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Chennai Express  (2013 - Hindi)

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Chennai Express critics rating: 2.65 out of 5 2.65/5 (14 critics)

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The fundamental problem is a clash of sensibility

In the interest of honest, unbiased reviews, let me begin by putting my biases on the table: I’m a sucker for Shah Rukh Khan. I’ve delighted in Rahul and Raj and the romantic fantasies they engendered over the last two decades. I cry when Rahul becomes a widower in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and swoon when Raj sweeps Simran in his arms amidst the swaying mustard fields in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. So it breaks my heart to tell you that Chennai Expressmore

It's a big, fat bore. A bloated vanity project for an actor capable of so much more

Some films are hard to make sense of. Others are just nonsense. Chennai Express, directed by Rohit Shetty, ticks both boxes. More than a quarter of the film is in Tamil, and hence incomprehensible if you're unfamiliar with the language. The rest is a stew of puerile humor, lazy stereotypes, and way-over-the-top acting from a star who appears to be trying too hard. Shah Rukh Khan, who's provided enough evidence to convince us that he can do comedy effortlesslymore

All you lovers of masala movies, board this Express pronto!

The season of biggies commences from Eid onwards. And it sets in motion with the global release of CHENNAI EXPRESS. Shah Rukh Khan. Deepika Padukone. Rohit Shetty. UTV. Four formidable entities that translate into the ultimate, unbeatable combination. The timing couldn't be better as well: Eid. The hype and buildup, obviously, is humungous. The question is, does CHENNAI EXPRESS live up to the gargantuan expectations?more


Shah Rukh Khan has very much been the King the world calls him. But the kingdom he rules has always resided in his head. The way he has called the shots. The choices he has made. For 22 years. He was the King when he made the negative hero cool in the early 1990s. He was the King when he produced a film on media wars in 2000. He was the King when he led a gang of girls in a film about women’s hockey. He was the King when he gave a fresh twistmore

You may not like the film if Bollywood potboilers leave you cold

In an ode to his own cinema—read Golmaal series, Bol Bachchan, Rohit Shetty ishstyle, the director, who has grossers in Bollywood's 100-crore club, ups the scale for his Eid offering. Chennai Express (CE) is a magnificently mounted film. Never having been strong in the story department, CE too has a guillible plot line. Rahul ( Shah Rukh Khan) is asked by his dadi (Kamini Kaushal) to drop his granddad's ashes in Rameswaram, the southern-most tip of Indiamore

Grab a bucket of popcorn, sit back and enjoy the ride as Chennai Express is here to entertain

The story isn't very different from all the usual boy-meets girl romance. You know from the beginning what will happen. You have seen it many times before but the beauty is that you know whats coming, and you still want it. Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) embarks on a journey to fulfill the last wish of his grandfather: to have his ashes immersed in the Holy water of Rameshwaram. He meets Meena (Deepika Padukone) on the train and while attemptingmore

Mindless but entertaining

Rohit Shetty has said he does not make films for intellectuals. Which is fine, but to be honest I have had problems with Shetty’s previous films - always loud, ultra violent, often crass and packed with crude humor. But in Chennai Express Shetty does something smart - he ropes in the star talents of Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone and in the process he smoothens some of the rough edges that were evident in his previous worksmore


Six years ago, Deepika Padukone made a celebrated debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in a rollicking entertainer Om Shanti Om, that marvellously spoofed his stardom. At the time, her acting inabilities were cannily masked by the director giving her little to do except look staggering, and by Khan himself, carrying the film on the muscles of his tremendous charisma. Chennai Express is, in a way, full circle for that very lady as she — enervated by box-office successmore

Rollicking trip to nowhere

The trouble with brands is that you come to know what to expect. Director Rohit Shetty has achieved an enormous deal by being one but it has also limited his creative progress. Unlike his films, he's a pretty sharp guy but there's a sameness to his shtick. Does Chennai Express break away from it? Not always. But even with his overstating approach, it's decidedly more zany compared to all the Golmaal sequels and ilk he's doled out in recent yearsmore

It could've been fun.

3500 local prints. 700 overseas prints. The widest Indian release ever. Production budget a shade under 100 crores. 6.75 crore paid preview collections on a Thursday, the highest ever. 100 crore over the weekend? 200+ crore lifetime? 2nd place for 3 Idiots? It's troubling that, forget the producers, even the audience is interested in attending a math class rather than watch a movie for what it is. An individual opinion in such critic-proof filmsmore

Chennai Express' manages to get some chuckles out of you, keeps you entertained for part of it

The heroine is running towards a train going to Chennai, even though she is running away from Chennai. The urn containing the hero’s grandfather’s ‘precious’ ashes plays hide and seek conveniently. The goons kill everyone around but spare the hero, and most of Tamil Nadu cannot decipher Hindi words like they are the aliens of 'Krrish 3' …so on and so forth. Well, this film is Brand Rohit Shetty so you are expected to leave your brains at homemore

Deepika Padukone is the new Hero!

Sachin ne ek buddhe ki jaan le li; woh kya hai na, 99 pe out hua. Rahul's Dadaji is also on 99 (age wise). Wicket-keeper ne catch liya, Dadaji ka old heart fisal gaya! Clean bowled. Party ka atmosphere sad ho gaya. Now comes the question of immersing the ashes. Dadaji wanted one part to be immersed in the Ganga and the other in Rameshwaram in the South. Dadi takes the urn towards Ganga, but the one meant for Rameshwaran, she entrustsmore

Wannakum, wannago? I went into Chennai Express dreading I would be doused, doused I tell you, with a staggering number of stereotypes, and that I would spend the film flinching and grimacing and counting the minutes. But as Chennai Express began chugging along, I found myself guffawing in a place. Or two. The laughs came intermittently through the first half, and I was still sitting in my seat at the interval. And then it turned into the same old storymore

Chennai Express is a full-on masala film that is completely unapologetic about its intentions

It’s a somewhat long ride that occasionally teeters on the edge of tedium, but it certainly isn’t all wrong. Parts of Chennai Express, propelled by a spirit of inspired lunacy that holds the no-holds-barred action comedy in good stead, is markedly better than the sum total of the film. If only it had enough steam to sustain its momentum all the way to the very end, it would probably have been far more fun to watch. But do hop aboard.more