I needed to challenge my boundaries as an actor

I needed to challenge my boundaries as an actor

Sagar Mehta15 Jul 2010

Sameera Reddy is a modern, independent woman with no regrets. She has tried regional movies and says, she learnt a lot from her experience. With her candid style, she is a journalist’s delight.

She′s as sizzling as they can get. Sameera Reddy is a true siren who can set male pulse racing, but she′s also a thinker and an intelligent woman who can intimidate a man in no time. To top it all, she can be brutally honest and her frank speak can be easily misconstrued. She laughs and agrees, “Yeah sometimes I am too honest and much to my detriment.” But that doesn′t stop her from baring her mind and that′s what makes Sam always a pleasure to interview. She confirms with, “I have to be myself man. If you start being dishonest with yourself, then where do you go?” She is pragmatic, she philosophizes and an avid learner of life. “No matter what I do and where I go, I try and learn from a situation because for me that′s the only way to grow. And I like to have positive energy around me, because negativity really affects me and I cut it off as soon as I get a sniff of it,” she adds.

But seems like Sam still has some learning to do as far as her film career is concerned, given that she′s been around for more than 5 years in the industry now, she hasn′t really made it to the big league. “I agree that there is a lot for me to learn out here but I don′t adhere to any league system,” she makes her point. “Could I have done better with my career so far? Probably. Who knows? The point being I have a long way to go and there′s no rush as such. It′s not a race against time. I am happy with the pace at which things are going right now, I don′t want to exhaust myself too soon and then wonder, ‘what do I do now?’,” she says animatedly. But had she made different career choices she′d have been in a very different place now, we say. “Like what?” she asks. Like if she′d capitalized on the high she was on post RGV′sDarna Mana Hai’ and Sanjay Gupta′sMusafir’, we point out. “Hindsight is such a wonderful thing, isn′t it?” she retorts. “Honestly I don′t know how one capitalizes on a situation and if we knew the ways to do it, probably all of us would have. It′s all good to theorize and look back at things differently, but when you are in that moment you go by your instinct. I have no regrets about my career; I have had a good run so far. But of course I can do a lot better,” she says cheekily.

Doesn′t she count doing second leads in films like ‘Race’ and ‘De Dana Dan’ as her mistakes? There′s not much she′s gained from the projects, has she? “No I don′t reflect on the past negatively. I am looking ahead and there′s a lots for me to do than look back in remorse,” she says. What about heading South wards when things weren′t going her way in Bollywood? Wasn′t that a sort of hara-kiri too? “How so?” she counters and then goes on to explain herself. “I have never looked at doing South Indian films as a come down. I have enjoyed my stint there and it was a great learning experience for me. People there are so professional and functioning on the sets is razor sharp. And of course they pay you well, which is always a good thing,” she winks. And there was that Bengali film with stalwart Buddhadeb Dasgupta, which might have won her acclaim but not much else. Doing a film with Nagesh Kukunoor ‘Yeh Haunsla’ added to the signals that she was heading the “offbeat” way. Does Sameera herself know what direction she′d like to take her career into? She smiles and replies, “I want to try out different things. I have done a few glamorous roles and don′t get me wrong; I love the singing and dancing. But I needed to challenge my boundaries as an actor. Both these movies happened at the right time for me and I have grown immensely through them,” she adds. “But I am also ready for my dose of full on commercial cinema now,” she laughs.

Sameera has always been known to be one of the few girls in the industry who has a life of her own. Whenever she has an opportunity she′d take time off travelling and do her own thing. She has a lot to thank her elder sisters Meghna and Sushma for that as she says, “They were the one who paved the way for me. They got out of the house and went and saw the world, saw the life outside. I was bound to follow. There is so much to see out there and learn from. I love travelling to Europe, by the sea side especially Greece. I am a complete water baby today,” she says zestfully. Yes we heard about her acquiring to-die for figure with her swimming routine. And that itself is an achievement for Sam who struggled through her teenage years with weight issues, “You need to remind me of that, don′t you?” she mocks. “I am quite happy with what I have managed to achieve today, not just in terms of the body or the looks but my own belief in myself and self-esteem. It′s difficult when you are an awkward teenager growing up,” she says honestly. And how was it with the boys for that teenager, we ask. “Not too good,” she answers straight. “I didn′t get much attention then but I sure am making up for it now,” she winks.

She says that and yet has managed to remain single for quite some time now. How is that possible for the gorgeous Sameera who turns head wherever she goes? “I don′t know man, I have no clue. Not that I am complaining at the moment,” she giggles. Sam comes off as someone who is headstrong. Does that intimidate men around her? “I wonder sometimes,” she says thoughtfully. “I love cars, I am completely into gadgets a lot more than I am into jewelry,” she says. “I pay my own bills and can take care of myself. There are men who like to pamper their women and look after them. When they meet a girl who doesn′t need them to look after her, they might get a bit put off. I don′t know. But if that′s the case, so be it. I can′t stop being myself. If a man is going to be intimidated by my personality, head strong nature and independence than I′d rather not be with that man in the first place,” she concludes confidently.

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lovely actoress I like U .
Posted by balkishan on  Sep 1 2010 3:09PM
sameera is now learning the rules of bollywood. which is really gud for her future in the industry.
Posted by shruti on  Sep 8 2010 7:19PM
great actreess
Posted by sanchit on  Sep 8 2010 10:30PM
so so actress
Posted by sanchit on  Sep 10 2010 6:16PM
actually i dont like did actress
Posted by sanchit on  Sep 10 2010 6:16PM
she is very sexy
Posted by varun on  Sep 15 2010 11:44AM

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