Gangs of Wasseypur: not the usual kind of masala entertainer

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A crime film based on the coal and scrap trade mafia in Bihar which has real life influences. A son wants to get his father's honour back and hence he sets out on a mission to take revenge and becomes the most dreaded man of Wasseypur. It's a violent yet grounded film. It stars Manoj Bajpai in an important role. Here's a detailed pre-release review of Anurag Kashyap's Gangs of Wasseypur.

Let’s have a review on the strengths and weaknesses of the film. The trailer of GANGS OF WASSEYPUR is very raw and hard hitting. It clearly shows that the film deals with the state of Bihar and its issues. Manoj Bajpai adds soul to the trailer through his rock-solid performance. Evidently, Manoj Bajpai will add another achievement to his acting career through this film. Amidst drama, violence, gore and elements of lust the film never loses its rustic essence.

Not only is the trailer powerful, thankfully, so is the music! For obvious reasons, the music of GANGS OF WASSEYPUR cannot be groovy and dhinchak; but it certainly isn’t drab, in fact it’s unique. Music Director Sneha Khanwalkar has done a stupendous job at this tough task of making rural songs sound interesting to audience from the cities and towns as well! So let’s have a look at the music of the film.

The song JIYA TU BIHAR KE LALA totally fits well in a film like GANGS OF WASSEYPUR which deals with the state of Bihar. It has a rural touch, and the voice of king of Bhojpuri songs, Manoj Tiwari, makes it more original and authentic. Although the lyrics take you to the rural parts of Bihar and but the music helps you stay as much modern as you are. Dominating tabla beats, harmonium and amalgamation of many trendy tunes keep the magic alive. It’s a unique song which is here to stay!

The song - "THE HUNTER" stands unique because of the way it has been sung. It is high on the Goan flavour of songs. The extraordinary way with which the singer has carried it forward is astounding. The song is truly commendable. It is not only catchy but also trendy and has a repeat value. The song, though dominated by English lyrics, has Hindi wordings too. At first, some may not understand the song; nevertheless, it gradually builds on. HUNTER will definitely get popular among the youngsters, and may also be a part of picnic troupes!

The song "OH WOMANIYA" is an extremely fine track. The striking use of the word Woman as ‘Womaniya’ in the song may not surprisingly get more popular than the song itself. The song is reminiscent of some folk song, and the mere use of a raw “drum” results in beautiful beats and makes this song more enjoyable. The shrill voices of Khusboo Raj and Rekha Jha are perfectly suited for this song, in fact making it more enjoyable.

The song "KEH KE LUNGA" starts with simple beats and slowly, other acoustics join in. The song begins with a slow tempo, yet catches quick attention. Gradually the tempo and the overall music and singing become extremely loud and catchy. Sneha Khanwalkar and Amit Trivedi have done a good job behind the mike. The song plays with a good background score which sometimes becomes very loud and sometime silent.

"BHOOS…" - This song may surprise you, as it starts with a pleasant music and high pitch voice of Manish J Tipu; but suddenly the song gains momentum and turns into an energetic and enjoyable one which will surprise you. Bhupesh Singh joins Manish and makes it a great piece of art. The use of the musical instruments is great. The song changes track throughout from fast to slow and back to fast. The song sounds like a typical “nautanki” from UP and Bihar.

LOONGA LOONGA….The song starts with inspirational quotes by Ranjeet Bal party with suitable musical instruments providing it a cushion. Soon, we hear LOONGA LOONGA playing at a fast pace in the background while the shayaris go on. The song TERI KEH KE LOONGA is also mixed here in parts. The part “loonga loonga” could be well utilised by DJs at parties and discotheques.

HUMNI KE CHHODI KE is purely a bhojpuri song with just a harmonium playing in the background. The song is very simple and way too desi in nature. The song has been sung by a local singer named Deepak Kumar from Muzaffarpur. It’s an emotional cum traditional song where the singer is praying to God to fulfil his wishes.

The music album of GANGS OF WASSEYPUR has a great variety to offer to the listeners. It stands as unique due to its traditionally flavoured songs. What is more special here is that the songs don’t lose their originality at all. A creative and innovative effort by music composer Sneha Khanwalkar! Good job!

BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS: The trailer and the songs depict that the movie is neither the usual kind of masala entertainer and nor a typical film which has only violence and lust. Anurag Kashyap has surely put in his heart and soul to make this film which will surely work at the box office. The actors, though new, show enough talent in acting to draw audience to the theatres. Since the film is political and violent in nature, it may not appeal to fun loving movie goers and thus they may keep a safe distance from the film.

The film has also been to Cannes which is yet another feather in Anurag Kashyap’s cap. This achievement has definitely given enough publicity to the film. It’s one of those films which do not require publicity and intensive marketing or advertising. It’s the rawness of the film that will attract audience. It will surely get good reviews and the box office collections will build on gradually.

Films like PAAN SINGH TOMAR are an example that reality still impresses audience and GANGS OF WASSEYPUR may score well in this case. Till then let’s wait and watch!

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