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A Wednesday  (2008 - Hindi)

A Wednesday cumulative rating: 4.3 out of 54.3/5 (97 users)

A Wednesday critics rating: 3.65 out of 5 3.65/5 (7 critics)

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A man with a slight hunch, frizzy hair and a vegetable shopping bag is nagged by his wife, “Don’t forget the tomatoes.” The man grunts, plants a bomb in a police office, walks coolly to the empty terrace of a building under constructionmore

It's difficult to explain just how good A Wednesday is without giving away too much about the film. Because believe me, it's a film best seen without any impressions. It's a film whose charm lies in its unravelingmore

Now this is a complete surprise. And an extremely pleasant surprise, must add. Newer stories are slowly finding their way into plexes of India. Two Fridays ago, PHOONK spoke about the power of Black Magic and last Fridaymore

They did it to him first on a Friday. And then repeated it all over again on a Tuesday. He got back to them on a Wednesday. Neeraj Pandey’s directorial debut A Wednesday is that terrific one-line idea that a first-time film-maker gets totally obsessedmore

BOLLYWOOD'S already proved itself in the brawn department, having won itself umpteen brawny points for its high testosterone action dramas. Now, it seems hell-bent on showing off brains too, with slick, thought-provoking movies pouring outmore

Neeraj Pandey, writer and director of A Wednesday, makes a respectable and fine debut. Though this film is also about terrorism and its impact, it turns the subject on its head by examining it from the point of view of the innocent victimsmore

We've had two fairly high profile movies released in the past few months that have dealt with the subject of 'terrorism in the big city'. One (Mumbai Meri Jaan) was based around a real event; the other (Aamir) supposedly sprang frommore