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Aashayein review by Hindustan Times
Aashayein critic rating (Hindustan Times): 1.5
Aashayein review by
Aashayein critic rating ( 1.5
Aashayein review by
Aashayein critic rating ( 1.5
Aashayein review by Times of India
Aashayein critic rating (Times of India): 3
Aashayein review by DNA India
Aashayein critic rating (DNA India): 1

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Aashayein  (2010 - Hindi)

Aashayein movie review, and Aashayein critics rating, comments on Aashayein

Aashayein cumulative rating: 2.75 out of 52.75/5 (44 users)

Aashayein critics rating: 2.1 out of 5 2.1/5 (9 critics)

My Rating

  • I “Hope” this film gets recognition!

    Aashayein rating: 7 out of 10(Aakash Barvalia wrote on 01 Sep 2010)

    Nagesh Kukunoor is indeed a very meaningful director, which he always makes movie which has something or other meaning in it. And this I am only talking about to which he has himself written and directed the movie. Though this film was delayed for some reason, but I am glad that it has been released finally but would be glad even more that this film would get some recognition by the audiences.


    It’s a straight and simple story; John wins some about 3crores while gambling in cricket match, and soon he throws a party in his house. He was very happy as he was having love of his life with him (Sonal Sehgal), lots of money, and unlimited dreams to fulfill it. But on the very next day he got knew that he has lung cancer. Soon after realizing this he left everything, also the love of his life, took some money with him, and moved on to one unknown journey. A place, a trust organization, where people spend their life, spend their last counting days. From here the actual story begins. After few days spending there, after meeting people around there, he realized his main mission, his ultimate dream. And now he and her friend, Anaitha Nair, who is also suffering from cancer, started to help each and everybody there to fulfill their dreams.

    Plus Points:

    1. Brilliant and very Meaningful Direction.

    2. Performances by John and especially the star of the show, Anaitha Nair.

    3. Inspiring message at the end, which I think everybody, should get aware.

    Minus Points:

    1. Little bit of loose screenplay.

    My Comment on these points:

    Plus Points –

    1. Nagesh Kukunoor has already proved himself in his previous films that he is a brilliant director, and again he has showed us something very momentous directorship here. Each and scene, not only scene, each and every shot being directed by him was having something or the other sense inside it (Except the sensuous scene between John and Sonal). Plus the characterization given to all of them were good, and the plus point of this is that all the characters have performed their part very well. Because of this the movie was looking even more lively. Also the story presentation explained by Govinda in the film was very beautifully done. This is the best part of mine in this film.

    2. In “New York” has given a very good performance, and here he has proven us again that he has got something inside him which can be called as talent. But as I said earlier, the star of the show was Anaitha Nair. She has delivered extremely energetic performance and she has played her part of role very, indeed very convincingly. But this is only be noticed by the fewer people, rest will praise only John.

    3. At the end the message which Nagesh has tried to convey his audiences, was really something touchy and need to be understood by the entire masses. It has many hidden messages, everyone will get their own in what perspective they are watching, but I would like to share it one here. That life is anyhow going to be end one day or the other, lucky people gets to know earlier and they start doing good things, unlucky ones remains unaware and realize this at their death bed. The point is, why not to start doing things right from now, if you will fulfill others dreams, your dream will be automatically fulfilled by god.

    Minus Points:

    There’s been little bit of loose screenplay written by Nagesh here, result this film is not for the overall masses. Few people will like it; the others will find it Ok. The first half was little bit of stretchy, where the overall realization to John about his disease is pretty much prolonged. Result the public will find it bore. The main film starts in the second half where John starts his living in that trust organization. This is where the movie gets interesting, lively and inspiring.

    Final Verdict:
    I “Hope” this film gets recognition, as it teaches you to never get hopeless till the end of your life, as where there is ‘hope’ there is a ‘rope’ to climb any situation which comes in our life.

    3.75 / 5

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