Chaurahen: Hindi Cinemas Flirtation With Writers Of Hindi

Chaurahen: Hindi Cinemas Flirtation With Writers of Hindi

Bolly Guru28 Feb 2012

Rajshree Ojha, who is the director of Chaurahen, and has made her mark earlier with Aisha, had her flirtation with the writings of Nirmal Verma, arguably, one of the best writers of modern Hindi, specializing in exploring man - woman relationship bereft of its sentimentalities

Rajshree has now got an opportunity to translate the ideas of Vermas writing into a cinematic oeuvre after making her mark as a director with AISHA.

There are many firsts to Chaurahen, among them is the fact that Resul Pookutty and Gulzar have not taken any remuneration to be a part of this experimental cinema, and the guiding principle behind this gesture is that when they had debuted in the world of entertainment, they were helped by somebody or the other who had made their mark and therefore the time had come for them to repay the debt by helping someone else gain foothold in the industry.

Another first for Chaurahen is the fact that Charlie Chaplins granddaughter and great granddaughter of Eugene ONeil, Kierra Chaplin is making her debut in the world of Hindi films. Kierra Chaplin has been voted as 7th most desirable woman in GQ and 17th most desirable woman by FHQ in USA. It has to be seen however whether the quotient of desirability that she has generated for herself in her country of birth and job also is able to evince same quantum of interest in Hindi films. The gut feeling says that it should, as the film explores the relationship between a man and a woman, and for an Indian man a fantasy of having a relationship with a white woman always is one of the most cherished fantasies, and it works other way round as well. For the cerebral class, to which Chaurahen is aimed at, it should be an interesting admixture.

One thing that is amusing with the themes of the likes of CHURAHEIN in the Indian context, in general is that it is the woman director in general who leads the pack in unraveling the layered nuances of the man-woman relationship. The illustrated list includes the likes of Mira Nair, Reema Kagti, Aparna Sen, Deepa Mehta etc., who have been pioneers in their effort to explore and unravel the relationships between a man and a woman.

Sad part about Chaurahen is the fact that Rajshree Ojha had made this film way back in 2007, but could not release it, though it has been one of the most talked about films in 11 different film festivals across the world. May be, as it was made in English in 2007, when Indian market for an Indie film was still in its infancy, it could not find a distributor to release it. But it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it is now being released through intervention of PVR Directors Rare initiative, which is a new vertical formed by PVR Films to promote good quality alternate cinema.

CHAURAHEN tries to underline the fact that everybody has some problem or the other in his life, and he or she should be allowed to find solution to their problems in their own manner. What had been written by our thinkers from the past- kajal ke kotharee mein kaiso he sayano jaye, par ek leak kajal kee lagi hai to lagee hai, what it means how much wise a person may be, if he is venturing into a kohl filled room, he cannot escape getting a slash of kohl on his dress, or that everybody has skeletal in their cupboard and one should not pester about it.

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