Priyanka Chopra On the success of Fashion & Dostana

Priyanka Chopra - on the success of Fashion & Dostana

Rajan Singh15 Nov 2008

Q. Priyanka, guess, you have worked hard a lot for this film. A. Well, one always has to work hard when the matter relates to looks in a film. But for Dostana the effort on the look was all the more as the film is based in Miami where life runs around beaches punctuated with well-toned bodies. It was essential for me to be in proper body shape and that really made us work hard a lot for this film. Q. Do you know anyone in your real life, who is gay? A. Of course, I am pretty sure that some gay character or the other must have surely crossed in every individual's life. I have two of my best friends as gay and I have worked a lot with them.

Of course, I am pretty sure that some gay character or the other must have surely crossed in every individuals life. I have two of my best friends as gay and I have worked a lot with them. We live in a democratic country where we have freedom to choose our jobs, freedom to choose our life partners, freedom to choose our way of life so similarly one should also have freedom to choose ones sexuality. I am lot for gay pride, completely.

Are you convinced about Dostanas success at the box office?

I am pretty sure that people will like Dostana a lot and thats only because its a very funny and interesting film. The film has this core issue in the form of a lie, which later goes on to, assume gargantuan proportion. I have this conviction that people will like this film a lot. Apart from this there is also a good story in the film. Dostana is a comedy film, which will feature entertainment at its best. Its a feel good film and just go an enjoy it. The film is not at all serious. I am pretty sure that you will keep laughing throughout the film.

The song picturised on Shilpa Shetty has really caught on.

Shilpa looks beautiful in the film; She has an amazing body and has performed very well in Shut Up and Bounce song. I am really happy that she is a part of the film. When she was shooting for the song in Miami, then I was not there shooting the film. Later on I got to meet her when the whole unit had gone for dinner after the shoot in Miami.

The latest jodi to hit tinsel town is John - Abhishek.

I think no one can match the chemistry of John and Abhishek, which is there in the film. Heroines working with John and Abhishek will have a tough time to match with them on an individual level, as it would be tough for them to match the chemistry level between John and Abhishek. They are like Dharam-Veer and both of them have a cracking chemistry between them in the film.

Does the gay element in the film give any messages?

Dostana is not at all a serious film and is neither an expose on the fact that if you are a gay then what things will transpire in your life. The film is a laugh riot where a small situation later on turns out to be large. The plot actually deals with two boys who are on look out for an accommodation to stay. Then slowly the two boys and myself, become friends and how we come close to each other form a major part of the story. Later on the lie escalates and becomes a major problem between us. The film is a pure entertainment and is not at all derogatory to the gay community or rather its not derogatory to anybody. Its a very light hearted film and I dont think that the film will affect the sensibility of any one. We are not trying to be serious.

Fashion success partyFashion success party

If you were to define the film, what would that be?

I would rather term it as a triangle love story with a twist (smiles).

You are the only female in the whole star cast, I am pretty sure that the whole unit must have pampered you a lot?

Yes, I was the only girl in the whole star cast. There is Bobby, Abhishek, John and then its me. I think any girl will like such attention.

You were shooting for both Dostana and Fashion at the same time, how did you maintain continuity in your physical appearance?

Yes, I was shooting for both Dostana and Fashion at the same time and maintenance job was pretty difficult. For Fashion too I had to work out a lot in the gym. I had put on weight initially for Fashion and then later had to shed them off. After that again I had to tone my body for the shoot of Dostana as most of the people in Miami have this well toned body. I had to train a lot which was pretty difficult and detest doing workouts in gyms.

Judging by the pre release response Dostana has been getting, i am sure you would be super confident about its success.

I am never confident on the contrary I am more on the practical side. When Fashion got released, I had not expected anything and neither I was confident of its success at that time. I leave everything in the hands of destiny. No one gets anything before time and more than whats written in his destiny. If time is on my side, I am sure that Dostana too would be a success.

Mughda has been getting some excellent reviews for Fashion, how do you foresee her future?

If I were a part of Jury members for film award function, I would have surely opted for Mughda Godse as the best debutant this year. She was so natural in the film and she surely deserves one.

Tarun MansukhaniTarun Mansukhani

Tell us a bit about Tarun Mansukhani, the director of Dostana?

Tarun was akin to one-man army for the film. He has written the story, the screenplay and has also directed the film. He never took help from any quarter. I think Karan was there for the shoot of the film only for five or six days. This film is almost like Taruns baby and he is a very intelligent director. It was essential for us to have faith on him as in the beginning itself he had shown to us his talent. He knew exactly as to what he was doing to the film. It becomes very easy for actors to go overboard especially if its a comedy but he kept a tight grasp over all his actors. The credit for the whole film goes to Tarun.

Bobby Deol was supposed to be kept under wraps but now when he too has joined the promotional campaign, dont you think that the mystery has been revealed?

Not necessarily. Bobby is a very important and integral part of this film and plays a cameo in the film. Its a very important role and you will get to know the importance of the role once you see the film.

John Abrahams well-toned body too will pull audience to the theatres.

John has always been known for his excellent body and especially for this film he has toned up a lot. He has really worked hard for the film. All the members from the unit considered him as their idol and whenever he used to hit gym, we all followed him. Whenever we saw John working out in his gym, it actually inspired us. The results are visible in the promos and the posters.

If given an opportunity, would you ever do a lesbian character in a film?

I think I would be quite open to do such a character if it was offered to me. But again everything depends upon the set up of the film, the script and other factors. I will definitely be open to it.

Finally, you too have become bold in terms of your attire?

I dont think its about exposure or anything like that. It really sounds very cheap when one hears that one is exposing in a film or whatever. If you are in Miami will you ever wear trousers or jeans when you are by the beach side? Everything is done as per the scripts requirement.

Thanks a lot.


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