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3 Idiots critic rating (Hindustan Times): 3.5
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3 Idiots critic rating ( 3
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3 Idiots critic rating ( 4.5
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3 Idiots critic rating (The Telegraph): 3
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3 Idiots critic rating (Times of India): 5

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3 Idiots  (2009 - Hindi)

3 Idiots movie review, and 3 Idiots critics rating, comments on 3 Idiots

3 Idiots cumulative rating: 4.4 out of 54.4/5 (180 users)

3 Idiots critics rating: 3.75 out of 5 3.75/5 (13 critics)

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    3 Idiots rating: 9 out of 10(Aakash Barvalia wrote on 25 Dec 2009)

    Before reading this review, just put your Right hand into your left heart and say “Aall Izz Well…Aall Izz Well”

    I guess by now everybody must have known that “3 Idiots” is a must watch film, not for once, but for now most of us who had already seen it, would wish it too see it once again.

    Now the question arises for those two people, the one who had not seen it and would like to know “Wow!! Is it really worth it?” and the other one who had already seen it; just remember that moment when the film has just got over and you are stepping out of the theater, looking down and telling yourself, “Gosh! How would I explain this movie now?” (the answer of the first question), and now with a perfect big silence smile on your face : ) Now that’s the perfect review.

    3 Idiots; Aamir, Madhavan & Sharman, are room-mates in their Engineering College Hostel and best of friend with each other. Aamir was super knowledgeable person and the other two were duffers. Aamir was scoring top in the class and the other two were coming last. After the College was over Aamir just disappeared like the dust in the air. The very first scene of the film starts with this that his two friends Madhavan and Sharman are on a way to find his friend after a very long 10yrs back with the help by one of their classmate called as “Chatur”. As on a journey the whole flashback series starts on how they all joined the college and how the very first time they met Aamir, how their friendship began, how they and we came to know that he is special, and just so on. The story also moves further and changes the track on how our education system is faulty, why the students are doing suicides, what’s the real mantra and solution which every student and which every people should follow to be success, and just so on. The story also moves further and changes a little bit track on love story.

    This all happens on flashback episodes while Madhavan, Sharman and his other classmate “Chatur” are on their way to a journey to find their special friend called as Ranchod das urf Raanchoo as Aamir. What’s more interesting watching in this film is very small little twist shown to us just before the Interval. And the twist is that, Ranchod das urf Ranchoo is no other person but its Javed Jaffery. All the photographs, certificates, and everything proves that Ranchod-das is actually and no other person than Javed Jaffery. A very small little twist, not to worry, Aall Izz Well. Now the question arises that then who was that person, and what’s his real identity?

    The other half solves this mystery with some again flashback episodes, on the way of a journey to find his friend, now along with Kareena, and ofcourse all this with the hell lots of fun and entertainment.

    Rajkumar Hirani, one perfect word for him “Mantra Mughda Director”. A classy director which always have some mantra to attract the viewers, audiences and also the critics’ persons. His latest mantra “Aal Izz Well…” will go on and on and on. The current flowing story, the flashback episodes, all the scenes, scenario, are just shown Awesome.

    Screenplay and the dialogues done by Abhijit Joshi and Vidhu Vinod Chopra were just flawless. The funny and witty one-liners, the breathtaking demo which always Aamir gives, amazing characterization of each and every person, and yes, not to miss the whole lods of fun, entertainment, creativity, with heavy dosage of laughter for your stomach.

    Songs are super, “Aall Izz Well” is funny and well choreographed; “Zoobie-Doobie” is a fun to hear and a timepass for viewing, especially look out for those lines where it says “Jaisa filmo mein hota hain” and the old film looks, very entertaining; “Give me sunshine” is a pleasant song to hear, and the rest are just situational based.

    BGM is good, funny and balanced with each and every scene.

    Aamir is as usual “The Perfectionist”. Sharman is very good and proved again. Madhavan is not having much screen presence, especially in the first half, but he is just always as good as he was any other in his previous. Kareena looks is very good, acts very glowingly, and kisses again very good with Aamir. Bomen Irani was just “Spectacular”, his accent, his dialogue delivery, his looks, everything was just top notch. Omi Vaidya as “Chatur” is the real champ of the film, his presence in the film is more than that of Madhavan and Sharman I think, but he just simply rocks. He was the perfect annoying person which everyone and anyone would have faced in their college days. Mona Singh is a good surprise and performed very well as per her character, and same with Javed Jaffery. Rest all are typecast.

    My favorite scenes: (To be honest, it’s All)

    1. Ofcourse the no. 1 would the stage speech giving by Chatur. Chamatkar-Balatkar & Stan. Very-very-very Hilarious and you will surely roll down the floor with the having stomach ache and still laughing to your last breath.
    2. Peeing and getting Electric Shock.
    3. All the melodrama black n white scenes of Sharman’s house.
    4. Kareena running away from her own wedding with the help of Sharman & Madhavan.
    5. The last scene, where everyone came to knew that Aamir was “Fungshuk Wangdu”.
    6. All the styles like removing pant and saying Jahanpana; All the scene of Aamir including his first class scene where he explains “A book” in a very simple language; also when he teaches the class in front of Bomen; Kareena in a drunk state and her one liners including the Gujju’s Fafda and Dhokla; Javed Jaffery, Sharman & Madhavan scene of Ashes; and just so on and so on.

    Very filmy scenes: (Very illogical, impractical, and unrealistic. But also can be ignored)

    1. Child Delivery by Vacuum Cleaner.
    2. A born baby child is dead and suddenly comes to life when he hears “Aal Izz Well”.
    3. When Sharman is in hospital and in a complete paralyze state, and suddenly he wakes up when Aamir tells him that Madhavan will marry her Sister.
    4. In an Interview when Sharman says everything honestly and makes an impression as a negative thinker, but still gets the job.

    Final Verdict:
    Just put your Right hand into your left heart and say “Hooth Ghuma Seeti Bajaa…Seeti Bajake bol Bhaiya Aall Izz Well…”

    Rating: 4.5 / 5

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