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Badmaash Company critic rating (Hindustan Times): 2
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Badmaash Company critic rating ( 1.5
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Badmaash Company critic rating ( 3
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Badmaash Company critic rating (The Telegraph): 2
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Badmaash Company critic rating (Times of India): 3

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Badmaash Company  (2010 - Hindi)

Badmaash Company movie review, and Badmaash Company critics rating, comments on Badmaash Company

Badmaash Company cumulative rating: 2.9 out of 52.9/5 (70 users)

Badmaash Company critics rating: 2.05 out of 5 2.05/5 (11 critics)

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  • Jach gayi yeh company

    Badmaash Company rating: 7 out of 10(Vinayak Chandra wrote on 09 May 2010)

    Parmeet Sethi had confessed that he finished scripting Badmaash Company, along with the dialogues, in six days flat. One does get surprised, as it is even a less duration than Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’s scripting, which Aditya Chopra claimed to have done within 12 days. But once you come out watching Badmaash Company, you would realize that Parmeet had been fully prepared with his ideas, that he could pull off this script in such a convincing manner. Badmaash Company may not be a complete flawless movie, yet as a writer director, Parmeet impresses.

    Excess of anything is bad. And when it starts getting excessive, it becomes an addiction. Same is what happens with Karan (Shahid Kapoor) when he strikes the jackpot, with his brilliant ideas. Luck works, success strikes and so does ego and arrogance.

    The plot deals around four friends, Karan, Bulbul (Anushka Sharma), Chandu (Vir das) and Zing (Meiyang Chang). Their aim – Earn quick money, by doing wrong things..the right way. The movie is set in 1994, the ‘zamaana’ when FM stood for Finance Minister and not FM Radio, STD calls per 90 rs per minute instead of 90 paisa per minute or basically, Mumbai was Bombay, as is voiced out by Shahid during the opening credits. The reason why the plot connects at the basic level is because that is what holds true for the youth of today, who believe in making quick money, and climb the ladder of success through a shortcut. But what they consider as a success, is mere luck and when luck turns bad, you are thrown back to reality.
    As mentioned by Karan’s dad (Anupam Kher), Karan has a sharp mind and his problem is that he knows it. Karan hatches an interesting plot, through the dealing of shoes and gloves which works for them big time and they are soon into an ‘Ayaashi’ mood. They beat the system, dupe the innocents and live life king size. But with success, comes ego. And it creeps successfully into Karan’s head. Friends fall apart, and so does their business. Soon Karan is brought back to the ground, to face the harsh realities of life.
    Parmeet Sethi is confident about one thing throughout the film and that is that he is not here to make an out and out entertainer with no sense. He makes sure he doesn’t challenge the intelligence of the audience, at the same time providing wholesome entertainment. The movie has several poignant moments from the very beginning and you get to witness such moments every five minutes. Special mention for scenes like where Shahid is asked to force money at the airport, the conversation between Vir Das and Anushka in the plane, the whole execution of the shoe dealing plot and many more .

    The writing has everything to keep you hooked. Apart from the scenes mentioned, the scenes between Shahid and Anupam Kher are quite well written, along with the dialogues. Even during the whole Bombay to Bangkok and America is quite well written, but it quite falters when its come to explaination or detailing of some scenes. Like one doesn’t know, why does Karan’s dad hates his uncle (Pawan Malhotra) who stays in the USA. Even the climax, which is quite decent isn’t detailed as to how does both of them reunite. But keeping aside these things, Badmaash Company offers you a lot of entertainment with sense and wont leave you complaining.

    The best thing about Badmaash Company is that it successfully develops quite a crackling chemistry between the four protagonists, which is the USP of the movie. Had it not been so, the movie would have fell flat, face first. Not just that, you can connect to the passion and lust for money and luxury of the characters, who aspire to reach the pinnacle through shortcuts.

    Shahid Kapoor is excellent once again. While this role may just go unnoticed by many and for them it may not feature among his best works, yet going by his act, it definitely is one of his finest performances. Watch out for his scenes where he meets Anushka in USA after a hiatus, his melt down when his father gives a speech after winning an excellence award.

    Anushka Sharma is the best of the lot without any second thoughts. Playing the bubbly, charming and the practical girl, she is the best thing about Badmaash Company. Be it her mischievous scenes or her emotional scenes with Shahid, she excels in everything she does. Excellent.

    Vir Das as Chandu is a surprise package. He is in terrific form. His comic timing is just too good and suits the friendly character to the T. Even he has some memorable scenes, mostly in the comic department like the one where he tries to spark a conversation between him and
    Anushka or his scenes with Chang, mostly around the Chinese Indian stuff.

    Meiyang Chang as Zing is good. He brings in a lot of freshness and zing to his character. A good performance for a debut.

    Anupam Kher is top notch in his definite short role. He has some really important sequences in the movie and he portrays them very well.

    Kiran Juneja is decent. Not much scope for her.

    Pawan Malhotra is admirable. He too provides some comic relief and he excels there.

    Pritam’s music is foot tapping and very much worthy for the movie. The songs have been used at extremely desired instances, thus making the movie up for a good musical as well. ‘Fakeera’ definitely is the best track from the album, but it is ‘Ayaashi’ which takes away the cake for the best picturised song and comes up with a great choreography. While the title track as supposed arrives during the credits roll, ‘Jingle Jingle’ gives an extreme tough competition to ‘Ayaashi’ for best picturisation and even ‘Chaska’ is well shot.
    Cinematography by Sanjay Kapoor is decent. He is quite successful with the 1994 Bombay, but falls average when it comes to Bangkok and America.

    Dialogues by Pameet Sethi are good. He comes up with some wacky ones and some funny one liners as well. Moreover, he doesn’t disappoint in the emotional and high on success dialogues department as well. And with a cast as such, who execute them so well, it works as a bonus.

    Screenplay is good. A complex path is walked in the simplest of manners,yet one wishes for the climax to be written in a better way. No complains though.

    My Favourite Scenes:
    Shahid meets Anushka after a hiatus
    The first, shoe dealing plot
    Climax – Shahid’s last scene at his home
    Vir’s encounter with Anushka in the plane
    Friends and Co. reunites (special mention for Anushka here, she looked too cute, especially when all 3 walk ahead and she for obvious reasons lags behind)

    On the whole, Badmaash Company is a wonderful entertainer, which has a lot of brain involved in its process too. The performances are excellent, scenes are well directed and has a lot of enjoyable moments. Recommended!

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