Suchitra Sen - The Ultimate Matinee Queen Of Bengali Film Industry

The ultimate matinee queen of Bengali film industry

Mitul Mukherjee08 May 2008

Suchitra Sen – The ultimate super actress in Bengali film industry, is spending her retired life far from limelight. 30 years have gone away, but still her name is elocuted with a special feeling of love and respect by the commonners. Why is she so special? What is the source of her envious popularity? We will discuss the points later; first we have to look at her early stage of life. 'Sesh Kothai' – The Beginning.

Suchitra Sen - The ultimate super actress in Bengali Film Industry, is spending her retired life far from limelight. 30 years has gone away, but still her name is elocuted with a special feeling of love and respect by common. She is some thing special in peoples heart. Why is she so special? Where is the source of her envious popularity of almost 60 years? We will discuss the points later; first we have to look at her early stage of life. Sesh Kothai - The Beginning.

Suchitra Sen born on 1931. She was married in the age of just 16,in 1947, with Dibanath Sen. After having a baby girl, she came in the film world with a Bengali Cinema called, Sesh Kothai, which is still unreleased since 1952. The luck of her first film might not be good, but her extremely beautiful face made the decision of another director and she became the heroine of Sare Chuattor opposite Uttam Kumar - then another newcomer of the industry. The film became a super hit and gave a birth of a new onscreen pair, which shook the industry for almost 30 years and still believed as the best pair of Bengali Film Industry.

The Mystique Beauty:

Before the arrival in the Bengali Film Industry, the audience saw some classic beautiful like Kanan Debi, but for the first time they saw a mystique beauty in Suchitra Sens appearance, which contradict the traditional beauty. She introduced a new kind of image which blended with sexuality and sensuality without any exposure of the body. The mystique beauty rather screen beauty personality attracted thousands and thousands of youth in the 50s and 60s era. It became a myth, still, she is described as the ultimate beauty queen among all the Bengali girls.

Involvement With Character She Played:

Her excellent acting ability was the Midas touch on the scripts made by contemporary writers. She gave a total new interpretation in the characters played by her. Public accepted her with heart and soul. Comedy films like Sare Chuattor, Ora Thake Odhare, Priyo Bandhabi. Tragic heroine films like Deep Jwele Jai, Saat Pake Bandha, Grihadaha or Devdas (in Hindi opposite Dilip Kumar) made her one of the best actress in India. Her extraordinary performance in Saat Pake Bandha brought her the best actress award from Moscow Film Festival. But above all, still she is remembered as the romantic lady of Bengali youths soul. Suchitra-Uttam pair gave box office super hits one after another by their special chemistry in screen love whichcannot be explained. Agni Pariksha, Shap Mochan, Sabar Upare, Sagarika,Pather Holo Deri, Shaptapadi, Indrani and many more. She introduced the audience with her style of acting which was unknown in contemporary in Bengali Cinema. But in Aandhi (Hindi) she broke her old image and introduced a new Suchitra with the audience in this Gulzar film, where she played the role of a Prime Minister inspired by Indira Gandhi. Film Industry almost domainated by the males lowered its head infront of Suchitra Sen for her excellent talent and working skills.

The Love Songs Of Sweet Voice:

Ask someone to think about Suchitra in a highly memorable momentand 90% of chance he or she will remember of amoment of Suchitras screen appearance with a song, romantic or melody. That must be written by Pulak Banerjee or Gouri Prasanna Majumdar, directed by Hemanta Mukhopadhay and sung by Sandhya Mukherjee. Who will forget Suchitra riding a motorcycle with Uttam Kumar and singing “Ei Path Jadi Na Sesh Hoi”(Saptapadi). The sweet and excellent voice of Geeta Dutta also made an excellent contribution in film like Harano Sur (“Tumi Je Amar”) and raised her image another top level. Bengali young ladies thought the way of carrying themselves in the time of sing a song by the screen image of Suchitra Sen.

The Contemporary Fashion Queen:

Imagine a time without any fashion designer, any ramp queen or super model. In the Bengali fashion industry, there was only Suchitra Sen. Theway she wrapped herself in a chiffon sharee, was followed by the women of thattime. Her hair style which is known as albirt was taken from Hollywood heroines and that style reforms Bengali girls hair. They used to bind a scarf in hair like her bought ear-rings like her, and just imagine the time! The film is still a taboo in middle class society! But Suchitra helped them to break this barricade by her mystique image.

How To Make Romantic Love:

Suchitra-Uttam pair taught the contemporary youths the definition of romantic love. A super lover, seeing to her soul mate with an amorous look -The Bengali girls reformed themselves in context image. Those girls are now middle aged, but time had stopped for them in the question of how to make romantic love.

The Self Exile:

1978, Pranay Pasha against Soumitra Chatterjee - the last film of Suchitra Sen - living legend of Bengali Films and then the self exile from the lime light and the common people. 30 years has gone, myths and tales are gathered enough to make her a mystique lady. People wants to know that is she still beautiful or not, how she spends her days or what she talks with her two grand daughters - now busy actresses Raima and Riya, and so on. People may feel sorry for decision, but without any question of doubt she is the wisest heroine of alltime!

And of course after so many discussion and analysis, you may ask anyone why Suchitra Sen is so different - he or she will answer - just because she is SUCHITRA SEN.

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