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A house full of beautiful people!

Rajan Singh17 May 2010

Lara Dutta talks about Sajid Khan’s Housefull, comedies and bikinis in Bollywood. She also talks about her role and what people may expect from the movie. She praises Sajid Khan’s talent and commitment. FInally, she tells us, why people should watch the movie.

Lara, the bikini season continues with you after Blue, you have done it again in Housefull too.

I think now people should look beyond bikini and, its high time they stopped thinking about bikini for a while. But as far as the film is concerned it has tuned out to be a great film. Even when we all were busy shooting the film, we had dollops of fun. Housefull is a situational comedy and it′s not a mindless comedy as most of the comedies these days are advertised as. It has a very important plot to it and I am very sure that even if you were to lose your attention for a while, you will just miss the whole plot.

How is this comedy different from other comedy films that are being churned out these days?

Well these days many different flavors of comedy are being made. Sajid Khan has a specialty of his own. He had proved this in his debut film Heyy Babyy, that despite the presence of comical situation, they need not be slapstick. Housefull too has its sit-com moments and all the starcast of this film have carried their roles and the situations in the film with an élan. Every actor in this film has a track of their own and they have prominent places in the film. It′s obvious that if there are six to seven characters in a film then complications are bound to happen and the plot is also similar.

Now when there are so many stars in the film, what do you feel will appeal the most about them to the audiences?

Well our job is to look glamorous and beautiful on screen while Sajid′s job is to write a great script and then make a great film out of it. The catch being that the effort is only that the story of the plot is not suppressed by the presence of beautiful faces and with Housefull Sajid Khan has achieved this objective. Everyone has this desire to look a mega and glamorous film on screen and Housefull happens to fill that slot. The production values of the film are really high and we have brought the best of everybody together to do this film. All the actors who are part of this film are known for their flair for comedy.

Does comedy comes naturally to you or does it involves some sort of homework?

I think to be a good comic actor the flair has to come from within and should be natural. Be it Paresh Rawal or Rajpal Yadav or Govinda and now the latest kid on the block Ritesh Deshmukh - they all have this streak of comedy even in their real life. I do enjoy comedy but at the same time I am very much goofy in real life too. It just helps me to be able to not take myself too seriously. Sajid Khan in this film has made me do everything including comedy. There are just too many dramatic things happening in the film at the same time, it has both my laughing and crying scenes. 

Well Sajid Khan has been claiming that this film will remind people of the sort of film that were staple of the 70s and 80s and which Manmohan Desai and Hrishi Da directed, how true is it?

Yes, actually Sajid is a very big fan of Hrishi Da. Whenever he is explaining a scene to you, his reference points always come from films of Hrishi Da. Well, every director is always inspired from some person or the other. I think it′s fantastic as every single filmmakers have their own source of inspiration and you look at somebody else′s work whom you have admired and learnt from for years. But Sajid has his own brand of comedy which is greatly inspired by these two schools of filmmaking.

What′s the most special thing about your character in Housefull?

I play the character of Hetal Patel, a Gujarati but now settled in London. Whenever my character is on phone talking to her father, the language used is always Gujarati. He fell in Love in London only and got married and after that never returned back to Ahmedabad, where her original roots are. It′s a very complicated character as she is wife to both Akshay and Ritesh, then she is also sister of Akshay and Ritesh. It′s very complicated.

Do you think that bikini has become a trend now and is in vogue in Bollywood these days?

Just to show that heroines are glamorous, it′s not necessary that they should wear small clothes. Now we are passing through a stage where everyone in the film industry has this forward way of thinking. A maximum chunk of Blue was shot inside water and so there was no way I could wear any other thing apart from two pieces. It just does not make any sense. The thinking of the audience has changed and now they have accepted the change too. Neither is it looked upon nor is it considered as a device to titillate audience. Full marks should be given to Farah Khan for the way she has shot the three of us in bikini in the song. Today women have become very comfortable with their body.

Lastly why should we go and watch this film in cinema halls?

I guess to watch this film, there are many reasons. The house in Housefull that is full, is full of beautiful people. If you are a fan of Sajid Khan and loved his debut film Heyy Babyy, then I am pretty sure that it won′t disappoint you.

How did Sajid Khan approach you for this film?

Housefull is Sajid Khan′s second film and I was a big fan of Sajid Khan′s Heyy Babyy and I was tremendously excited when he called me up and offered this film to me. It′s an interesting concept and has lots of people living under one roof. A lot of confusion keeps going on and there is a very tight script to support everything. I think as an actor, especially for someone who enjoys doing comedy, when you get such a film that gives you the opportunity amongst an ensemble cast it′s very difficult to say no to such a project. It was fun and a fantastic film to do and I like the way it has turned out. I sincerely hope that the audience will enjoy it too.

Who do you think are the elements that will stand out in the film?

I think every character actually in the film will stand out and I am not being diplomatic about it. Every single character in the film has his or her own space. I don′t think the movie could have moved forward if there were any character missing from the star cast. All of us have been given equal opportunity by Sajid to perform and that was his sort of promise to us. His promise was that if you were to be part of the film, you wouldn′t be short changed that somebody will get a better deal than you. The whole journey has been really fantastic.

Thanks a lot.


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Houseful is a good comedy movie
Posted by Raj kumar on  May 28 2010 10:40AM
very nice..
Posted by gurmeet on  Jun 9 2010 8:35AM
Posted by ankit on  Jun 10 2010 8:13PM
i am a big fan of akshay..he is the best actor and provide us entertaining movies every year.housefull is no's housefull all the way.
Posted by mohit on  Jun 17 2010 2:20AM
I think every character actually in the film will stand out and I am not being diplomatic about it.
Posted by varun on  Sep 4 2010 1:05PM
In housefull movie everyone is beautiful except the story.
Posted by shruti on  Sep 8 2010 7:24PM

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