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    ! report abusemithun shetty
    mithun shettywrote on 29 Jun 2009

    film industry insiders say that anu is so passionate about music that he can even compose a song flat in 20 minutes as he has a good knack getting things done fast

    ! report abusepramod kumar
    pramod kumarwrote on 27 Apr 2009

    Anu Malik was born in 1959. He was brought up in Mumbai. His father Sardar Malik, who was a music director himself, trained him from his childhood. Hence, Anu Malik became very passionate about music at the very outset. Anu Malik’s first film as a music director was Hunterwali 77.

    ! report abuseSuresh
    Suresh wrote on 20 Jan 2009

    Anu Malik's father was also a famous Bollywood Music Director in his days, his name was "SARDAR MALIK"

    ! report abuseDivya Solgama
    Divya Solgamawrote on 28 Sep 2008

    After the death of R.D.Burman, Anu Malik completed his pending films like Gang, Ghatak, etc.


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