did worldwide,” he talks hinting at the detractors of the movie in India. “But it′s alright, you win some, you lose some,” he says philosophically. “Today I am at a place where I can call the shots about my career and lead it the way I want to. There are interesting offers happening in the West but I am not in a rush. I have been choosy about my projects all these years, why would I change that now?” he asks.

But does the interest in Hollywood mean he will be cutting down on his work in India? “I will work anywhere in the world if the project is good and excites me,” he declares. “I feel artistes are beyond the limits of boundaries and that′s what I think of myself. Like I said I am happy about the work I am getting abroad but it doesn′t mean I am turning my back towards our industry. After all it′s my body of work here over the years that I have to show for and got me noticed in the first place. It has been my home and I am not going anywhere uprooting my life here,” he says. “But yes I am spreading my wings and going into unchartered territories. I want to do new things and learn a lot more. I am as excited about my career now as I was when I was a teenager and that gives me the strength and the belief. I am growing each day and confident that this is only a new beginning for me. I will scale new heights for sure,” he says confidently. “At the same time I will always remember where I come from and I am proud of what I have managed to do so far in the industry. But there is more to achieve. I have always wanted to be known as the actor who did remarkable work and was always consistent,” he continues.

That′s one thing you could never fault Anil Kapoor with; he has never been inconsistent as a performer. He′s always delivered, in different forms and shapes and a variety of roles. No wonder he′s known as the reinvention man to some in the industry. He laughs at the term and says, “I have been around for a long while yaar, if I kept doing the same thing over and over again, audience will be horribly bored, na?” is his rhetoric. “It′s not just about acting performances, but also your look and style. It can get repetitive or you might get staid and it′s quite boring for the actor himself too. So as and when I could I have tried to experiment with my look, keeping the essence of me that people identify with intact. There hasn′t been anything drastic, I admit because we have to work within certain limitations but I have done my best.” There is as much honesty in Anil′s word today as there is sincerity and honesty in his work. “I understand where I stand and what I can do,” he says candidly. “I know today I can′t play a romantic hero neither can I do maar dhaad action,” he says animatedly. “So what′s the point in even attempting that? Besides I have done that before and grown out of it now. There are different challenges for me today,” he claims.

Like his production company, which he floated a few years ago and made ‘Mahatma’ with Akshaye Khanna. Anil was appreciated for his selflessness even then for having other actors play meaty roles in his movie as he concentrated on production. “Isn′t that how it should be?” he shoots back and continues talking about production. “I want to see my production company grow further and make movies that we believe in. Taking the right decisions that are good for the movie is a step in that direction. Again I am not in a rush, I am going to be wise about my decisions,” he smiles. Meanwhile his daughter Rhea has taken over production duties for ‘Aisha’ starring his other daughter Sonam Kapooor. “Rhea has always been inclined towards doing work behind the camera and I am sure she is going to do a fabulous job. She′s a very smart girl, who always knows what she′s doing,” he says wisely. And what about Sonam, who has already made her mark in the industry? “What can I say? I am the proudest dad around,” he smiles. “She′s already making her mark as you say and going to only improve from here. She has a long way to go but I know she will get there. She′s a fine actress of course, but besides that she is very hard working and very perseverant. That′s a quality that will hold her in good stead,” Anil says positively. He should know it′s something that has done him good over the years and today he is reaping the benefits.

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hi, this is Vishal the Idiot!! :)
Posted by VISHAL on  May 3 2010 1:28PM
We know :)
Posted by Square on on  May 10 2010 11:58AM
No doubt Anil is a versatile star of bollywood in fact he has shown capability to remain in the industry for such a long period because of his consistancy of getting good roles and delivering well to last more in the industry. I wish him all success in hollywood too.
Posted by Mrs Chandra on  Jun 16 2010 10:42PM
After a series of successful films, Kapoor earned his first Filmfare Best Actor Award for his performance in N. Chandra's Tezaab in 1988, and later for Indra Kumar's Beta in 1992. Since then, he has starred in a number of critical and commercial successes, including Virasat (1997), for which he won the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance; Biwi No.1 (1999); Taal (1999), for which he won his second Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award; Pukar (2000), for which he won his first National Film
Posted by varun on  Sep 4 2010 11:04AM
Absolutely correct sir . they only beleive in karma.
Posted by shruti on  Sep 8 2010 7:26PM
Anil is a versatile star of bollywood and he shuld me doing more xperimental role
Posted by Manas on  Sep 15 2010 12:52AM

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