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Apartment critic rating (Hindustan Times): 1
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Apartment critic rating ( 1.5
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Apartment critic rating ( 1.5
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Apartment critic rating (Times of India): 3

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Apartment  (2010 - Hindi)

Apartment movie review, and Apartment critics rating, comments on Apartment

Apartment cumulative rating: 1.95 out of 51.95/5 (45 users)

Apartment critics rating: 1.55 out of 5 1.55/5 (10 critics)

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  • Stay Away... far, far, FAR away from this one.

    Apartment rating: 2 out of 10(Khushbu wrote on 23 Apr 2010)

    Stay Away... far, far, FAR away from this one.

    Okay people, this is Jag Mundhra that we're talking about... the man is an IITian who jumped from the world of engineering to film making, who has been known as an international director and who has given us some remarkable films like Bawander, Provoked and Shoot on Sight. All I can say is What the hell happened? Apartment is not far from a C grade thriller film with some steamy sex scenes and hideous item girls dancing to terrible songs! I can't understand what someone like Anupam Kher is doing in a film like this and why Neetu Chandra is wasting her talent. The concept's more or less taken from a 1992 Hollywood thriller called Single White Female (which was not such a popular film itself!) but that too has been muddled miserably to add a nonsensical and badly done climax.

    The story is about Preeti (Tanushree Dutta) an independent air hostess who owns an apartment which she shares with her boyfriend Karan (Rohit Roy). To make the film weirder than it already is a strange girl comes to their apartment to seduce Karan with dialogues like "Oh .. you made me wet"!!! (at this point I really considered exiting the theatre) and hence Preeti and Karan have a misunderstanding the result of which is that Preeti kicks out Karan and looks for a new roommate. Enter Neha (Neetu Chandra), an orphan looking for an apartment who quickly takes to Preeti and two become fast friends and roomies. But behind Neha's simple attire is fiend waiting to be unleashed! What is the deal with this girl's atrocities... Preeti's about to find out the hard way.

    Okay, I admit the plot does seem the kinds that can be a potential spine-chilling thriller about a psycho roomie but my God does Apartment get it wrong or what! From the beginning it's evident that Neha's not exactly sane and still the real thrill only starts and ends in the last 20 minutes of the film. The reason behind Neha's mental condition is also explained very briefly ... though it is clear but it's still isn't adequate enough to give you chills down your spine. Just not fascinating enough. There are also many flaws in the film like why Neha's not afraid when giving her name to the police or how the film abruptly ends. There are bits in the film where Neetu Chandra's building insanity leads you on and keeps you hooked but silly songs with a very badly dressed saree clad Tanushree Dutta tempt you to vacate your seat at the earliest!

    The first thing I want to know is why is this film called Apartment? It's not a haunted apartment ... it's not even about the apartment it's about the roommate! Maybe the makers were trying to build a sense of false-unpredictability. It's sad enough that the plot, screenplay and dialogues of the film are terrible but to add to that the camera work is extremely shoddy! It's like watching one of those cable ads of a local store or something!
    I cannot believe that a reputed film maker like Jag Mundhra could give us trash like this! Editing is almost non-existent and it appears like all the actors have done their make-up themselves, especially Tanushree. Only the bits with Anupam Kher in them are decently captured.

    The music is a torture... i have no gentler words to describe it.

    The actors ... well Rohit Roy should stick to anchoring on TV ... he's charming on the small screen and he gets no scope in this film. Tanushree desperately needs to lose weight ... her cheeks are so filled up that they need a separate frame for themselves! Neetu Chandra does exceptionally well as the crazy little girl and in a couple of scenes she does freak you out. Anupam Kher is good as usual.

    On the whole Apartment is not watchable.

    Rating: 1/5

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