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Click  (2010 - Hindi)

Click movie review, and Click critics rating, comments on Click

Click cumulative rating: 1.65 out of 51.65/5 (41 users)

Click critics rating: 1.95 out of 5 1.95/5 (8 critics)

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  • Shuterrrrrrrr Down!

    Click rating: 2 out of 10(Khushbu wrote on 19 Feb 2010)

    Shuterrrrrrrr Down!

    Click! Now this is a difficult review to write… if I talk about the story then it should be addressed to Thai director Banjong Pisanthanakun who directed the original Shutter in 2004; if I talk about the background score then parts of that should be addressed to Hollywood composer Nathan Barr who composed the background score for Shutter’s Hollywood remake of the same name in 2008… get the drift… everything about Click has been borrowed except for it’s sorry actors who seem right out of a B-grade horror flick… oh wait! Isn’t that what this is? a B-grade horror flick! What on earth is Shreyas Talpade doing in it... I think he had one of those impossible epiphanies – I must repay to Bollywood with the acting talent that I have therefore let me star in a film that has all bad actors then maybe I can teach them how to act well and this will be my act of charity! Well guess what Shreyas… the plan back fired badly instead of the co-actors acting better it’s the star who seems utterly disgruntled in his performance. Oh and the scariest, absolutely bone chilling point of the film is when you find out that the ghost is… be afraid, be very,very afraid… Sneha Ullal!!! Yikes! This one’s scary by just being on screen even with normal makeup and with all the copied-from-Thai-film style meets Japaneese horror movie style make-up Sneha’s just the way she was in her other movies… unbearable! I think she has a total of one line in the entire film.
    The story, if you must know, is about a young photographer Avi (Shreyas) and his girlfriend Sonia (Sadaa) who live surrounded by their comfortable world till an accident shakes them up. Post the accident the couple notice odd white streaks in their photographs while Avi dismisses them as a camera fault Sonia thinks there’s something more to this eerie appearance of faces, streaks and maybe even spirits in the photographs! The pictures hide a deep dark secret that lies buried in Avi’s past and when revealed it might just disrupt his entire life!
    The thing about Click is that the story and the thrill factor is really good, in fact the story is far better than a Phoonk, Raaz 2 or any of the other horror films that Bollywood has come up with recently. Also the film has a different end where good doesn’t always win but the whole point is these aspects that are applaud-worthy in Click are actually completely lifted from the Thai film Shutter. What does belong to this Indian version is the cinematography which is disastrous, the actors who look like they’re sleep walking throughout the film and the make-up which is so retarded that it would put an early nineties Ramsay flick to shame! Even with the inspiration from Shutter, director Santosh Sivan still unintentionally manages to make us laugh in scenes where large nailed hands suddenly appear out of nowhere and each time when Sneha Ullal’s chalky bhoot face appears on screen! Though in all this mess, the actress who plays Sneha Ullal’s mother does a very good job… I couldn’t find her name anywhere unfortunately.
    Overall I can think of very few reasons to go to the theatre to watch this film –
    A. You want to take your girlfriend (this one’s a thumbs up choice then!)
    B. You haven’t seen the original versions and you want some thrill then Click will give you a scare and you might just like the film!

    But if you’re a horror buff then go for the real deal on DVD or something coz it’s far more scarier. For all aspects Indian this movie is not recommended… for all things originally Thai it’s recommended!
    Rating – 1/5

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