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Chor Chor Super Chor  (2013 - Hindi)

Chor Chor Super Chor cumulative rating: 2.15 out of 52.15/5 (15 users)

Chor Chor Super Chor critics rating: 2.15 out of 5 2.15/5 (8 critics)

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The film is, well-shot and the editing is crisp

Commercial masala films bring star-studded casts, gravity-defying fights and glossy romances to the table. Indie cinema must compete by sheer dint of ideas. Lead actor Deepak Dobriyal is a powerful actor and convincing as the ‘super chor’. Yet, as far as ideas go, they are just about as novel here as the film’s title. The canvas (once again) is Delhi, its narrow lanes juxtaposed against its glossier malls and metro stations. Yet, this story of petty criminalsmore

Don't go expecting a solid comedy and you won't be disappointed.

Meanwhile, Satbir resists going back to Shuklaji (Avtar Sahani), his mentor, who heads a gang of petty thieves. He chooses to be dressed as a huge samosa instead, outside a food stall. The situation gets wacky as he is also lured by Amol (Jagat Rawat), another self-proclaimed crook. The latter is forever on a mission to poach Shuklaji's loyal men to form his own gang, so that he can commit bigger crimes. Then there's a cop, who considers robberymore

Chor Chor Super Chor falls flat due to lack of novelty

Small time theft and robbery is the central theme of yet another drama set in Delhi. Shukla (Avtar Sahni) runs an undercover agency of petty thieves who work in a photo studio. Satbir (Deepak Dobriyal) wants to turn the page and start afresh. He meets Neena (Priya Bathija) who has her own devious plan unknown to Satbir. On the side there are other supporting characters who add more chaos and create some humorous situations along the waymore

Chor Chor Super Chor falls short

As a Delhi man, I’m this close to taking umbrage. The template of the Delhi-based con-man movie -- with Haryanvi coppers, and crooks putting on their most exaggerated Jaat or West Delhi accents -- is fast getting old. This is mostly because even the most good-natured of these efforts try to mask a lack of ingenuity with too much texture. As if overblown accents can make up for originality. Chor Chor Super Chor, however, has a pretty nifty ideamore

Real chore

Delhi. Again. This time a story about a group of professional thieves who work for a kind-hearted modern-day Fagin. They practice on mannequins and get on with their lives without ambition. One of them, Satbir (Deepak Dobriyal), decides to go legit and ends up moonlighting as a giant samosa that serves as advertising for a food stall in a mall. Certainly putting Dobriyal in a madcap costume is a masterstroke idea but in the endmore

The approach is quite refreshing but leaves behind aspects to be bettered

A pickpocket goes places as his ‘profession’ makes sure he does. Ever wondered about how come he robs you blind without you even realising it? Well, this film does. 'Chor Chor Super Chor' delves around those who make a living out of cutting others’ purses — illegally, that is. In terms of an idea, the approach taken by its makers is quite refreshing but as is the norm with most out-of-the-box films, this one too leaves behind aspects to be betteredmore

Not-so-clever thinking!

This movie is brilliant as well as daft. Brilliant because of the foundation that is laboriously laid for the comedy to follow and also the clever manner in which it raises the hopes of the viewer. Up until the intermission, you are treated to sequences that have you wondering what it is all about. But just at the bell, the whole plot is crystal clear. This is a mysterious comedy, hence the brilliance. Daft because after the director has hammeredmore

There's a bit of sunshine in Chor Chor Super Chor in the shape of Deepak Dobriyal, who can make the proverbial sack look interesting. Here, he hangs around a Delhi metro station platform which also doubles up as a mini-shopping centre as a giant samosa. That is, instead of being a Mickey Mouse or a Donald Duck, he is a desi garma-garam savoury, hired by a stall-owner, to lure customers. This is a most edible idea, and perhaps the most originalmore