Box Office Report BY Komal Nahta: Kyaa Super Kool weekend

Komal Nahta03 Aug 2012

Expectations were high from the film Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum. But with the film receiving mixed response from the critics, did the collections at the Box Office dwindle? Komal Nahta talks business here.

Ekta Kapoor’s Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum had a super-cool opening. The fun trailers, popular songs, double entendres and, most importantly, the Kyaa Kool brand value helped the film garner very good numbers at the box-office in the first weekend. The net all-india collection on the first day was in the region of Rs. 6.75 crore. Collections on Saturday were almost the same (Rs. 7 crore) and they jumped on Sunday (Rs. 8.25 crore). The weekend net of Rs. 22 crore was pretty impressive but collections came sliding down on Monday. Clearly, the magic of the initial euphoria had died down and the average reports of the film did it in after the first weekend. No doubt, it was the best ever Ramzan opening but the drop in collections from Monday (Rs. 2.75 - 3 crore) made it clear that the all-India distributor, who had paid a hefty price of Rs. 21.5-22 crore for the distribution rights would not make profit despite the flying start.

Of course, as far as Ekta is concerned, the film has turned out to be a money spinner for her. Having sold the all-India distribution rights for a handsome price and retained the satellite and other rights for herself, it is estimated that Ekta must’ve made a neat profit of Rs. 15 crore in the Tusshar-Ritesh starrer. Brilliant, one would say. But, needless to add, the all-India distributor isn’t too happy with what his account books and bank account are showing.

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Komal Nahta is one of the most respected trade analysts in India. Komal is Editor and Publisher of "Film Information", the largest circulated film trade journal. He is also an anchor for a popular TV show based on Bollywood. He had been the Bollywood representative of the BBC Radio Network, U.K. for almost 10 years. Komal was the first person from the film industry to be appointed as advisor of the IDBI (Industrial Development Bank of India) for its film financing division.

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