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Bagher Bachcha
Bagher Bachcha rating: 0 out of 10

Dir: Gouri Shankar Das

Starring: Siddhanta, Aparajita Mohanti, Mihir Das and others ...

Story: Bagher Bachcha is the story about two gangsters Pratapaditya Choudhury and Champak Roy. Pratapaditya has a sidekick called Shakti (Siddhanta). Shakti is an orphan who has a heart of gold and has grown up under Pratapaditya from his childhood. Pratapaditya's ......

Genre: Drama

Review: Another flummerous, mindless potboiler churned out from the Oriya Film Factory. Director Gouri Shankar Das has produced a same stale story about gangsters and estranged lovers. The cinematography and script are miserable and menancing. So is the quality ...

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Bagher Baccha

Rs 49.00

Bagher baccha

Rs 49.00

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