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Antim Shwash Sundar  (2010 - Bengali)

Antim Shwash Sundar movie review, and Antim Shwash Sundar critics rating, comments on Antim Shwash Sundar

Antim Shwash Sundar cumulative rating: 2.4 out of 52.4/5 (5 users)

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  • A Big Negative....

    Antim Shwash Sundar rating: 4 out of 10(Aditya Chakrabarty wrote on 21 Aug 2010)

    ‘Antim Swash Sundar’ or The Last Breath Beautiful is a film directed by Kris Alin who is directing his first film as well as producing it. He has taken up his peculiar name because though he is a Hindu, he does not want people to know his real name right now. This film is about morals, principles, virtues and righteousness or simply about what life is all about. It is but natural that film is philosophical in nature which has certain inner meanings if one is able to comprehend the purpose of this film.

    The protagonist is Prem who lives with his wife Vibha and his child. He has a good job and he is happy with it nut his wife has very ambitions and likes the luxuries and riches of life.Prem has certain principle and morals in life and he will not let anything get in it’s way to just to achieve success in life. One day he has a problem with his boss on certain matters and he resigns from his job. He has a row with his wife over the matter. He goes off to the beach to find some peace. He comes across Mr. Patel, a man who dies after being drowned. He steals a credit card and a pendant from Patel’s pocket which unknown to him is magical and can turn anything into riches or gold. That’s exactly what happens after Prem gets it because in no time he becomes a big industrialist thanks to shrewd manipulative moves by him by setting his boss Mr. Sarda as well as certain other businessman against one another. He becomes very busy and has no time for anyone.Meanwhile his wife is drawn into the shady world of lust, power, money, deceit and greed by Mrs. Rao, the wife of a client of Prem where Vibha gets drawn into the big bad murky world. The pendant seems to have disastrous consequences as Prem realizes that his wife is sleeping with strippers and even with his business rival Mr.Mehra.Also one day his daughter is kidnapped by his old boss Mr. Sarda and she is brutally raped. That seems to totally shatter him and he decides to give everything up. He is even more frustrated with life when he meets Mrs. Patel who tells him that the pendant ha brought them bad luck and Mr. Patel had expired within two years of getting that pendant. They were not rich before getting that pendant and a particular old mad man who had given them that pendant had already warned them of the consequences before giving that pendant. They had taken the pendant because they were ready to face the consequences.Prem realizes that maybe even he has 7 more days to live as it will be two years soon and so he decides to return the pendant to the old man, give up all riches in life and goes away towards the sea to seek solitude and peace.

    The films tells us about life where it shows us if one’s achievement is measured by the amount of prosperity one achieves or riches and luxuries that one can derive or is achieving or having something small called peace which even if people long for do not have in their life. These are issues which definitely exist in our society in a big way. Is Getting those material benefits worth the tremendous cost at which it came shattering the lives of the Sengupta family completely especially Prem who becomes a changed man after getting the pendant and leaves all his morals, principles and virtues behind?

    The highlight of this film is Subrat Dutt in the lead role as Prem.Subrat whom we all know has come up with excellent performance win his past films like Achin Pakhi, Chaturanga, Bibar etc all critically acclaimed films has once again done the job over here. He is a loner, greedy, manipulative, ruthless and yet shattered-all these qualities are brought out nicely by Subrat in a wonderful way. His role is one of the redeeming features of this film along with the little girl who played his daughter who is good as well.Indrani is okay, but her character does not show any remorse or does not seem to be shattered even after her daughter’s rape or maybe we don’t it see it all.Prem is the character we might feel for instead of Vibha who does not really affect us. The other characters have done a decent job though Debdut Ghosh is wasted vas Mr.Patel.Paran Banerjee is very good as the old man as is Kunal Padhy and Swagata Mukherjee.We have seen them before in a few roles on T.V where they are completely ruthless. There area couple of things which don’t click-How can their girl be called Arati in today’s world and how can Indrani Haldar call the maid who looks after their girl ‘Matron’? The last scene is good and the cinematography as well.

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