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Bhalobasa Jindabad
Bhalobasa Jindabad rating: 4 out of 10

Dir: Reshmi Mitra

Starring: Rahul, Rudranil Ghosh, Papiya Adhikari and others ...

Story: “Bhalobasa Jindabad” is a movie about the love story between Raj (Rahul) and Kusum (Priyanka). Raj is the one and only grandson of Nirupama Devi (Papiya Adhikari) who owns Sanyal Incorporate. Raj falls in love with Kusum who is a flower-seller. Nirupama ......

Genre: Drama, Family

Review: Considering that the last movie of Rahul-Priyanka was a blockbuster"Chirodini tumi je amar",there was little hype or publicity around their second venture and in first 30 minutes,it becomes clear this film is a far cry from Chirodini despite uncanny ...

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Bhalobasa Zindabad

Rs 49.00

Bhalobasa zindabad

Rs 49.00

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