7 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Man Of Steel

Pritam Roy14 Jun 2013

Superman is back again with Man Of Steel. Here are 7 lessons we can learn on entrepreneurship from this impressive superhero flick.

'Man Of Steel' is the latest version of Superman franchise to hit the screens on his 75th birthday. This film, directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon among others, is a reboot of the popular superhero character for the 21st century audience. While watching the movie, I couldn't help but notice the lessons which entrepreneurs could learn from the movie and Superman in general, because, in the real world, Entrepreneurs are the 'Men Of Steel'.

1. People are afraid of what they don't understand

When Clark Kent was discovering his superpowers in his growing years, Jonathan Kent, his Earth father, would discourage him from demonstrating his superpowers by saying that his superpowers won't be understood and "people are afraid of what they don't understand". Entrepreneurs possess some kind of a superpower to bring change to this world, which is often misunderstood and misconstrued and for this reason itself, the world will resist the birth of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs have to often face of a lot of resistance starting from friends, family and extending to the outside world at large to convince them about the need for the product / service, they are planning to launch, which is actually for the betterment of the mankind and they are not at loggerheads with this world.

2. An entrepreneur is a symbol of choice, hope and potential

Superman's father Jor-el says in the movie, the reason why he and his wife, Lara Lor-Van sent Superman on an inter-galactic journey is because he symbolized choice, hope and potential, and was not born to fit a specific role. Entrepreneurship is a matter of exercising a choice, when someone decides to take a step out of the ordinary and giving us hope of a better life through his / her offering and thereby, realizing his / her true potential. The symbol 'S' which Superman wears on his suit is a Krypton symbol of hope. Though an entrepreneur doesn't always wear a suit, but the unwritten symbol in an entrepreneur's armour is that of choice, hope and potential of a better world.

3. The only way to know how strong you are is by testing your limits

When Clark Kent decides to take the fight to General Zod, Louis Lane cautions him by saying that staying on Earth may have made him weaker to fight against Zod and his army who came from the outside World. Superman tells her that "the only way to know how strong you are is by testing your limits". This is a maxim which tests every entrepreneur and how well an entrepreneur responds to situations and fights the battle when his / her limits are being tested determines the outcome of the journey.

4. Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith

When Clark Kent went to a Church before embarking on the path to reveal his true powers and have a direct confrontation with his arch-nemesis, the cleric asked him to take a leap of faith and said, trust will follow. Entrepreneurship is truly about taking a leap of faith, and it's not only for the entrepreneur, but for co-founders, early team members, early investors, first set of partners, buyers and various other stakeholders. Then, once the leap of faith is taken, the entrepreneur has to work painstakingly over a period of time to build the trust that cements the relationship with all these people and reinforces the faith they had put in the first place.

5. Do not let fear of failure stop you from trying

Superman was being truly tested in his battle with General Zod and his army, where he didn't have much support from the all powerful US army. When Louis questioned him if he is prepared to take on the might of the extra-terrestrial army, he told her that he is not going to let that stop him from trying. Many times, in the life of an entrepreneur, he / she has to throw logic and reason out of the window to take on established market players and the fear of failure can never stop the determination to win against all odds. Also, the entrepreneur seldom gets a chance to be fully prepared, as agility and speed is of the essence when operating in an uncertain environment.

6. Your competitor may emerge from another world

Clark Kent was trying to hide himself from the World and worried about how the people in this World would react, if they came to know about his superpowers. Little did he know that he had to face a threat of a completely different kind from another world, literally. Often entrepreneurs face challenges from unexpected quarters and we have seen many industries getting transformed and Companies getting extinct. With the explosive growth of mobile phones, many click-and-shoot camera and radio manufacturing companies went out of business. Music companies didn't realize while shifting from LP Discs to cassettes to CD's, that their next stage of evolution won't come in another innovative physical storage format, but digital distribution will wipe out many players and threaten the industry, itself. Entrepreneurs have to look for opportunities to shake up existing industry paradigms and at the same time, be prepared for the next innovation from a player outside his / her own industry which could threaten his / her own existence.

7. Passion is the real codex

General Zod came to Earth looking for codex, which is the key to life on Krypton and new beginnings. Kal-El's father had put the codex in his cells and Zod wanted to kill him to get the codex, which was running in his veins. For an entrepreneur, passion is the real codex which drives him / her to dream and achieve impossible feats. While an entrepreneur may look for inspiration from the outside world, the passion which drives him / her has to come from inside. This codex aka passion running in his / her body has the power to reinvigorate, reenergize and push him/ her to create something new and meaningful out of nothing.

So, these are a few of the things I learnt from 'Man Of Steel'. What about you?

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Pritam Roy is a movie lover. Pritam likes watching all kinds of movies: the good ones, the average ones and bad ones. He likes discovering trivia and especially bloopers in movies. He is an ardent believer in movies as a powerful tool to influence people. Pritam also believes, there are some lessons in life and business that can be learnt from all kinds of movies.

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