Rabindra Sangeet in Bengali Mainstream Films

Rabindra Sangeet in Bengali mainstream cinema

Mitul Mukherjee08 May 2011

No doubt that Uttam Kumar himself was a great onscreen lover, but he has also used Rabindra Sangeet to woo his beloved in many films. "Ami Patha Bhola Ek Pathik Esechhi"- a popular Tagore song - where a traveler is wooing the nature, was used in Uttam- Supriya Devi starrer 'Mon Niye', cleverly used in that sequence where they first meet.

Uttam Kumar and Rabindra Sangeet

No doubt that, Uttam Kumar himself was a great onscreen lover, but has also used Rabindra Sangeet to wooing his beloved in many films. “Ami Patha Bhola Ek Pathik Esechhi”- a popular Tagore song - where a traveler wooing the nature, was used in Uttam- Supriya Devi starrer “Mon Niye”, cleverly used in that sequence where they first meet.

In “Bicharak”,he was a married man falling love with his sister-in-law (played by Arundhati Debi) much younger than him. At their first meeting sequence, the song was used, “Amar Mallika Bone, Jakhan Prothom Dharechhe Koli”. No need to be told that was the beginning of their love affair.

But the most popular Tagore songs say about death and the tragedy of life and Uttam Kumar has some esthetically super tragic films. In those films, his beloved songs him that soon she will go off for ever and requests to not to forget her (by thesong). In “Agniswar”, he feature an idealistic doctor with very tough personality, and his wife (Madhabi Mukherjee played the role), a very feminine weak persona, they had apparently an unhappy conjugal life. She expressed her silent love for him by this song, “Tobu Mone Rekho”, and Uttam Kumar secretly listened. Silent love was exposed on his face. The sequence has been immortalized for ever.

Eii Kathati Mone Rekho”- this song was used in “Chowrangee”, another tragic film. Anjana Bhowmik played his beloved. She, an air-hostess, later died in a plane- crash, and he played a hotel manager. This song also tells about her coming death and begging to not to forget her after she goes off.

Tagore song and Tarun Majumdars film

In Bengali mainstream film, its Tarun Majumdar who has masterly treated Tagore song ashis films obvious part. In his “Sriman Prithwiraj”, he had used the song “Sakhibhabana kahare bole”, one of the most popular love songs of Tagore. A teenage married girl, whose husband is a freedom fighter and absconding, from her wedding day was played by Sandhya Roy. In the song, the lovelorn lady tells that she doesnt care about love, she is happy without it, but your heart says to yourself that her desire is just the opposite and you start to feel for her.

In “DadarKirti”, Tapas Pal (in his debut film) played a young boy of weak personality. He was continuously ragged by Anup Kumar. The young girls mental state and helpless intense cry was exposed lyrically by there two songs, “Ei Korechho Bhalo Nithuro He” and “Charano Dharite Diyogo Amare”.

But again, his songs which give the hints of death. He used the song “Dariye Achho Tumi Amar Gaaner Opare” in his “Alo”. The song tells about the distance—distance between life and death, and love after death. Rituparna Sengupta played the role of a singer and a loving wife, who dies just after his babys birth. Her recorded voice spins around her beloved after her death and tells not to forget her. In “Kuheli” Sandhya Roy and Biswajit sang together the song“Tumi Robe Nirabe Hridaye Mamo”. This also tells about the love afterdeath. In the screen, Sandhya Roy dies soon; the song gives his signal ofcoming incident.

Song of amentally challenged girl

Audience surprised to see a Rabindra Sangeet sequence in “Paromitar Ek Din”. This Aparna Sen film showed that Khuku, a mentally challenged young girl (played by theatre worker Sohini Halder). Singing the song “Hriday Amar Prokash Holo Ananto Akashe”with a pretty voice and proper rhythm, she couldnt express her mind to others, but she can communicate herself with the outer world by Tagore song! Many asked questions, but most of the audience felt the girls heart by her song.

Some Other Sequence

Bhalobasi Bhalobasi”, this love song was used in “Swet Patharer Thala” and was an instant hit. In “Ekanto Apon”, the song was “Ami Tomar Preme Hobo Sabar Kalankabhagi”-this was also a memorable use, at the film, (Aparna Sen - Victor Banerjee). The lover of Aparna Sen was an anti-social! Tapas Pal did a good job in “Saheb, he played a very energetic young boy, the song was used-“Ha-re-re-re Amay Chhere Dere Dere”-which matched with his character!

In “Rajbadhu”, Moon Moon Sen played a simple working girl, who was forced to play as the lover of a rich young boy and look after his father. The song “Boro Asha Kore Esechhi Go” used in the film and was able to exposed the girls intensecry. Mohua Roy Chowdhury played almost same character in “Parabat Priya”. She featured a nurse, who was playing as a married guys (Tapas Pal) lover to cure his wife (Debasree Roy). Her feeling for the man and her guilty consciousness was exposed by the song “Amar Sakal Niye Bose Achhi Sarbonasher Ashay”-this was also a very clever use of Tagore song.

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Fortunately many directors find right sequences for appropriate rabindrasangeet to be applied in their films. But there are cases were it is not befitting and somewhere it is a failure. It is nice to here some good songs this way!
Posted by Mrs Chandra on  Apr 17 2009 12:59PM
Rabindra Sangeet pervades Bengali films. In Barua's " Mukti" Pankaj Mullick sang " Diner Sheshe"; Satyajit Roy made a wise use of Rabindra Sangeet in his films like " Charulata", " Manihara", "Kenchanjangha", and " Agantuk"; Ritwik Ghatak implimented " Aakash Bhora Surya Tara"and " Aamar Ange Ange.." in Komolgandhar and Jukti Takka Gappa.. Tapan Sinha made a brilliant use of the song " Aamar Mukti Alloye..." in Atithi. The list is endless. Bengali films have, undoubtedly, contributed a lot in te
Posted by Dipen on  Aug 13 2011 6:40PM

Has Rabindra Sangeet received the right treatment in Bengali mainstream cinema?

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