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A Wednesday critic rating (Hindustan Times): 4
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A Wednesday critic rating ( 4
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A Wednesday critic rating (The Telegraph): 2.5
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A Wednesday critic rating (Times of India): 4

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A Wednesday  (2008 - Hindi)

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A Wednesday cumulative rating: 4.3 out of 54.3/5 (97 users)

A Wednesday critics rating: 3.65 out of 5 3.65/5 (7 critics)

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  • Divya Solgama

    A Wednesday rating: 8 out of 10

    By Divya Solgama(05 Sep 2008)

    “A Different Experience”

    If a Hindi Movie has a theme related with Blast, Jihad, Terrorism, Cop-Criminal Cat and mouse chase, etc we feel we have seen almost everything related to this topics, Think Twice as this movie will change your perspective. “A Wednesday” has an unusual theme yet something we all can relate to, feel through.

    “A Wednesday” reveals an incident happened in Commissioner Prakash Rathod’s [Anupam Kher]career. On a Wednesday he receives a call from an unknown caller [Naseerudin Shah], who has planted bombs in various part of Mumbai city. ... » read more

  • Brototi Das Gupta

    A Wednesday rating: 8 out of 10

    By Brototi Das Gupta(05 Sep 2008)

    A movie with a difference... No terrifying terror shocks or nerve-splitting violence to add to the anxieties of an already panic-stricken Indian populace, but a realisation of the potential of the common man. Violence need not necessarily beget violence, that's the lesson learnt.
    What is most remarkable about the film is the subtle yet penetrating way in which the messages have been conveyed. No tears, no shudders, no flinches. Only the power of the self and stirring words that can convey a powerful message.
    Acting, direction, plot are all par excellence. One ... » read more

  • Archisman Munshi

    A Wednesday rating: 9 out of 10

    By Archisman Munshi(06 Sep 2008)

    "A Wednesday" tries to show the power of 'stupid common man' against terrorism. The theme was wonderful but initially I thought it is unrealistic. If a person knows how to make a RDX bomb and set it off remotely through a phone call can not be called a 'common man'. But if you google on how to make a bomb you will get hundreds of sites with detailed information. You can even learn how to make a time bomb or a grenade or how to set off a bomb remotely from internet !
    Naseeruddin Shah was as usual excellent. Anupam Kher also played his role wonderfully. The dialogue ... » read more

  • Prasun Ray

    A Wednesday rating: 10 out of 10

    By Prasun Ray(10 Sep 2008)

    A nice movie indeed. Apparently I felt it unrealistic for a common man to take a such a step, but soon again I realised this very thought per se is the thought of a common man in itself. As Naseeruddin rightly said ' aam aadmi ti tarah jio.....'
    In a real real world it might not be possible, but who cares. Atleast this teaches us 'aam aadmi ki tarah kam se kam maat socho'.
    'A stupid common man' might not be able to make bomb but might be able to fight back terrorism in uncommon way......I don't know how because at the end of the day I am also a 'common man'......
    Go ... » read more

  • Shafali

    A Wednesday rating: 9 out of 10

    By Shafali (11 Sep 2008)

    Watched 'A Wednesday' on A Wednesday - no particular reason to choose that day (just like there isn't in the movie)

    'A Wednesday' has everything - a strong story with a gripping plot, a well packaged execution, brilliant performances, humor (satirical). It is the story of a not-so-ordinary 'common' man - who decides to take action himself, after waiting for 10 years for the system to do its job.

    The satire is brilliant - there are moments when you laugh, and just when you finish, you realize the depth and intended sarcasm of the situation. I liked the ... » read more

  • Gautam

    A Wednesday rating: 9 out of 10

    By Gautam (16 Sep 2008)

    A Wednesday…the title is not the only uncommon thing bout the movie. Along with the title, the movie itself is vry different

    While watching the promos of the movie a few weeks bak on television, I wasn’t overtly enthusiastic bout it bcos I thot of it as ‘just another terrorism’ oriented movie, one among the many which release every few weeks. The only reason I had for watching the movie was to see Anupam Kher & Naseeruddin Shah perform together… The movie does not have a hero & a heroine in the conventional Bollywood sense, all it has a cast, and a brilliant casting ... » read more

  • Neha Bhatia

    A Wednesday rating: 8 out of 10

    By Neha Bhatia(17 Sep 2008)

    ‘A Wednesday’ is the story of a common man who tries to fight for his commonality in a not so common way. Terrorism has had its way always – leaving a constant fear in the minds of many people – as they walk through the paths of their lives. And now its time for the common man to have his way – to answer back terrorism!!! And if you have actors like Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah in the lead for an interesting plot like this, half the job is done.

    Naseeruddin Shah depicts very well the role of the ‘common man’ while Anupam Kher carries off the role of an authoritative ... » read more

  • Paromeeta Mathur Banerjee

    A Wednesday rating: 8 out of 10

    By Paromeeta Mathur Banerjee(17 Sep 2008)

    Terse script, tight editing and keen performances keep the eyes rivetted throu the movie. A treat to watch Naseer and Anupam act.

    A good watch. » read more

  • Runia Sen

    A Wednesday rating: 8 out of 10

    By Runia Sen(19 Sep 2008)

    very crisp and focussed............anupam and naseer are so natural, you dont feel they are acting...........very powerful script, keeps you on the edge..........jimmy shergill looked good too..........a must watch........loved the ending!! agree with Paromeeta, it was a treat to watch them together. » read more

  • Rajarshi Majumdar

    A Wednesday rating: 10 out of 10

    By Rajarshi Majumdar(20 Sep 2008)

    By far the best film of 2008. A brilliant example of how a good script can be the backbone of a film. Terrific performances from all, crisp editing, in all 90 mins of sheer magic! Not to be missed! » read more

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