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Agent Vinod  (2012 - Hindi)

story of Agent Vinod, Agent Vinod plot

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Agent Vinod story, synopsis, plot

Plot Summary: An agent named Vinod (Saif) is on a mission and is sent to Moscow to discover why his colleague was murdered. He has an unconventional approach which sometimes leads him into trouble but he manages to get crucial leads. He meets Dr Ruby (Kareena) during his mission.

    Rishabh Baid

    By Rishabh Baid(17 Apr 2012)

    In the Dasht-E-Margoh desert in remote Afghanistan , inside a Taliban camp, an ISI official, Col. Huzefa ( Shahbaz Khan), is interrogating a captured man (Saif Ali Khan ) suspected to be a Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), agent. The man offers up
    details about RAW's
    operations in Afghanistan in
    exchange for money and
    safe passage across the
    border. He betrays his colleague, Major Rajan ( Ravi Kissen), who has also infiltrated the camp. This is
    only a ruse, as both
    overpower their captors and
    fight their way out of the
    camp. Along the way, they
    rescue a girl called Farah (Maryam Zakaria ). The man is actually a RAW agent and his
    nom-de-guerre is Agent
    Vinod. In New Delhi , Agent Vinod enters RAW headquarters to
    meet his boss Hassan Nawaz
    (B. P. Singh). Nawaz shows him Major Rajan's final
    message from Russia. Just as
    he completes his message,
    Rajan is killed by a man who
    has a scorpion tattoo on his forearm. Nawaz asks Vinod
    to find out what '242'
    actually is. Vinod travels to Moscow, and enters a nightclub owned by Abu
    Nazer. He manages to capture
    and interrogate Nazer, who
    tells him a man called Freddie
    Khambatta is to smuggle the
    million to Morocco. Vinod is almost captured by Nazer's
    men, but manages to escape,
    killing Nazer in the process. Vinod boards a flight to
    Marakkesh, Morocco. Freddie
    Khambatta turns out to be
    the flight steward. Vinod
    picks him up from the
    airport, only to assume his place. As Freddie, Vinod
    meets local mafia boss David Kazan (Prem Chopra). Kazan is accompanied by his
    personal Pakistani doctor, Ruby Mendes ( Kareena Kapoor). Kazan suspects Vinod, and gets Ruby to
    administer him a truth serum. Vinod blurts out that he is a RAW agent and killed
    Abu Nazer. Kazan confronts
    Vinod when he regains
    consciousness, but Vinod
    manages to convince him he
    is Freddie Khambatta, and explains he had to kill Abu
    Nazer to protect the mission.
    He manages to clone Kazan's
    phone and finds out that a
    MI6 agent is reaching
    Morocco the next day. In the meantime, Vinod gets
    closer to Ruby, and tries to
    find out what '242' is. Ruby
    is actually Iram, a British-
    Pakistani who is working
    undercover for the ISI. Vinod goes to meet the MI6
    agent and finds him
    murdered in his room with
    strong pointers that the
    murder was committed by
    Ruby. He gets an invitation card from the murdered
    agent's room for a private
    auction. He learns that many
    international terrorist groups
    are converging on an
    antiques auction in Marakkesh to purchase '242'.
    Vinod brings Ruby to the
    auction, where Kazan is also
    present along with
    Jagadishwar Metla
    (Dhritiman Chatterji). Vinod spots an LTTE agent he had
    encountered previously, and
    from him, learns that '242' is
    actually the detonator for
    the nuclear device, disguised
    as an antique volume of Omar Khayyam 's 'Rubaiyyat'. A bidding war
    ensues, and Kazan manages
    to secure the detonator. In Chaman, Baluchistan, the
    head of the ISI is murdered
    by Col. Huzefa, who is
    actually part of a group of
    rogue ISI colonels who are
    planning an attack on India. In Morocco, Kazan locks the
    detonator with a password,
    and hands it over to Colonel
    (Adil Hussain), who has
    arrived in Morocco. Ruby/ Iram stumbles into the real
    Freddie Khambatta, and finds
    out Vinod is a RAW agent.
    Managing to escape from
