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Barfi! critic rating (Hindustan Times): 3
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Barfi! critic rating ( 3
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Barfi! critic rating (Times of India): 4.5
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Barfi! critic rating (DNA India): 4

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Barfi!  (2012 - Hindi)

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Barfi! cumulative rating: 3.8 out of 53.8/5 (310 users)

Barfi! critics rating: 3.55 out of 5 3.55/5 (22 critics)

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  • Iss Ranbir Ka Main ‘Kya Karu…Main Kya Karu..’

    Barfi! rating: 8 out of 10(Divya Solgama wrote on 14 Sep 2012)

    By nature I am an out-and-out Hindi Film Lover. I love to watch all sort of Hindi Films, right from Masala Potboilers to Multi-Starrer Flicks to Offbeat cinema to Crappy trash. I cherish them because I adapt myself to the theme of that particular film and thus help myself attune to its sensibilties. If it’s a Masala Entertainer I watch it like a front-bencher and never hesitate in enjoying the mindless fun. Similarly if it’s a offbeat film I try to match my wits with the director’s intellect. And then, there are some films where your mind stops to work and the heart takes over. These films are called ‘Feel-Good Films’. We operate in a world full of stress, hurdles and burden and the function of ‘feel-good’ films is to rejuvenate us back to life. In the past, there have been many such films preaching about the essence of living in little moments filled with happiness and love. From the first looks of ‘Barfi’ I had a feeling that I am going to see one such ‘Feel Good Film’ where my heart is going to take over my brains. So let’s find out whether my instincts are correct or it might be just another over-sweet dessert.

    ‘Barfi’ tells the story of a deaf –and-mute person named Murphy who is known by the name Barfi {Ranbir Kapoor} living in Darjeeling. The film portrays his relationships with two women {Ileana D’Cruz & Priyanka Chopra} in his life and how it goes through a rollercoaster ride over a period of six years. The Story is simple and yet different, reminding you of several classics like Koshish, Sadma, Muskurahat and few more even though there’s hardly any connection with these films at all. Screenplay is superbly done, and its particularly commendable the way writers connect all the dots and string the severals ub-plots together. First half is flawless and has almost all positive moments. Second half has some minor flaws, and yet dazzles with many bright and positive moments. Some of the positive moments which you will love are the opening sequences ( clearly a grand tribute to Charlie Chaplin), Ranbir meeting Ileana, Ranbir proposing Ileana, Ranbir dance followed by the heartbreak scene, The funny bank robbery, Priyanka at Ranbir house, Bonding between Priyanka & Ranbir, Ileana meeting Priyanka followed by the anti climax and later the climax scenes. The writers have added so much fine detailing to the characters in the film {For E.G- Ranbir in climax searching for Priyanka and seeing a small girl sitting outside and tries to make her smile or the photos collected by Ileana in the climax shot, All the small moments where Priyanka’s feelings as a girl comes alive and many more}
    On the flip side, which are very very few to begin with – The whole relationship between Ileana and Jishu Sengupta followed by the suspense element look a little forced. Also, in the second half, the movie goes a little off-track for a while, thus losing its direction and dragging at those few points. Camera work is superb and goes well with the movie, all the locations and settings are perfect. Editing is superb in first part, second should’ve been bit tight.

    Music by Pritam is breath-taking. The movie starts with a sweet song ‘Ala Barfi’ which establishes the character of Ranbir Kapoor in the film followed by’Main Kya Karu’ which is beautifully rendered. ‘Sawali Si Raat’ is magical and so is ‘Kyun’ followed by ‘Phir Le Aaya’ a beautiful ghazal after long time. ‘Aashiyaan’ will be with you for long time. Each song is special thanks to its heart-touching lyrics by Swarand Kirkire, Sayeed Quadri, Neelesh Misra & Ashish Pandit. The whole background score is fantastic. And yes, you will spot Anurag Basu’s three musicians here as well. {Remember Life in Metro?}

    Anurag Basu begin his career with a few forgettable films like ‘Kucch toh hai’, ‘Saaya’ & ‘Murder’, but gradually he found his footing with films like ‘Gangster’ & ‘Life in Metro’. Yes, there were more forgettable flicks like ‘Kites’ & ‘Tumsa Nahin Dekha’ as well, but out here in ‘Barfi’ he has surpassed all his films and yes this film is till date his best work, though he could have made it much more effective with some control in second half and keeping the film more simple and direct-to-heart rather than focusing on the mystery part. Still, full marks to him for attempting and venturing such a theme. He could’ve made the characters more complicated or complex, but he decided to stick to the simplicity and that’s where he wins. With ‘Barfi’, Basu also proves that one does not have to copy world cinema to make films like theirs, for we too have our style of film-making and themes with which we can find our own niche on a global level. Also, his inclusion of Chaplinesque inspired comical sequences keeps the film connected to the masses and thus the movie never runs dry on entertainment quotient. All the small and minor detailing by him is fabulous, as well as the finesse with which he establishes the 70’S era (without being flashy or retro).

    But the most important contribution of a director is to extract performance from its cast which goes in sync with the film and the mood it creates. Anurag highly succeeds out here and manages to get heart-touching and simple performances from his entire cast. Ranbir has been experimenting with each and every film of his. He could’ve stuck to typical popular roles, but has instead always tried to do something different. If you loved him in films like ‘Wake up Sid’ or ‘Rocket Singh’ or ‘Rockstar’, be ready for another mind-blowing treat. Effortlessly natural in his style, Ranbir will remind you of his dad Rishi Kapoor and grandfather Raj Kapoor in terms of performance. He acts with his smile, eyes, expressions and body language. I did not miss his voice at all in the film, thanks to his flawless performance. Just when everyone thought Priyanka is finished, she springs up this superb performance on us. Our main attention will still be Ranbir, alright, but Chopra still manages to grab your eyeballs, especially in those little moments. Ileana looks beautiful and does her part superbly. The chemistry of both the leading ladies with Ranbir is great. Saurabh Shukla, Aakash Khurana, Sumona Chakravarti and Rupa Ganguly excel in their part. Jishu Sengupta and Aashish Vidhyarthi along with few others are wasted however.

    So bol meri ‘Filmi Khopdi’ iss film mein kitna hai Dum ?

    Dum ? total Dumdaar hai. This movie totally lives upto your expectations of a ‘Feel-Good Film’ and will leave you with tears in eyes and a smile on your face at once. Right from Music, Direction, Screenplay and Performances, this movie is a total winner for all those who love good cinema. Masses might find themselves a bit lost at some places. As far as all those who must be feeling like singing ‘Iss Dil Ka Main Kya Karu’ with some change – ‘Iss Ranbir Ka Main Kya Karu…Main Kya Karu’ then my answer will be – RESPECT!!!

    Ratings : 4/5 {With a Re-Watch 100% confirm}

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