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Behind-the-scene action of Bapi Bari Ja

04 Dec 2012Bapi Bari Ja is a youthful film that promises to take every individual on a roller coaster ride, yet turn them nostalgic. Here we have interesting behind-the-scenes episodes that reveal how the movie was moulded and what all to expect from this film...Read more

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Shree Venkatesh Films - For the mass and the class

24 Aug 2012Be it commercial films, or the arty types; the big screen, or the small; be it production or even distribution; Shree Venkatesh Films have their reach extended to every sphere of the television and film industry. What makes it even better is that they have tasted success everywhere. Here's an interesting dekko into their journey towards success!..Read more

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Hemlock Society to release on July 20 all over India

18 Jul 2012Post its release in West Bengal, Hemlock Society has been showered with heart warming accolades, thus encouraging the makers to now release the much-loved movie in several places across India. Write a witty comment about the movie at the comment box (bottom), and you can WIN a couple pass in Mumbai *..Read more

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Hemlocked All Over...

19 Jun 2012Director Srijit Mukherji is all set to deliver his third baby, Hemlock Society in theaters this weekend. However, a box-office hat-trick is not on his mind. He talks about his inspiration and the complex machinery and people who have toiled hard to make his dream a reality. As he stares at the impending release, he is already looking ahead…..Read more

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Keeping Rabindranath Tagore’s legacy alive

10 Jun 2012Pratima talks about Rabindranath Tagore’s influence in our lives through stories and songs, which have been relayed on celluloid. She talks about the importance of keeping the legacy alive and reinventing Tagore’s work to make it more relevant for today’s generation. Unfortunately, the efforts in this direction have been few and far between. For the movie lovers, Pratima also handpicked her most favorite Tagore Songs used in Bengali movies...Read more

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Baishe Srabon: Towering Expectations

30 Sep 2011Director Srijit Mukherji shares his thoughts as Baishe Srabon hits the screens on Sep 30, 2011, the weekend before Durga Puja. After the hugely successful Autograph, expectations from this film are sky-high. It’s a film which he refuses to categorize as a thriller or for that matter, associate with any genre. Srijit also acknowledges the contribution of everyone involved in bringing his movie to the silver screen..Read more

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Bhanu Bandyopadhyay: The greatest comedian of all times in Bengali cinema

15 Aug 2011Rahul Sengupta talks about the all time great Bengali comedian Bhanu Bandyopadhyay (aka Bhanu Banerjee) carving a unique place in Bengali film industry (Tollywood) and theater with his great performances and comic timing. Bhanu Banerjee comedy is etched forever in the memories of Bengalis. ..Read more

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Uttam Kumar's secret Keys: An Analysis

15 Aug 2011Uttam Kumar was a legendary Bengali actor, who still thrives in every Bengali heart. He is fondly called the Mahanayak or the "Great Hero" of Bengali cinema. What makes Uttam Kumar such an icon, who's remembered so vividly even after three decades since his death?..Read more

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The comedians who ruled Bengali Cinema

26 Jun 2011In the last century, the decade of 60s was the decade of comedians and vamps in the Hindi cinema. The vamps were rare in Bengali cinema, but 60s was the decade of comedians also in the Bengali cinema. But this trend started changing in both the national and regional cinemas from the mid 70s. The roles of the vamps were shifted from the specialized actresses to the main female lead and the responsibility of comedy was taken care of by the male leads...Read more

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The other side of Uttam Kumar: As a Producer

13 Jun 2011To start this article, it is needless to give any introduction because this person doesn't need the same. Prior to this many essays have already been published focusing his acting talent. So let me try some thing different. Apart from being an actor, he was a producer, a film director, a music director and a versatile singer. It was mid fifties. Uttam Kumar was watching an English film in Metro Cinema in Kolkata. The name of the film was Random Harvest. The story was about a man who lost his memory in an accident. Uttam Kumar came out of the theater with a thoughtful mind. He called up director Ajoy Kar and told him the story...Read more

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