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Bhuter Bhabishyat review by The Asian Age
Bhuter Bhabishyat critic rating (The Asian Age): 4

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Bhuter Bhabishyat  (2012 - Bengali)

Bhuter Bhabishyat movie review, and Bhuter Bhabishyat critics rating, comments on Bhuter Bhabishyat

Bhuter Bhabishyat cumulative rating: 4.05 out of 54.05/5 (195 users)

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  • ’Puro Chamak Dewar Cinema’

    Bhuter Bhabishyat rating: 8 out of 10(Aditya Chakrabarty wrote on 17 Mar 2012)

    Ghosts! Since when have they started having a future?? What is our first thought when we think about them? Skeletons? Fear? Being scared? Does anyone ever think about them and their problems? Either the common man/politicians or people in adminstration? Can they take to the streets like common people to air their grievances? They continue to survive, yet their surivival is at stake as modernisation has completely taken over their lives and most old buildings which they continue to haunt and occupy are being demolished to make way for multi storied bulidings and swanky malls!Where do they go?

    First time director Anil Dutta offers a hilarious solution to all their problems in his first directorial venture called ‘Bhuter Bhabishya’ which is a rib tickling comedy with an ensemble cast. The film revolves around a group pf ghosts who occupy an old North Mansion and their survival is at stake when a promoter decides to buy the mansion and build a mall instead in it’s place. The mansion is also used for film shoots. However one day, one particular filmamker Ayan comes to shoot a ad film and encounters a character in the mansion while his team is away. This particular ‘gentleman ‘ provides a perfect story line which proves too good to be true. He tells Ayan that that such is the state of the ghost nowadays that they are being forced to give interviews in order to occupy a place!All these ghosts give interviews and occupy Raja Darpanarayan Chaudhury ‘s mansion where incidentally he and Ramsey, an Englishman(yes, we still bow before in the Britishers even in the film!)conduct interviews and select an army officer,a actress from the 40s,a Bihari rickshaw puller, a freedom fighter from the 40s,a young girl who has committed, a budding musician,Siraj ud Duala ‘s cook and another professor from the 70s with Marxist leanings. They all gang up and decide to teach the promoter a lesson including getting the services of Lakshmi, the promoter’s ex wife whom they contact on ‘Spookbook’. Hilarious!The gentleman gives a few coins to Ayan at the end which turn out to be antiques going back to the East India company back. When Ayan asks him the gentleman who he is, he says that he is is the late professor from the 70s!Ayan refuses to believe him, but Biplab, the late professor makes all the characters appear! Ayan wakes from his sleep thinking it was a dream, but was it? HM!!Ayan finally shoots the film and his fund crunch is over? How? Wait and watch!

    Everything about the film is it’s USP. Where can we start? One really doesn’t know. ‘Spookbook like ‘Facebook’? HA!HA!Even the ghosts have their own networking site !What a modern world!This is really one hell of a great ‘shocking’ film from Aneek. Who will ever say he is a first time director? When did we last see such a great script and story not forgetting the dialogues? Each of them are like rhymes and several one liners sound as if they have double meanings or seem to be sexual innuendos. Each of the actors or actresses have played their part to perfection and the casting has been hundred per cent right. Swastika as Kadalibala, the black and white era actress who sings songs like the actresses used to do in the 40s in a stretched nasal tone gets the expressions right as well. Mir as the Marwari promoter is a treat to watch specially in the item number where he adds ‘Yo ‘ ‘Yo’ a couple of times to the song!Oof!Simply hilarious!Saswata Chatterjee is excellent as always as’ Haath Kata Kartick’. All the other actors and actresses are good as well including Mumtaz, Samadarshi, Biswajit Chakrabarty, Paran Banerjee a, George Baker and others but the person who stands out is Sumit Sammaddar as the 40s freedom fighter . We generally know him as a lyricist and a bit actor, but in this film he has superseded everyone . As the 40s freedom fighter who speaks with a ‘Bangal’ accent and loves his hilsa and has a soft corner for Kadalibala, the 40s black and white era actress and his constant rivalry with Khublai Khan over her and his performance is so natural that it is stupendous!The art direction specially the sets are a treat to watch as is the music of the film. This is the only film till date most probably whose songs have an influence of Rock, Pop,Rabindra Sangeet,Jazz, Folk,Qawallis and every other kind of genre one can think of. Why, coming to think of it, this film even has an item number and a fashion show where the ghosts walk the ramp!Brilliant!Simply Brilliant! The late ‘Bibhu Bhattacharya’ is seen in one of his last roles.

    The overall packaging has been wonderful and everyone in the audience seemed to having a blast as one could hear claps and laughter throughout the film at the premiere.

    Take a bow Aneek for giving us something wonderfully ‘original’ and hilarious!The producer , Joy. B. Ganguly should be thanked for backing such a project.

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