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Aamar Bhuban  (2002 - Bengali)

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Aamar Bhuban story, synopsis, plot

    Divya Solgama

    By Divya Solgama(22 May 2008)

    Set in a little village called Nasibpur, this film begins with Nur Ali, a carpenter just back from Arabia riding his new motor bike in the village streets. The narrator tells us the story of Nur's struggle and success. Nur was a poor carpenter and lived with his second wife Kamala in his old hut. But after a few years of struggle in Arabia, his life underwent a change. He earned a lot of money and after his return he used the money for business purposes. He was now the richest man in his village. He renovated his old hut into a two storied building. Years ago, Nur was married to Sakina, a simple village girl. But later they were divorced and Nur married Kamala. Sakina was married to Nur's cousin Meher, a peasant in a neighbouring village. Sakina became a mother of three children. At the time of their divorce, Nur and Sakina negotiated every thing except their personal properties in the 'Talaqnama' (divorce paper), but a gold nose-ring which Nur had given to her remained in Sakina's custody. Nur never claimed it from her and it was a precious possession for Sakina as it brought back sweet memories of her ex-husband. She kept it secretly in her trunk to occasionally cherish the old memories. Meher on the other hand, worked hard but was trapped by Rahmat Chacha. Sakina hated this money lender. On one particular year Meher had taken money for a ploughing machine. Once Nur after his return decided to visit his cousin Meher's place. But when he reached there he was not there. Sakina was left staring at the rich man who used to be her husband. Nur also hesitated and decided to leave the place promising to come again. Sakina again started building castles in the air, dreaming about her old husband who was very poor at the time of their marriage. Nur was concerned about the condition of his brother. So when he decided to dig a pond he gave the job to Meher who accepted it. Sakina felt lonely in the house and so she demanded a radio from her husband. Meher went to buy a radio in the shop but there he saw Rahmat sitting. He escaped from there and told his wife about his plan to go to Arabia and earn money like Nur. Sakina knew her husband and so she resisted. This was not a safe time for the world. On the one hand there was the 9/11 terror and on the other hand the US president's 'battle' against terrorism and all the Muslim countries. But in the little villages of West Bengal people were not bothered about such things. Nur was busy arranging a 'Dawat' in his new renovated house. He invited his friends and relatives. Sakina gave her husband the nose-ring and Meher brought that to Nur as a security deposit for the money he needed to recover the loan from Rahmat. Nur recognised the ring, kept it with himself and gave one thousand rupees. Meher bought a new radio set and clothes for his wife and children. But later when Nur decided to return the ring to Sakina, the complexities began. Sakina revealed the secret of the ring which was once gifted by Nur and never claimed in the Talaqnama. She ordered her husband to give it back immediately to its original owner. When Nur arrived to invite them for the dawat he took Saju the second son of Meher and Sakina home. Saju was very impressed by Nur Chacha's new motor bike. His Chacha and Chachi doted on him. Meher and Sakina decided to go later. Little Saju waited throughout the day for his parents' arrival. Nur and Kamala were busy in the reception. When Meher and Sakina reached the house all the guests were gone. Sakina saw Nur's wife Kamala for the first time and she saw the bond between them. Her dreams to get back Nur's love again remained unfulfilled. Saju stayed like a bridge of trust between the two families.