    men trying to kill them,
    both agree to work together to prevent the nuclear device
    from falling into the wrong
    hands. Ruby returns to
    Kazan's estate only to find
    out that the estate has been
    ransacked and Kazan has been shot dead by 'Colonel'.
    'Colonel' captures Ruby and
    asks her to reveal the
    whereabouts of Agent
    Vinod. He plants a sniper
    next to the hotel where Agent Vinod is to
    rendezvous with Ruby. The
    sniper takes a shot at him
    but Vinod manages to escape
    and is admitted to a hospital.
    The assasin reaches the hospital in the guise of a
    doctor and tries to
    administer a venom injection
    to Vinod. Vinod spots the
    scorpion tattoo on the
    doctor's forearm and overpowers him, killing him.
    He then clears his way out of
    the hospital to find Iram. 'Colonel' who is now in
    possession of the detonator,
    has reached Latvia to acquire the bomb. He enlists Iram to
    seduce an airport security
    employee to get his ID card
    so that the nuclear bomb can
    be transported out of Latvia.
    Iram succeeds in doing so, and 'Colonel' provides the ID
    card to his man, who is to
    transport the bomb out of
    Latvia. Colonel also sets up a
    rigged bomb so that both
    the airport employee and Iram die in the blast. Vinod
    arrives and as he
    interrogates Iram, the blast
    occurs, giving Iram the
    realization that she was
    being set up to be killed by the Colonel. Vinod and Iram join hands
    and try to capture the
    Colonel and the bomb. Iram
    tells Vinod that the Colonel
    has called for a meeting at
    Karachi with fugitive don Pasha who can also be in the
    plot. The Colonel gets the
    Rubaiyat and tells his men to
    kill Vinod and Iram.
    However, Vinod manages to
    kill them all. Iram and Vinod reach Karachi, where they meet the rescued girl Farah,
    who is a dancer. With her
    help, they enter the wedding
    attended by an Indian mafia
    don (Gulshan Grover ). There, they learn that Col. Huzefa
    and the don have agreed to
    smuggle the nuclear device
    from Karachi into India via
    the sea route. However, they
    are captured by Col. Huzefa, from whom they learn the
    target of the bomb is New Delhi. They manage to escape, and make it to New
    Delhi, where they try to find
    the location of the bomb.
    They find that the Colonel is
    staying with an ISI/Lashkar
    agent, who is an old professor. Iram finds the
    professor's map, which is of
    the bus route that Jimmy is
    taking with the armed
    bomb. Iram hurriess to the
    exhibition where Colonel is
    hiding as a pilot in disguise.
    Iram runs into 'Colonel', and
    is shot, but points him out to
    Indian security forces, who kill him. Eventually, Vinod
    tracks down the bomb and
    takes the bomb up in a
    helicopter to detonate it as
    far away from the city as
    possible. The dying Iram, who realizes that David
    Kazan had set the password
    to the detonator, asks Vinod
    to try the name of Kazan's
    camel. The bomb is defused,
    Iram apparently dies of gunshot wounds. Later
    Vinod sees a recording,
    showing Metla planning the
    attack. Vinod accuses Metla
    and the Zeus group for
    murdering millions for making money at the global
    stock exchanges. Metla
    mocks Vinod

    Pritam Roy

    By Pritam Roy(11 Mar 2012)

    The story begins with a series of seemingly unconnected events. All over the Globe.
    In Uzbekistan, Anex KGB Officer is tortured and murdered.

    In Cape Town, A Group of International» read more

    prachi baid

    By prachi baid(13 Jul 2009)

    Bollywood’s most lovey-dovey couple will romance together in forthcoming movie ‘Agent Vinod’. The movie is going to be produced by Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor will be his leading» read more

    mamta kumari

    By mamta kumari(08 Jul 2012)

    in agent vinod saif ali khan is just looking awesome for his perfection make him perfect agent.the movie is all about action,spy,romantic,cleverness and most of all he's an agent,dat's it» read more