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3 (Three)  (2012 - Tamil)

3 (Three) movie review, and 3 (Three) critics rating, comments on 3 (Three)

3 (Three) cumulative rating: 3 out of 53/5 (207 users)

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  • Flawed but film an indicator of our stressful life

    3 (Three) rating: 4 out of 10(Arun Sundar wrote on 09 May 2012)

    Warning: This is a review having a lot of spoilers. I have also shared my personal thoughts.

    Main Characters:

    1. Dhanush as Ram
    2. Shruti Hassan as Janani
    3. Sunder Ramu as Ram’s friend.

    Other Supporting Characters:
    1. Prabhu as Ram’s father.
    2. Sivakarthikeyan as Ram’s friend.
    3. Bhanupriya as Ram’s mother.


    It is the tale of love, sorrow and commitment of a young married couple.

    First Half Rating -3/5

    The first half of the film is breezy and decent.Sivakarthikeyan impresses with
    his witty and comical one-liners. The conversation between Dhanush (Ram) and Prabhu (his father) is unconventional and refreshingly different. The first half generally moves at a rapid pace making it a watchable one.The blossoming of love between Dhanush (Ram) and Shruti (Janani) is showcased in a natural realistic manner.Shruti looks great in a deglamourized role.

    I absolutely loved the scene where Ram comes to meet after school and where they meet separately in the terrace of her house.

    Also another scene bike ride scene is a treat to watch.The dialogues have a reasonable level of freshness and charm attached with it.

    Another scene I enjoyed was where Janani suddenly leaves to Thirupati without informing Ram and so Ram becomes frustrated. Janani and her parents return home after darshan and share prasadams. Janani stealthily hides some part of the laddu prasadam for Ram inside her clothes which was so cute.

    The songs are wonderful making you connect with the characters.Kannazhaga is a beautiful song which was beautifully picturised with appropriate tone of lighting/cinematography.

    Idhalil Oru Oram is another fantastic song which gels well with the mood of the film.

    The marriage scene happening in a bar is refreshing but is devoid of logic.It is illogical because Ram’s father does seem to agree to their marriage in the previous scene. There is a funny club song in this film. Perhaps the director felt the need to insert the song via this manner. Overall it seemed a bit unconvincing to me.

    Despite a few flaws which could have been avoided, the first half was pretty good due to a combination of some aspects:

    1.Anirudh’s music.
    2.The first love phenomenon during school days.
    3.Unconventional/realistic narration by the director which makes for a decent viewing.
    4.The chemistry and passion the lead characters share.

    However, an overdose of intimate scenes between the leads could have avoided particularly in Nee Partha Vizhigal song could have toned down a bit!!

    The first half connected because I too have undergone feelings of infatuation when I was a school-boy.

    The first half ends with some suspense regarding the nature of Ram’s death.

    Second Half: Rating- 1/5

    Janani undergoes a journey to find the nature of Ram’s death. The second half is where the suspense is unraveled. At the last moment, Ram’s friend Senthil (played with élan by Sunder Ramu) tells about his death.

    There is a moment in the first half where Janani tells she would leave to America and not marry him. But the cute romance shared by them as school-adolescents forces her to change mind. She burns her passport and earns the wrath of her parents. But soon everything is fine.

    But in between these moments, Ram begins to wallow in self-pity thinking that Janani may leave her and so Kolaveri song results appropriate to the situation. It does slow the pace of the film and it is not picturised as close to my expectations. It was picturised as a Tamil kuthu number where ideally I thought it would be a club song.Picturising it as club song where an angry Dhanush points fingers at Shruti would have added more intensity and made it more powerful.

    Regardless of my expectations, the song had its funny moments.

    Here in the second half, the direction is too wayward and some scenes are too dragged upon making the scene losing its impact. Also some sections of audiences were shouting that some scenes were similar to Mayakkam Enna made me feel disengaged. I tried to ignore their stupid noises and tried hard to watch the film. But could not do so.

    Reasons Why?

    Aspects of the Second Half which I did not like:

    1. For treatment of bipolar disorder, ECT/Shock treatment (Electro convulsion therapy) is not given initially. Though it is for the treatment of mania part of disorder, it is not used at the first stage itself while treating the disorder. It is used as a rare mode when the patient does not respond well to medications initially. And while searching the web, I found that it is more commonly used in America rather than in India!!

    2. The mania part! I could generally associate with the depression aspect since it happens to everyone, though but the mania was a bit too exaggerated for cinema impact.What happened to me was I watched it too seriously, that it scrambled the neurons of my mind!!The mania aspect and the suicidal aspect made me feel a lot bad about the film though the director may have different intentions.

    3. Some sequences should have been edited which are dragging a lot. The example is the dog search scene.

    4. Ram hitting his friend twice during his manic episodes. So when the climax actually arrives, you do not feel any empathy for the character and thus the impact of climax gets diluted.

    Where the director Scores:

    1. Regarding the fact that for some people,the medications given for bipolar disorder has no effect making them feel more of mania!!

    2.Scattered poignant moments.The hero says he does reveal the disorder to wife since she may become too worried.Also in a scene,wife questioning him about his manners/activities is well presented.

    As for the thriller aspect, it is weak since the suspense is let loose in the start of the second half itself. Reduce your expectations to watch this unconventional experimental cum romantic film.

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