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Aladin  (2009 - Hindi)

Aladin movie review, and Aladin critics rating, comments on Aladin

Aladin cumulative rating: 2.25 out of 52.25/5 (70 users)

Aladin critics rating: 1.8 out of 5 1.8/5 (11 critics)

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  • Bura din

    Aladin rating: 3 out of 10(Pritam Roy wrote on 30 Oct 2009)

    If I meet Genie or some genius, I want to ask for three wishes in Khwaishtan

    1. Please stop Khwaishful directors from making fantasy films as a genre
    2. Please stop Khwaishful directors from making films with just an inspired idea!
    3. Please stop Khwaishful directors from attempting to copy Hollywood in lifting characters or special effects!

    Unfortunately, I have got no genie to rub the wrong or right way, oh sorry not the genie, the lamp, stupid!

    Forgive me, after watching the movie, I was convinced, you'll laugh at this joke. You don't believe me? Watch the movie...this dialogue has been repeated so many times. Someone must have been convinced, this is a funny dialogue!

    Well, Aladin starts on an epic scale like Ramayana and Mahabharata did on television. But, starts faltering after the initial few moments. How many times, have we seen...the same old thing.

    In this Khwaisworld, lives Mr & Mrs. Chatterjee who named their son Buradin, oops! Aladin. And as you can guess, if Aladin is the name, can Bura din be far behind? But, the couple had no role in the movie, so they were bumped off without much explanation and suddenly, Aladin was all alone, yes all ALONE! Now, in the hurry to make Aladin grow up, there was no time to show, how his poor grandfather passed away. A great actor like Victor Banerjee also has to see Bura din, to make such guest appearances.

    So, A for Alone in Khwaishdom, our protagonist is bullied in class because of his name, which his parents left as a legacy. He has to rub the genie everytime, sorry...the lamp...the genie is yet to appear in the scene. So the joke can come later! And he has no choice, as the other children have nothing else to do, but repeat the same prank on him. Story continues...

    There is this scene, which is like a template in Khwaishwood, the young hero is running, and the whole world is after him....young hero is running, and the whole world is after him, you hero is still running...and...he is not young any more. He is now grown up! But, he is still A for Alone in Khwaish Pradesh.

    Now, enter the new pretty face, Jasmine and Aladin thinks, "she is jus'mine", almost like...he never had seen a girl before. Now, before you know, it's Aladin's birthday. I have noticed, how conveniently in most movies, a birthday of the hero or heroine or their parents, always's convenient to have a song and dance, right? But, head bully, Kkwashim also wants the pretty flower. So, Jasmine has to buy a gift for Aladin...and no prize for guessing, he gets the lamp from a quaint little Ancient thing store run by a person from Khwaing Kong. Now, genie comes out and takes over. He just can't stop talking! He has been kept in the dark for too long. He is super excited to make friendship...but only with Aladin. Now, to show, that he is from Gen Next, he has to say words like yo! very loudly. If he had time, he would have started writing a blog too...may be on

    But, he is also a man in hurry. He has got his retirement coming up and contract is very clear. To deliver, before you leave Genie Inc. Someone should tell him to take himself seriously! Aladin has to ask for 3 wishes. Now, Aladin doesn't want anything...he is devoid of any creativity. So, after lot of prodding and a song & dance, he asks for the obvious, the love of Jasmine, which he gets instantly. In an attempt to tickle your funny bones, Jasmine does the adarsh Bharatiya naari act and Aladin freaks out with her friendly attitude. He wants things to go back to normal. There goes your second wish. Now, what will he ask for next? Obviously, not all the wealth in this world, which can get him many or any Jasmines. He wants her back without any help...then, how does it become a wish or job for a Genius? But, hoe does it matter? Genius is a consultant, who wants to guide and mentor Aladin to success.

    Now, before I forget, there is a Munna Bhai trapped in Khalnayak. He has a role, the Ringmaster. He has a team of performers, who are picked from different movies. There is this flame thrower with a mask and other inconsequential characters to prop up the team. I liked the flamethrower. But, they show her body, but don't show her face! :-(

    Now, Ringmaster wants the lamp, too and the genie and the comet. What, there is a comet, too? Yeah, yeah...they showed on Kwaishdarshan, there is a comet coming their way....which is one in a million year event, unlike bura din, which strikes us much more often. So, this comet thingie can be caught on the mirror...yes, yes, I mean the shadow of the comet. Remember, it's a fantasy for kids. Anything can happen...again, there is a ball...where there is a dance. But, now...its the climax, poor animation must be shown...the roof of the Palace, sorry, the Museum, no no...the memorial hall in Khwaish University gives in. Everyone gives their final performance. There is some free for all fight scenes and in the end, Khwaish accomplished! Khwaishland is saved.

    In between, there is some drama and melodrama, too. You also come to know, that A on the T-shirt, is not for Ala Din. A is for alone, stupid! Remember, I told you earlier! But, don't forget B is for Bura Din and C is for Chiragh Din! ;-)

    Ratna Pathak Shah and Mita Vashist are wasted in their roles. Saahil Khan has only one expression.

    Am one was laughing in the theater. Is it an empty theater? No, there are many kids sitting there. What's wrong with them? Why are they not laughing? Bahut Bura din aa gaya. It's worse than the economic recession, it's intellectual recession, when the mind stops growing and it starts slowing down and there is negative growth. Don't say, you weren't warned. Our collective IQ is going down. But, all OK in Khwaishanchal.

    Coming soon, isse bhi bura din!

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