Astrology based Box Office prediction for 'Entertainment' starring Akshay and Tamannaah

Pandit Anil Chaubey07 Aug 2014

Will Akshay Kumar's new movie 'Entertainment' which also has a dog in a prominent role, directed by Farhad-Sajid succeed or will it disappoint? Will the critics give it a thumbs-up? Will it entertain the audiences in India and abroad? Our in-house astrologer presents a prediction about the film's prospects at the box-office.

'Entertainment' is releasing on August 8, 2014. The movie, directed by Farhad-Sajid has Akshay Kumar and Tamannaah Bhatia in lead roles. There's also a dog named Junior as a prominent character in the movie.

According to the movie's kundali, based on the release date, the movie's sun sign is Libra. The owner of the lagan is Venus, who is sitting with number 3 in the 9th house, which is the house of luck. The 2nd house from the lagan is the house of business and moon is sitting there with number 1. When Moon sits with number 1, it signifies weakness. So, the business of the movie will be average in the first 2 weeks and will be poor after that.

Libra is associated with number 7, and Saturn is sitting in the house of lagan, which is super strong and communicating with Mars. This implies, that the audience will appreciate and enjoy the comedy and action scenes in the movie. Comedy is associated with number 3, which is sitting in the luck house. Action scenes will be liked due to presence of Mars.

Romantic scenes of the heroine will be liked and youth will enjoy these scenes a lot. In the 8th house from lagan, there is number 2, which is associated with Venus, which is also associated with luck and Saturn is super strong, which will accentuate romance scenes.

The 12th house from lagan is the house related to foreign matters. Number 6, which is related to business, is sitting there along with Rahu. Hence business will be average. However, business from overseas markets will be better compared to domestic business. Women and family will enjoy the movie abroad.

Critics will give average rating to 'Entertainment'. The average rating will be in the range of 2-3 out of 5. The 4th house from the lagan is the house for critics, and number 10 is sitting there and Sun is looking at that house from 7th angle and in conflict with Saturn. Hence rating will be average.

In the 6th house from lagan is number 12 along with Ket. Ket is related with animal. Venus is sitting in the 4th house and the scenes of the dog will be enjoyed by the audience. Since, the owner of 12, Jupiter is sitting in the 5th house from 6, which is related to Awards. So, Junior has a chance at winning awards or being recognized for his histrionics.

For the director, lagan is sitting in the 10th house with Jupiter, Sun and Mercury communicating with each other. And, Jupiter is super strong. Though the business of the movie will be average, the director duo will get confidence and offers to direct more films after this debut film.

Astro advice: The lead actors in the movie may wear green cloth and yellow tika on release date to improve the prospects of the movie at the Box Office.

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Pandit Anil Chaubey is a renowned astrologer, based in New Delhi. He started learning Astrology at a very young age and has been making accurate predictions and providing astrology based solutions for his clients in India and abroad. He has devised his own mechanisms to make precise predictions, which his clients have found really useful in life and business.

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