Maximum preview: How much can we expect from this cop-story?

Newsdesk26 Jun 2012

Maximum is the story of two cops who are fighting for power. But they are not alone in this struggle. The film is an amalgamation of politics, action, good songs and acclaimed actors. But will all this help the film pull audience to the theatres? Here's a peek into the expectations from the movie.

Maximum’ is an action film directed by Kabeer Kaushik, and has Naseeruddin Shah, Sonu Sood, Neha Dhupia and Vinay Pathak playing important roles. In this film, Sonu Sood and Naseeruddin Shah will be seen as cops who struggle for power; but the catch is that they are not alone in this struggle, there are other players also. Let's review what are the plus and minuses of the film, and if it has a chance to fare well at the Box Office.

Trailer of Maximum is not very appealing, but it does evidently speak volumes about the genre of the film - action. Violence is evidently prevalent in the trailer, but doesn’t highlight any other flavour. Presence of some light moments would have made it more attractive. The film largely has politics, violence, and drama; so how we wish a decent number of peppy songs were included as a breather.

We all know that the song AAH ANTE AMLAPURAM isn’t original. With some changes in the lyrics, the Hindi version of the famous Telugu song has been integrated in the film. It would be a waste to even compare the two songs; obviously, the original stand out and is way better than this one. The song is catchy, but not very impressive like the Telugu version. Even the choreography is pretty okay. You may marginally like this song, but will love only the original one.

The other songs in the album that deserve a mention are ‘AAJA MERI JAAN’ sung by Tochi Raina & Ritu Pathak, and “SUTTA". The music album of Maximum has many other songs which are fine enough. The album is not out-of-the-box types, but will not go unnoticed.

Sonu Sood is playing the lead role in this film after a long time and has a lot of hopes from it. Apparently, he has also been compared to Salman Khan from ‘Dabangg’; but the two characters are completely different. The only thing similar is that Sonu’s look in the film is very similar to Salman’s look in ‘Dabangg’, replete with the moustache.

Neha Dhupia plays the role of Sonu Sood’s wife. Her character is very simple, yet established. She is the one who brings the needed stability in Sonu Sood’s life. Naseeruddin, the fine actor that he is, will be seen giving tough competition to Sonu Sood in the film. His character is equally strong. Vinay Pathak plays the character of a politician from Uttar Pradesh. As far as actors are concerned, we have a good ensemble here.

Hazel Keech gets into the item girl bandwagon with this film. After getting accolades for her role as the bespectacled girl-next-door in ‘Bodyguard’, she has transformed herself into a totally new avatar for ‘Maximum’. Will her sexy item number be successful in serving its main purpose of grabbing eyeballs and pulling attention? Plus, will the song inspired by the famous South Indian song help? Well, maybe it will!

The film has quite reputed actors who are known for their acting and thus film will definitely score well in acting department.

BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS: There are a lot of action films being made these days – and more so, on the Police Department with many of our leading heroes essaying the role of cops. In such a situation, ‘Maximum’ seems like yet another police-based action film. It can however prove to be good if it has a good content, and of course, good execution. We just hope it’s not an overdose of action, violence and politics.

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