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  • Academy Awards Oscars

    Academy Awards Oscars

    An Academy Award is an award bestowed by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to recognize excellence of professionals in the film industry, including directors, actors, and writers. The Oscar statuette is officially named the Academy Award of Merit and is one of nine types of Academy Awards. [Source: Wikipedia]

  • Anandalok Awards

    Anandalok Awards

    Anandalok Awards or Anandalok Puraskar ceremony is one of the most prominent film events given for Bengali Cinemas in India. The Anandalok, only film magazine in Bengali language, published from Ananda Publishers and Ananda Bazar Patrika presents this Award (Puraskar). The magazine was started on January 25, 1975 and the awards (Puraskar) ceremony was started in 1998. [Source: Wikipedia]

  • Apsara Awards

    Apsara Awards

    An award that is truly one of a kind, the Apsara Film & Television Producers Guild Awards is the most respected of all film awards. The FPGIA is a prestigious award given by the film fraternity to the film fraternity. Akin to the Oscars, the Award has acquired a distinguished place of it's own. [Source: Wikipedia]

  • BFJA Awards

    BFJA Awards

    The Bengal Film Journalists' Association(BFJA) is the oldest Association of Film critics in India, founded in 1937, by the inspiration and determination of the handful of pioneers amongst the then thin section of scribes that were drawn to film journalism with a lofty mission to serve the developing film journalism and film industry.

    Members of the Association are drawn from the film section of the entire Press of West Bengal composed of dailies, periodicals and film journals in various languages published from Kolkata. Film correspondents and critics working for any newspaper or periodicals published outside Bengal having their base in Kolkata were also eligible to be members of this Association.

    Cinema to the members of BFJA, apart from its basic function of providing clean entertainment, is a strong social, cultural and artistic force to help the progressive development of the nation. [Source: Wikipedia]

  • Filmfare Awards

    Filmfare Awards

    The Filmfare Awards ceremony is one of the oldest and most prominent film events given for Hindi films in India. The Filmfare awards were first introduced in 1954, the same year as the National Film Awards and referred to as the Clare Awards after the magazine's editor. A dual voting system was developed in 1956. Under this system, "in contrast to the National Film Awards, which are decided by a panel appointed by Indian Government, the Filmfare Awards are voted for by both the public and a committee of experts. [Source: Wikipedia]

  • IIFA Awards

    IIFA Awards

    The IIFA Award was designed, conceptualized by Wizcraft International Entertainment. It is the only credible award ceremony in the country, audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers the official audit firm of the Oscars. IIFA Award is the only award ceremony where the entire film industry votes for the nominated films, which are then opened for the public for voting worldwide. [Source: Wikipedia]

  • National Film Awards

    National Film Awards

    The Awards were first presented in 1954. The Government of India conceived the ceremony to honor films made across India, on a national scale, to encourage the furthering of Indian art and culture. The National Film Awards are presented in two main categories: Feature Films and Non-Feature Films. The juries are appointed by the Directorate of Film Festivals in India. Neither the Government nor the Directorate have influence over which films are selected for consideration and which films ultimately win awards. There are strict criteria as to whether a film is eligible for consideration by the jury panels. Over 100 films made across the country are entered in each category (Feature and Non-Feature) for the awards and deemed eligible each year. A list of rules is presented every year in a document of regulations known as the National Film Award Regulations. The criteria for eligibility contains many clauses. Among them, there is a direct requirement for the makers of a film, and particularly the director, to be Indian nationals. Films entering the competition should be produced in India, and in case of co-production involving a foreign entity, there are as many as six conditions which should be fulfilled in order for the film to qualify. According to the criteria, in order to be eligible for consideration of the jury, a film should be certified by the Central Board of Film Certification between January 1 and December 31. Whether a film is considered a feature film or a non-feature film shall be decided by the Feature Film jury. The eligibility list includes a section of rules determining which films shall not by eligible for entry in the competition. [Source: Wikipedia]

  • Screen Awards

    Screen Awards

    Instituted in 1994 by Screen Weekly and sponsored till 2001 by Videocon International Limited, the Screen Awards are different from other "popularity" awards; the entire nomination and selection for the Screen Awards is done by a panel of distinguished professional from the industry itselfin a manner similar to that of the Oscars. And the criteria for winning is professional excellence, not just popular view.

    The Awards for Hindi/Marathi films and TV and Non-film Music are presented annually at a glittering function in January each year, at the Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai. Seven editions of the awards have thus far been presented. For the regional cinema of South India. Screen has held three editions of the "Screen Awards for excellence in South Indian Cinema". The awards are presented for Tamil/ Telugu/ Malayalam/ Kannada Cinema. [Source: Wikipedia]

  • Stardust Awards

    Stardust Awards

    The Stardust Awards is an award ceremony for hindi movies which congratulates the superstars of the new generation who will make an impact in the future. It is sponsored by Stardust (magazine).

    Background: The awards first began in 2003 by the annual Stardust movie magazine. The awards celebrate new talent in the industry as well as congratulating the current stars. [Source: Wikipedia]

  • Zee Cine Awards

    Zee Cine Awards

    The Zee Cine Awards or "ZCA" for short is an Awards Ceremony in India. It was first held in 1998 in Mumbai. Since then, it has gained substantial popularity as a notable awards ceremony to the Indian population as well as to the viewers of Zee TV.

    In 2004, the ZCA went international and had their ceremony in Dubai and the following year they had it in London. the 2006 ceremony was was held in Mauritius, while 2007 ceremony was held in Malaysia and broadcasted on April 1, 2007. [Source: Wikipedia]