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    ! report abusepramod kumar
    pramod kumarwrote on 27 Apr 2009

    Anurag Basu was inclined to theatre and television right from his childhood. Due to this same passion, Anurag Basu left his Engineering course midway, and decided to graduate in Science instead. When he was in B.Sc 3rd year, he was given an offer to direct the latter episodes a soap opera .

    ! report abuseMoumita Chowdhury
    Moumita Chowdhurywrote on 13 Feb 2009

    He's delivered films like Murder, Gangster and Life in A Metro in the past and proved beyond doubt that he's a man of rare sensitivity and skill. And Anurag Basu has seen life and has even had a close shave with death when he was suffering from leukaemia.


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