Astrology based Box Office prediction for 'Happy New Year' starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and others

Pandit Anil Chaubey22 Oct 2014

Will Shah Rukh Khan's BIG Diwali movie 'Happy New Year', directed by Farah Khan succeed or will it disappoint? Will the critics give it a thumbs-up? Will it entertain the audiences in India and abroad? Our in-house astrologer presents a prediction about the film's prospects at the box-office.

Happy New Year is releasing on October 24, 2014. The movie, directed by Farah Khan has Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan and Boman Irani in leading roles.

According to release date, the movie's sun sign is Cancer. Moon, the owner of lagan is sitting in the 3rd house, which is the house of Business. Number 5 is sitting in the 2nd house, whose owner Sun is sitting with Venus, which is the owner of Income. Jupiter is sitting in the lagan house, which is Gajkesari yug. So the movie is expected to generate great business across the country in the first 3 weeks. Though Shah Rukh is already a reigning superstar, he will receive unprecedented success, beyond expectations from this movie.

Number 10 is sitting in the 7th house of the lagan, whose owner Saturn is sitting in the 4th house along with Venus and Sun. This will work very well for the heroine. Being a family movie, the movie will be enjoyed by families. Moon, the owner of lagan sitting in the 3rd house represents family. Moon is also communicating with Mercury, which is related to youth. Both young men and women will like the movie.

Number 8 is sitting in the 5th house, whose owner is sitting in the 6th house. So, the critics will give varying opinion about the movie. Some of them may rate it 2.5/5. While others may rate it 4/5, especially on entertainment quotient.

Number 9 is sitting in the 6th house, whose owner is Jupiter sitting in the lagan. Mars is sitting with number 9 and looking at 12th house at 7th angle, which is the house for foreign matters. The business from abroad will be great.

Sun is sitting in the 4th house from lagan, looking at the 10th house at 7th angle. This is a super sighting. Both the hero and the heroine will get great opportunities to act in big budget movies in 2015 and their career graph will be ascending in the coming days. However, they are unlikely to work together in the near future.

In the 10th house from lagan, number 1 is sitting, whose owner Mars is sitting in the 6th house. The director will be satisfied with her direction and efforts in the movie, which is an entertaining fare and will get appreciation and inspiration from this movie.

Astro advice: The heroine in the movie may wear yellow tika or clothes and heroine shoud wear pink tika or clothes on the day of the release to improve the business of the movie at the Box Office.

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Pandit Anil Chaubey is a renowned astrologer, based in New Delhi. He started learning Astrology at a very young age and has been making accurate predictions and providing astrology based solutions for his clients in India and abroad. He has devised his own mechanisms to make precise predictions, which his clients have found really useful in life and business.

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