7 reasons, why 'Action Jackson' is a must watch for all movie lovers

Pritam Roy05 Dec 2014

Prabhudheva teams up with Ajay Devgn to make 'Action Jackson', another masala entertainer for us. Here are the 7 reasons, why you must watch the movie.

'Action Jackson' is the new movie from Prabhudheva to hit the theaters. This film starring Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha and Manasvi Mamgai in lead roles is a typical Bollywood potboiler. While watching the movie, I couldn't help appreciating how good a movie it is. While, there are so many good reasons to watch 'Action Jackson', here's my list of top 7 reasons in that list. Don't miss the movie at any cost. After reading this piece, you will need very little convincing, for sure.

1. The hero is invincible

The hero is invincible. Period. People may make attempts at hitting him or shooting him, but he carries a protective shield around him and no one can come close to even affecting a scratch on his well toned body. The hero will wait for the right moment to inflict maximum torture on those who dare to ruffle his feathers. Till then, the bad men have to wait in queue, in ascending order of hierarchy. And, people can take out any weapon of their choice to attack the hero, only to be killed by the same. Obviously, the hero is also equipped with a magnetic field, where the bullets are forced to alter their path to bypass the hero.

Bonus feature: The hero is equipped with a golden heart. He helps pregnant women on the streets, gives his umbrella to children getting wet, gets a chaat vendor's son admitted to school...all in a day's work. He also wins the best employee award at his workplace for innovation

2. The villain is comical

When you have to stand up to a larger-than-life hero, where you don't have a chance, why invest in a convincing villain. And, when you have already exhausted budget in making the hero invincible (read above), the villain has to be a comical one. Whenever the villain appears on the screen, the audience should burst into laughter and not worry about the illogical and inconsistent action scenes. Since, no self respecting actor or character actor in Bollywood will agree to do this role, you import an actor from South to doom his Bollywood character forever or give other filmmakers an alternative to Prakash Raj.

Bonus feature: The villain is a cross between Rajpal Yadav and a martial arts school dropout, who is also bald and has a birthmark on his pate for easy identification.

3. The heroine is feminists' dream come true

The heroine believes seeing the hero with his pants down changed her luck, twice over. How much more progressive can it get? And, she would do anything to get a better view of the hero's assets, including spending time with him for an exclusive peek. And, all for the noble cause of getting married to a guy from US, which assures her of a better lifestyle. She also works in an office, where her other smart female colleagues easily subscribe to the view. They want their own share of good luck, by following the actor to his home, and stop at nothing to get what they want. What more can feminists ask for? Go, eat your hearts out.

Bonus feature: When the hero decides to go the non-violent way, she can do a bit of action, too

4. A beauty queen on steroids

There's an ex-beauty queen, who is willing to spend half the screen time in skimpy fashion wear and lingerie, obviously, as per the script's requirement. She also does a ramp walk at her home, when she's in the right mood. Like the lead actress (read above), she's also willing to do anything to get the man of her dreams and desire. And, she's not only got the looks, but also the right moves to attract the roving eyes of our hero, who's not yet committed to the main heroine and can't stop fantasizing about her.

Bonus feature: She's also a psycho

5. A buffoon for a sidekick

What's a hero without a sidekick? The sidekick makes even caricatures cringe in shame. He's not only there as a laughing stock for the audience, when the villain is not in the scene. He offers himself for easy slaps. He is a poor substitute for the heroine's friends' search for an object of desire. He can't stand up to the 'erotic' torture by the vamp and reveals secrets. He's everything the hero is NOT, and makes the hero look 'Oh-so-finger-lickingly-good'!

Bonus feature: He has no self respect and reconciles easily with the hero, who left him in the villains' den

6. Gravity defying action scenes

While the whole world goes gaga over Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' and earlier 'Gravity' in showing scenes in zero gravity in space, we all know, that our directors and action directors have done it all, much before Hollywood and excelled at it. While Hollywood has simplified it, by showing zero gravity only in oh-so-believable and mundane space environment, Prabhudheva and his ilk have shown it on the roads of Mumbai & Bangkok. The number of times a person has to turn before hitting the ground is inversely proportional to his ranking in approaching the hero. Also, the speed and tempo of the action can be controlled by the music playing in the background (or bar) and the action pauses with the henchmen suspended in mid-air at times, for you to rub your eyes in disbelief or take a sip of the cola or munch on the popcorn.

Disclaimer: Since, all the available vehicles (read Tata Sumos) had been used by Rohit Shetty in his films, there were fewer vehicles available for gravity defying stunts.

7. No Commitment. No Appointment. Only Punishment.

The makers are unabashedly honest about their intentions in making this movie, which is clearly laid out in the film's tagline. It serves well as a warning to anyone who ventures out to watch the movie. There's 'no commitment' for a storyline or script or originality. And, one can't demand any appointment with a psychiatrist or a shrink for therapy after watching this movie. And the filmmakers guarantee that you'll be punished for watching this movie. It's a sheer punishment of your senses and audacity and courage.

Bonus feature: The movie gets over in 144 minutes.

So, these are the few reasons why watching 'Action Jackson' is a must for any movie lover. What are your reasons?

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