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Ami Sei Meye  (1998 - Bengali)

story of Ami Sei Meye, Ami Sei Meye plot

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Ami Sei Meye story, synopsis, plot

    Divya Solgama

    By Divya Solgama(22 May 2008)

    Mr A R Choudhury a millionare wills his entire property to his only son Sagar(Alamgeer). Sagar a very young leader is in the Madhupur Peasants' Conference. Raja, Sagar's cousin tries very hard to get his uncle's property but cannot make it. He decides to kill Sagar. His father sends contract killers to Sagar's conference. Sagar is shot but luckily Aveek saves him. He is injured and taken to Bristhi's house. Bristhi nurses and cures him. They fall in love. Bristhi's father a peasent worker is then shot dead. Before his death, he requests Sagar to save his daughter and go back to Kolkata. Sagar comes to know that his father is no more. Raja convinces him that it is a heart attack. Bristhi and Sagar live together and she becomes pregnant. Sagar has to leave Kolkata for a few days. He requests Raja to take care of his fiancee. Raja plays his game and sends her to Anoar Ljjat Ali's house. Anoar Ali confines her in a small dark room and tries to molest and torture her. Bristhi all alone in this unknown city cries and prays to him. A young boy Saleem kills his father and rescues her Ranima. Bristhi asks the boy to run away and takes all the allegations of murder on herself. She is imprisoned. In the meanwhile, Sagar returns and resorts to alcohol. Raja gives a contract to Sumita to make Sagar forget about Bristhi. Sumita succeeds in seducing him. Sagar decides to marry her to keep his political image clear. On the other side, Aveek meets Bristhi in the prision. Bristhi gives birth to her daughter. She gives her daughter to Aveek who names her Arpita. Aveek promises Bristhi that he will never tell anything to her about her mother. 12 years later Arpita grows up and becomes famous in her campus. She meets Akash who is a student and artist. They fall in love. Col. Akash's father meets his girlfriend and is quiet impressed. Arpita shows her mother's photograph and tells him about his estranged mother. Akash makes a portrait of Bristhi and displays it in his exhibition. Incidentally, Sagar Choudhury now a minister inagaurates this exhibition and is shocked by the portrait. He calls Akash and asks him how he has got this picture. Every thing seems to be a mystery to them. So Akash and Bristhi decide to solve the problem. Bristhi learns from her father that Bristhi is still alive in jail. Arpita meets her mother. Now Arpita's journey begins - she meets Sagar, gives her identity, gives him 22 days to give her mother a social recognition as Sagar Choudhury's wife. Neela helps Arpita in her battle. Arpita threatens her father with his political image. Sunita meets Bristhi and offers her a blank cheque but Brishti refuses to take the money. Akash's father arranges everything for their marriage. In the meanwhile, Sagar is invited to Madhupur for an international award for his life-time contribution towards the upliftment of women and their rights. Sagar goes there and starts his lecture. Madhupur was the first place where his political career started. Arpita and Akash are present in the audience. Arpita comes out, shouts to the people that he is the person who has destroyed his mother's life. Dramatically Raja and his entire gang enter the conference with weapons. They shoot at Sagar and his entire team. The audience flees. Sagar is saved again by Bidisha. Aveek and Sagar fight with the gang. Raja falls down and the rest of them run away. Raja at the last moment takes the revolver and aims it at Sagar, but Bristhi comes in front of him and takes the bullet in her heart and saves her husband. Sagar takes her body in her hand and gives her the status of his wife before her death. Arpita, Sumita, Aveek, Akash, Neela Badsha break into tears.