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Every death is sudden. And technically, every dead person leaves behind some work-in-progress or the other. The bhatakti aatma (the wandering, dissatisfied soul) then is merely bunkum justification for paranormal people who hallucinate ghosts with their eyes wide open – imagine images they’re mentally predisposed to. “The eyes only see what the brain is willing to comprehend.” This is a fair point. Anirudh, a professor of psychiatrymore

404', directed by Prawaal Raman, is the third film in three weeks that features the spirit of a dead person as a prominent character. Set on a medical campus, this psychological thriller stars newcomer Rajvvir Aroraa as Abhimanyu, a freshman who stands up against the harsh ragging meted out to younger students at the hands of college seniors. When campus bully Chris (played by Imaad Shah) disregards Abhimanyu's complaints and continuesmore

2011 seems like the year of experimentations, in terms of content chiefly. Look at the stories being churned out this year. Irrespective of how these films fare at the box-office, you cannot turn your face away from the fact that these films at least made an earnest and honest attempt to narrate innovative stories, which were hitherto untold on the Hindi screen. In a momentous departure from the tried and tested stuff, a number of films lined upmore

Thank God our film makers have stopped taking the audience for granted and have begun to credit them an IQ apart from an EQ. Of course, intelligent cinema is still a rarity in our film industry. But there are a handful of films, now and then, which do not demand you leave your brains behind. Prawaal Raman's 404 is one of them. The highpoint of the film lies in the fact that it explores paranormal activity without abandoning science and rationalitymore

The tagline to 404 is 'Error Not Found'. But for all the internet junkies and those addicted souls who practically live in cyberspace, this one isn't for the computer geeks. There's no sci-fi action here. In fact, 404 explores a theme which has been attempted far too many times in Bollywood over the last decade with films like Phoonk and Aagyat. Just a couple of weeks ago, there was Vikram Bhatt's Haunted. The fascination for ghosts and spirits remains as strongmore

Psychological thrillers are tricky films to make. They depend as much on execution as they do on a watertight script. Alfred Hitchcock mastered the genre with films like Rear Window, before a reawakening in mainstream Hollywood in the 90's with The Silence of the Lambs, Se7en, and the Sixth Sense. Last year we were treated to the haunting Black Swan and Scorsese's masterful Shutter Island. Bollywood has always relegated pure psychological thrillersmore

No, this is not a sci-fi action film nor is it about cyber crime. The name and the tagline of the film, 404 - Error Not Found, is misleading. After Ragini MMS and Haunted, Bollywood continues to flirt with ghosts, with its latest release, 404. However, this film is smart, dark and yes, spooky, too. As soon as Abhimanyu (Rajvir Arora) and other juniors enter medical college, they are ragged by a bunch of seniors. These seniors are pro at the art of raggingmore

404 is a title aimed at today's internet junkies and youngsters. It's intriguing enough to find out why a film is titled so. It's a smart move by the makers of this psychological thriller. Speaking of psychological thrillers, we haven't seen one in Bollywood since a long time. So it's a welcome change amidst the rom-coms and love stories. The film is about a bright medical student Abhimanyu (Rajvvir Aroraa), who's brave enough to opt for the supposedly hauntedmore

The intriguingly named ‘404’ opens with promise. A first year medical student volunteers to occupy a room that’s been locked for some years. He’s not scared of ghosts, declares Abhimanyu ( Rajvvir), and with those famous last words, walks in. Prawaal Raman has had past experience in trying to spook us ( ‘Darna Mana Hai’) . And here again he shows us that he is good at creating atmosphere. The college building has large ceilings and dark shadowsmore