Comedy king Kader Khan's most funny scenes

Noorulain Sayed18 Mar 2013

In this article we pay tribute to one of the best Bollywood comedians to ever grace our silver screen: Kader Khan. He is throughly missed by movie buffs as he seldom appears in any Bollywood films these days. We bring to you some of kader Khan's most hilarious scenes.

With the recent death rumours about Bollywood's iconic actor Kader Khan, we became nostalgic and suddenly missed the iconic Kader Khan onscreen. His amazing comic timing always leaves us in splits and has us asking for more. We present to you Kader Khan's most famous comedy scenes. Read on and laugh out aloud!

Hum Hai Kamaal Ke (1993)

Kader Khan plays a deaf man to the hilt in this one. Supporting him in this scene is a blind Anupam Kher and a very angry Tiku Talsania! This scene is one of those rare hidden gems of Bollywood. It remains an evergreen Bollywood comedy scene till date.

Karz Chukana Hai (1991)

After watching this scene anyone suffering from a headache will be cured! Seriously. Kader irritates the hell out of a street vendor who is trying to sell medicines for headache. Instead of convincing Khan to buy the medicines, the vendor himself suffers from headache due to Kader’s nonstop ranting! Epic! Easily one of the most watched funny scenes from Hindi movies!

Dulhe Raja (1998)

In this heavily underrated laugh riot, Kader played a stubborn hotel owner to the hilt often locking horns with a dhaaba owner (Govinda) with Johnny Lever often stuck between the two. And when Khan asks Lever “Yeh kaisa meri taraf hai?” you just can’t stop laughing. After watching this clip, you must be wondering if this comedy scene from Dulhe Raja is one of the most funny Bollywood scenes from the 90s!

Taqdeerwala (1995)

Kader plays Yamraj in this one and has Asrani as his assistant (Chitragupt). And as the duo are taking a stroll on planet earth, the Yam, as he calls himself, suddenly feels hungry. The duo decide to visit an ice-cream parlour and savour "heem-cream"! Not 10 not 20 but they manage to gulp down 100 ice-cream cups! But when the time to pay the bill arrives they dash out and run for their lives! A truly hilarious Bollywood scene. "Hum hai yum!" is enough for us to burst out into peels of laughter.

Naachnewale Gaanewale (1990)

A thief who enters Kader and Shakti Kapoor’s home to steal gets robbed himself by the smart duo. And though I found this scene a little uncomfortable to watch thanks to the thief dressed in nothing more but his underwear in most part of the scene it still is worth a watch. This is sure a hell of a funny Bollywood scene in underwear :)

Ghar Ho To Aisa (1990)

In this film we see Khan in a dual role. One is a husband who lives in his wife's home and is reduced to a jhoru ka ghulam and in his second avatar, he is plays the husband’s dead father who often taunts his son from a photo frame! For this particular comedy scene however, the cute ghost comes out of the frame and is seen lying amongst food items in a refrigerator! Hilarious Bollywood scene with a ghost!

Judaai (1997)

Kader plays father to Johnny Lever in this film and while it was a serious film, the sweet and sour interactions between the father and son provide for the comic relief. When Kader goes for a bath, his filmy son actually makes a huge scene about his father being no more just so that he can enact a death scene! And while it is Johnny lever all the way in this scene, we can’t help but laugh everytime the camera zooms into Khan’s face. Also towards the end of the shot when Kader emerges from the bath with soap plastered all over him we know why he is the undisputed king of comedy. With two Bollywood comedy stalwarts - Kader Khan and Johnny Lever, this funny Bollywood scene is sure one of the most popular laughing scenes in Hindi movies!

Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri (1990)

Kader Khan rightly won the Filmfare Award for Best Comedian for this role of a conman. Joined together with Shakti Kapoor, the father-son duo go on a conning spree and cheat a lot of people. Though the film is filled with such incidences, we bring to you the scene where the duo pose as agents who send people abroad. It is truly one of the most popular hilarious Bollywood scene featuring Kader Khan and Shakti Kapoor.

Aag Aur Shola (1986)

This scene reminds one of the Mahabharat spoof scene in Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro and though it is nowhere close to that comic caper, Kader as the professor trying to make his students get the play right is spot on.

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