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3 Idiots critic rating (Hindustan Times): 3.5
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3 Idiots critic rating ( 3
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3 Idiots critic rating ( 4.5
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3 Idiots critic rating (The Telegraph): 3
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3 Idiots critic rating (Times of India): 5

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3 Idiots  (2009 - Hindi)

3 Idiots movie review, and 3 Idiots critics rating, comments on 3 Idiots

3 Idiots cumulative rating: 4.4 out of 54.4/5 (180 users)

3 Idiots critics rating: 3.75 out of 5 3.75/5 (13 critics)

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  • all is not well---

    3 Idiots rating: 0 out of 10(Anirban Bhattacharjee wrote on 16 Jan 2010)

    The movie evolves round the character of Rancho, one of the three idiots, the other two being Farhan and Raju. Farhan, a promising photographer was almost strangled to suffocation by his father, who intended his son to be an engineer [another synonym for success], and nothing else. Obviously, he was rescued from being an incompetent engineer by the ‘hero’ and finally ended up behind the lenses and pen. Raju, was also made a competent as well as a confident engineer by the same ‘heroic’ magic wand,--- Rancho. And the hero himself? Well, he emerged as someone more than expected, a great scientist of the day, pursuing the nurturing of small children to develop with their full ability with equal interest along with his scientific researches and collaborations. All that is excellent. But it could have been better without the queries it provoked along its length.

    Rancho, as he is the hero, seems to be the most sensitive human being among all; at least, it has been tried to make him look like that. But it never becomes clear to me, how a sensible Rancho can make fun of the mother and sister of Raju. Raju’s mom, being the beast of burden, should have been worthy of a little honour, if not sympathy. How comes that Rancho is allowed to make fun of Raju’s sister in association with Farhan in the hospital in the disguise of helping Raju to discover? When the audience is guided to have sympathy over that idiotic suicidal attempt of Raju, shall we not be more sympathetic to Raju’s mother, the most striking character of the movie dealing with her own ability and waiting for success in its due course of time instead of running after some short goals with instant success? And what does her ‘able’ son do? He keeps himself very comfortable in stylish kurtas, does no part-time jobs to share his mom’s burden [and it is very obvious, for her mom has breed him and hence is bound with duty towards him, and not he], engages in various nuisances leading to his termination [and surely, the principal is the villain after this, termination can never be the justified reaction to the divine innocence of an ‘idiot’] and attempts suicide finally proving that the planet is surely a wrong place for a innocent like him. And surely, you are not allowed to criticize, for else, others who laugh to applaud Raju urinating over his Principal’s name and shout shame to the Principal terminating his course will also curse you. You are to drink, make merry and commit nuisances in the name of pursuing ability, when your father is permanently sick, mother is dull with her attempt to make the both ends meet, and your sister is awaiting a husband against dowry. Don’t try to do an earning if it is not an engineer’s job, let your parents settle the demands of the day; for it is their duty and not yours, you are to make the most of your age and innocence. Don’t bother to engage your sister to pursue her ability in stead of dreaming marriage as the only career. Those will mar your fun and frolic, don’t think of duty. Duty is not for your age---

    Rather think of making fun of others,--- let us laugh at Raju’s mom. What if she sacrifices her life for the sake of her family? It is after all not your family---. She broods over the price of ‘vindi’, isn’t that funny, friends? The principal is really funny; laugh friends, laugh heartily--- it is for your sake he has been presented like that, with all his mannerisms and typical time-saving ideas. Forget his excellence as a student [surely you have forgotten that he inherited the space-pen from his teacher by his excellence only], forget his ability as an administrator [yes friends, he made the institution that reputed that you will also force your ‘Farhan’ to that college], forget his sympathy for students [please try to remember his face at the funeral of the student who committed suicide]. Let us laugh at his typical mannerisms, and shout shame to his strict principles. Let us laugh at Chatur too, the real ‘idiot’ as the film has intended. At the same time, laugh with Rancho and Farhan defaming Chatur with a very lttle cause, laugh at Chatur being kicked by his Principal. Laugh with the word ‘balatkar’ every time, for we laugh with ‘power’ and with the exercise of it. Each time you laugh, you do the same ‘balatkar’ to a person with less power,--- be it Chatur, or the Principal, or Raju’s mom or sister. The whole movie has turned to a black comedy, the most ironical part being that it preaches to develop ability instead of running after success---. And we laugh without even realizing that---, we laugh at Pia’s betrothed partner and simply overlook the fact that Pia in no sense has been responsible to correct the man, though she tied up her knot twice with that humbug, surely for money, if not lust. Will somebody please explain why Chatur and Piya’s betrothed partner always remained at the mocked position without a chance to get corrected? Why Rancho never tried to reconstruct the characters when he tried his best to do the same for Farhan and Chatur alongwith Pia to some extent? Why does one gets the opportunity to get corrected and one gets mocked and bullied all the time? Why even the great Rancho is not out of the sticky net of partiality? And why he has to be the great scientist Wangdu at the end of the day beside being the simple school teacher? Didn’t he confirm the fact that success never means being a school teacher alone? Successful candidates may engage themselves in philanthropic teaching, but teaching as profession, that too in school is never associated with success, or with ability. For surely your were praying for Rancho for not to be a teacher, as you were keen to deliver a solid blow to that irritating, nagging Chatur, who almost terrified you with the information that Rancho ended up being a mere school teacher only. Remember, you never thought that teaching might be a successful career of an able person.

    Actually, all these happen because of us. Since we like to behave in such manners, unjustified and irrational, the film-makers make you see that. Rancho is not the hypocrite, we are the hypocrite who criticize others and laugh at others more than we bear the responsibility to rectify them. Why? Just because it is easy to criticize than to sympathise, that’s all.

    Then why will you go to your local hall for? To realize who are the idiots, and whether you too belong to them or not. If you like the movie being ‘bindaas’ with its music, smart edition, crispy dialogues, brisk overlapping and collages, magnificent settings, smooth run and pretty and handsome faces, then be sure the reviewer is an idiot,--- bother him not. But if you be burdened to laugh all along the black comedy, relax that you are damned to be an idiot with the incurable disease of sympathy.

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