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Agent Vinod critic rating (Hindustan Times): 2
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Agent Vinod critic rating ( 2
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Agent Vinod critic rating (Times of India): 2.5
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Agent Vinod critic rating ( 2.5

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Agent Vinod  (2012 - Hindi)

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Agent Vinod cumulative rating: 2.3 out of 52.3/5 (244 users)

Agent Vinod critics rating: 2.75 out of 5 2.75/5 (15 critics)

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  • Da Vinod Code

    Agent Vinod rating: 6 out of 10(Pritam Roy wrote on 26 Mar 2012)

    It has been written and contested, whether Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene or not. Dan Brown even wrote a bestseller book on this subject and a hit movie was made based on that book. It's a controversial topic, which I would rather avoid, also for the lack of knowledge. But, what is known to me is that Saif and Kareena are going to get married. Both have been giving statements in the media, which hint at this event, happening sooner than later. Some reports even suggesting, that they have already been secretly married. In the meanwhile, I chanced upon this movie Da Vinod Code, which got me thinking...

    It's said, that Kareena Kapoor from the Royalty of Bollywood, wanted a formal proposal from Chhote Nawab of Pataudi, Saif Ali Khan and she put a condition, that it has to be in a grand manner. So, he started thinking about a good place to formally propose to Kareena. He wondered while talking to a friend, whether it should be a '5 Star Hotel, over dinner' or 'on a boat, under the Full Moon', or, 'in a hot air balloon, over the mountains'.

    Later, he even thought about repainting his wall. Tch Tch. All of these sounded too common-man-ly. So, Saif finally asked himself, 'Have I made it large?' And to answer this question, he embarked upon making a movie to prove to his to-be-Begum, that he knows how to propose in a grand manner. But, he realized, that it has to be in the form of a code, so that, people don't understand all the money has been spent to just cater to the whims of Chhote Nawab. So, he wanted to make Da Vinod Code. But, later fearing backlash from the Producers of a Hollywood movie with a similar name, he renamed it as Agent Vinod.

    In one of the scenes in Da Vinod Code, which tend to capture one of the few intimate moments between Saif and Kareena (don't get me wrong...nothing really happened), Kareena says, that all she wants is to be a normal woman who will get married to a person of her dreams, who will give her a good life. And then, Saif says, that when he was young, he wanted to get married 5 times and have children from all his wives. How uncool! Well, you get the clue...he has already married once and has two children from his marriage with his first wife, Amrita Singh. And now, he is ready for his second. So, he drops a hint.

    A few scenes later, when Saif and Kareena, come down dangling from a rope / chord and sort of tumble into a room and straight on to a bed (yes, this is the closest they get), Saif has a small window of opportunity to tuck in the proposal amid the mayhem. Yes, listen carefully, he proposes to Kareena and asks her, 'Will you marry me?' Yippee! I've cracked the code. Everything else has been carefully grafted and a story was written, around this scene, to make it appear like a spy movie, whereas the code lies hidden within the movie, so that many years later, Saif can tell his grandchildren, that for them to know, how he had proposed to his wife, their grandmother, they need to watch this movie.

    And, whether Jesus married Mary Magdalene or not, may be never known for sure. But, we will all come to know, if Saif marries Kareena. And we now definitely know, how Saif proposed to her. It all happens in Da Vinod Code a.k.a. Agent Vinod.

    Don't get me wrong. I liked Agent Vinod, I liked the travel across borders from Aghanistan to Russia to Morocco, back to New Delhi via Karachi and all the places, in between. Loved the action sequence, the car chases, the girls...all very similar to movies made on a foreign spy, you say? But, why do you have to compare this with a foreign spy, err...Bond movie? Have we not seen all of them in many Indian movies, already in generous doses? Don't worry, if a few scenes in the movie bother you (and I promise you, they will) or, the ending looks too convoluted and cliched and the characters conveniently appear, whenever required and disappear before you can say abracadabra. Never mind the poor Special Effects in the helicopter scene, which after RA.One even looks ordinary by Indian standards. Also, completely ignore the attempted melodrama and personal moments shared on screen between Saif and Kareena. But, mind it, this is no poor man's Bond movie. This has a party song and a mujra, too. Anyways, who said, all Bond movies are great movies? Agent Vinod is meant to entertain. Enjoy the movie!

    P.S. Illuminati is the name of the secret society mentioned in Dan Brown's book, Angels and Demons, which came after Da Vin** Code. And what's the name of Saif Ali Khan's production house? Illuminati Films. Need I say more? Shhh...don't tell anyone! :)

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