I am a shy homely girl: Jiah Khan

Jiah is a shy homely girl

Rajan Singh12 May 2010

Jiah Khan is doing an all-out comedy after action packed Ghajini and she found it to be a great experience. She is playing a shy girl in the movie, contrary to the public perception about her. And she also thinks that she has a very good role in the star-studded film.

Jiah, after Ghajini how refreshing is the change for you in the form of an all out comedy with a super star cast?

Obviously the whole journey was full of fun and frolic especially in the company of Sajid Khan. The shooting was more like a holiday for me. Ghajini was a thriller while Housefull is a romantic entertainer comedy and thus there is a great genre difference between both the films. The whole journey was fun.

Tell us a bit about the character you play in the film?

I actually play an NRI girl in the film, who is very traditional and shy. To be very honest the character I play in this film is very much like me. I have told this in many of my interviews that I don′t move around everywhere in hot pants. It was nice to do this role, as it was very much like me. On the set it was just a blast. I had the holiday of my lifetime.

You just mentioned that you are a very shy girl in real life but the image of yours which is prevalent in Bollywood is opposite of that. Do you really feel comfortable in carrying this image of yours?

Well thanks to the role I played in Nishabd that this image has stuck on to me - sort of broad minded and rebellious girl. As far as the comfort factor is concerned, I am not comfortable at all carrying this image. If you were to observe me on the sets, you will see me lot many times pulling my dress down. And then you will realize that why I am doing it, for the only reason that short clothes make me uncomfortable.

Have you ever really given a serious thought in changing this image of yours and taking it to some other direction?

As far as two of my films Nishabd and Ghajini are concerned, both the roles were diametrically opposite to each other and now in Housefull I am playing a shy homely girl despite being an NRI. This is one side of the character, which has a prominent side to it. What role we play in our films is very different from what we are in our real lives.

The film has this ensemble starcast, don′t you think that amidst stars like Akshay and Deepika there are chances of you being lost somewhere in the film?

No. And the most wonderful thing about the film is that every role has been sketched out very clearly. Apart from the main starcast of the film we also have people like Chunky and Randhir Kapoor and everyone has lots of prominence in the film. The most wonderful thing about Sajid Khan is that he has given lots of importance to all his characters.

One more striking this is that all the three leading ladies have worn bikini in the film, do you think that this trend is gaining ground in Bollywood?

Realistically when you go on holiday and if you happen to be by the beach side then what do you normally wear? Well it has to be swimming trunks. It′s very normal to wear bikini and finally we are becoming normal. It′s ok to wear bikini and show off your body.

Who do you think looks the best in bikini in Bollywood?

Well I totally love Bipasha Basu in a bikini. I think her bikini body is just perfect.

Is there any specific thing that you are looking forward with this film?

I am looking myself in a very new avatar with this film. No one can ever imagine that I can do what I have done in this film. Even I am really shocked at myself.

Are you surprised at yourself with the character you have played in this film?

I distinctly remember that I had called my mom when the shooting for the film was on. I told her with a feeling of surprise that I have done this role and it was so good. She believed me completely and told me that she was very proud of me. Now after having done this role I also feel proud about myself. 

Thanks a lot.


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Shy ? :O
Posted by Saurabh on  Jun 26 2010 8:09AM
shy????? r u joking
Posted by garima on  Jul 22 2010 6:25PM
i m shocked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by shruti on  Sep 8 2010 7:25PM

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