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Bejanma  (2010 - Bengali)

Bejanma movie review, and Bejanma critics rating, comments on Bejanma

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  • A film with such a meaning?

    Bejanma rating: 2 out of 10(Aditya Chakrabarty wrote on 18 Dec 2010)

    Lokesh Ghosh who has mostly been a character actor throughout his life and has mostly acted in films of Anjan Choudhury though he has acted in other films as well, is the central character of this film called Bejanma.A film with Lokesh Ghosh playing the hero who will probably never be seen in the lead role of a film again does not say much. Naturally he has to have some other association with the film other than being the hero and it turns out that he has written the story so obviously he couldn’t have thought of anyone else but the producer and must have brainwashed someone to produce such a poor film as well.

    This film is a revenge tale and tells us about two identical characters Anando and Debu.One is a timid, shy character who is a simpleton and is constantly tortured by his cousins and the other Debu is a complete anti social who can also kill someone very easily. How Debu becomes Anando by taking his place, becomes accepted by his parents as their son and takes revenge on his uncle and cousins is what the film is about.

    There are two brothers; the elder Bikram and the younger Satya.They own a lot of property in North Bengal. The younger brother is honest whereas the elder brother is dishonest and his two sons are absolutely evil characters. His only daughter Debi looks upon Anando as her brother and dotes on him as her own younger brother.Bikram’s two sons always torture Anando and his mother is treated like a maid by his aunt.Anando is also like a child and sort of mentally challenged.

    One day when Tagori, Anando‘s girlfriend is molested by Naresh, Anando tries to retaliate, but is badly injured by one of Naresh’s goons. He suffers a brain hemorrhage and is taken to Kolkata by his friends. He undergoes an operation and dies. After a few days pass, one day a goon barges in to their house who resembles Anando.Seeing that, Anando’s mother decides to take Debu(the goon) as Anando to Kolkata as no one is aware about his death and is willing to pay Debu for his services(as that is what he wants).

    After reaching North Bengal, Debu starts acting as per his mother’s instructions and teaches Naresh and Paresh a lesson. They along with their father start suspecting something is wrong. They make enquiries and come to know that Debu is actually an anti social element from Kolkata who has no parents, was found on the roadside by his adoptive father Raju Mistri, a drunkard and an useless character. To make the villagers believe their story, Bikram even brings Raju Mistri over there, but once Satya tells them that Debu is Anando, his son, they believe him.Debu also acknowledges Satya and his wife to be his parents and returns whatever money he had taken from them. When a villager’s son is burnt to death in a fire for which Bikram is responsible, Satya asks Debu (now Anando) to take revenge.Anando goes to Bikram’s house, but is beaten black and blue and is nearly killed. He is tied to a car and brought before the villagers and Satya and his wife. His mother’s calls and the prayer of the villager who lost his son again brings him back from the dead and he starts hitting Bikram and his sons. Soon the cops arrive and take them away.

    Lokesh Ghosh can not be a hero. Let’s face facts. He does not have the looks or anything else requires, however one must say he has done a decent job both as Anando and Debu
    respectively. The film has been projected as a revenge tale having a lot of action. The supporting cast has been okay.Laboni Sarkar does what she is usually seen doing in most films, weeping and here she even screams to bring her son to life!Laboni‘s husband part has been played by Mukesh Khanna whom we all know as Shakiman and Bhisma from Mahabharata. He is okay.Tagori is played by Shreya Pandey,a very choice opposite Lokesh and someone whose voice is a disadvantage.Satabdi Roy plays Debi and looks a little old for such roles. The music is terrible though it has got an impressive line up of singers and one song, ‘Piriter Eto Jala Re’ makes us wonder why one had to go through ‘eto jala’ to watch such a film. The ending is terrible as a nearly dead man gets up and starts bashing people up just on hearing his mother’s scream and Allah’s prayers!

    The last scene of the film is the worst for one particular person. Guess to whom Debi (Satabdi Roy) gets married in the last scene who appears completely out of the blue? Jackie Shroff! Is his present state so bad?

    The meaning of Bejanma?Actually in crude English, it means a bastard who comes from the gutters and his parentage is completely unknown.

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