An open letter from a fan to his favorite director, Quentin Tarantino

Srijan Gupta08 Apr 2013

Celebrities and fans go hand-in-hand. Director Quentin Tarantino is no different. He too has numerous fans across the globe. One such fan is Srijan, who writes a letter to him today to express how awestruck he is with the director and his work.

Dear QT,

I don’t know where to start from, or how to start but let’s just say you ROCK. I have tried my best to observe your style of scripting, storytelling and filming, starting from Reservoir Dogs till Django Unchained, in my own way. I’ve tried (and still trying) to decipher what’s there in your grey cells, and every time I end up getting all the more mesmerized. Your films are like the holy cannabis to me; I can get high on them, rather, I love to.

I never get tired of watching Inglourious Basterds time and again. The reason being Brad Pitt appearing in such an unconventional avatar of Aldo Raine, demanding ‘a hundred thousand Nazi scalps’ from his Jew soldiers, to carving a swastika on the captivated Nazi’s foreheads. How can I forget the Bear Jew with a club/baseball bat (if only Adam Sandler would have actually been there), or the special way of showing ‘3’ using fingers which was the turning point in the film. It’s all so awesome. But I saved my best for the last. Col Lans Handa! Who can forget him! I personally believe, the entire fraternity of film-lovers (which includes me as well) should be forever grateful to you, for you presented us with Christoph Waltz.

Now let’s talk about him. I’m in love with that old man! He portrayed the character of Hans Landa with such conviction that even you were amazed. You may remember saying in an interview that you were afraid of that character because some parts that you wrote seemed ‘unplayable’ to you. But you made sure you handpick somebody who can actually do the impossible. Thus, entered the Austrian! It was like: God said: Let there be light, and there was light.

Now let’s move ahead to Django, your Django, who created wonders once he got ‘Unchained’. But I’m in a sweet dilemma right now: whom or what should I talk about first? The plot? Jamie Foxx? DiCaprio? Samuel L. Jackson? Or should I continue with Dr. King Schultz? Well, I guess I will save my best for the last.

I guess enough had already been spoken and written about your plot and story/script/screenplay which fetched you an Academy Award as well. I don’t have anything new to say about it. Well, there no use carrying coals to Newcastle, right? But I must talk about certain things in your film which I really loved. Those are:

i. The Mandingo Fights

ii. The giant tooth placed on the roof of Dr. Schultz’s cart

iii. The mask dilemma of Big Daddy and his group

iv. Django shooting a guy because he pronounced the silent ‘D’

I’m sure there is a lot of other stuff which I really fell in love with, it’s just that I can’t remember all of them right now. There are so many, you can’t really blame me!

I must thank you once again for waiting for the right role and time to cast Di’Caprio. You and Leo being neighbors, it must have taken inhuman effort of self-control from both the parts. You were wise not to cast him as Hans Landa or else we would have never had Christoph Waltz, probably. Leo nailed it as Calvin J Candie. He gave the performance of a lifetime.

You know what, I forever will regret not watching Will Smith as Django. I heard he turned down the role because ‘it wasn’t the lead’. I guess he was out his mind for some time. I can never forgive him for this. But you ended up with the second best choice. Jamie Foxx was lucky and he gave his all to Django, leaving no stone unturned.

Samuel L. Jackson was spell bounding as Stephen. He was fabulous. The viciousness that was required was portrayed brilliantly. And his unperturbed loyalty towards Mr. Candie was something worth watching.

Now finally boiling down to ‘the man with the weird beard’! Mr. Waltz as Dr. Schultz was exemplary. The effortlessness in his performance is what I watch out for. He makes acting look so easy. I strongly feel that he practices ‘method acting’. I might be wrong, but I feel that.

Well, QT, wrote a lot about your films, thanked you a number of times; but now I must thank The Almighty for not realizing your teenage dream - the dream of becoming a Hollywood superstar. You always wanted to be in front of the camera not behind it. It is only after Kill Bill you realized what your true calling is; you are destined to write and make films. I cannot thank Him enough for this, because otherwise we would have stayed deprived of Inglourious Basterds, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Django Unchained and the several flicks that are yet to come. But keep the cameos coming, we love that. I love you QT, and always will.

Cinematically yours,


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The author works as a Radio Jockey and Producer with an FM station based in Kolkata. He is also a professional on-stage emcee/anchor and voice-over artist. By qualification, he’s an electrical engineer (so-called). Being an amateur musician and singer-songwriter, he dreamt of being a rockstar but he realized that he cannot compose songs, even if he does, the tunes are crappy. All of a sudden, he found his true passion, the passion for movies. Since then he started writing scripts and making shorts & docu-films. He dreams about making his own feature someday, soon.

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