Cocktail: A fun film with a heady mix of friendship, love & life

Newsdesk09 Jul 2012

It's time for our pre-release review of another super movie - Cocktail. After a very successful LOVE AAJ KAL, Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Imtiaz Ali are back again for COCKTAIL – with a slight change - instead of directing the actor duo, Imtiaz has, this time, penned the story of their latest outing. So, who's the director then? It’s Homi Adajania of BEING CYRUS fame. And joining the LAK couple is model-turned-actress Diana Penty who's making her debut with this film.

STORY: The film is about three people – Gautam (Saif) who is a person who shuns responsibility and obligations, and believes in living life carefree; Veronica (Deepika) a modern girl, who is totally reckless and lives life as it comes; and Meera (Diana) is a girl from India with simple values and a sober heart. The dynamics between the trio make it a beautiful relationship. Usually, two people make a couple; but here, all three of them make an ideal couple! Meera and Veronica are friends, while Gautam-Meera and Gautam-Veronica share a sexual relationship as well. But when all three of them come together, they share an ideal relationship.

The promos of the film are quite sassy, quirky and funny, and effectively carry the taste of the film – kickass and bindaas! The character introduction is so apt that we can instantly relate to them with no confusion. The situations pulled from the film to be a part of the promos are so spunky, yet amusing that the audience (especially the younger lot) will look forward to seeing the next promo to satiate themselves till the time the movie hits the theatres!

MUSIC ALBUM: The songs of COCKTAIL are vibrant, refreshing and absolutely appealing. Be it “Tum Hi Ho Bandhu” or “Daaru Desi” or even “Second Hand Jawaani” – each song is extremely different from the other, but at the same time, are equally addictive! The lyrics are good and unique, and aid in upping the attraction quotient of the songs. A thing that you may notice is the fact that majority of the songs carry a Punjabi flavour – either in its music or in the words. Overall, an absolute positive – that's the glory the music album brings to the film.

BOX OFFICE PREDICTION: COCKTAIL is one of the most talked about films of the year. And ever since its promo and songs have hit the tube, the excitement for it has simply mounted! Hopes are high since the Imtiaz-Saif-Deepika trio is back after three years. Homi's direction can be trusted, at least that's what we gather from the film's promo and his debut flick BEING CYRUS. Diana Penty seems to be a good discovery – she is beautiful, and seems to know her job as an actor. It's stylish, it's sleek, and has a heady mix of love, friendship, sex, and urban humor in it!

Undoubtedly, the movie is targeted mainly for people with a modern outlook and for those below 45. With the film having a concept of a guy having sexual relationship with two of his best buddies, we are not sure if this film is ideal for a family outing. Nevertheless, the youngsters will surely take the movie on its face value and may enjoy it. The buzz on the movie is high. So at least its opening weekend should be good. But how long the film will sustain entirely depends on its content. In a nutshell, it seems 'Cocktail' will hit the jackpot!

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