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Commando  (2013 - Hindi)

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Commando – A One Man Army gives you enough bang for the buck

How much you enjoy Commando – A One Man Army depends entirely on how much you like action. What is your threshold for bodies breaking, bones snapping, flesh tearing and blood spurting? Mine is pretty low, so I can’t say that I really enjoyed this film. But I think Vidyut Jamwal makes a kick-ass action hero and Jaideep Ahlawat, a terrific villain. Stories in action films are basically an excuse for men to pulverize each other. So here too, we have a small townmore

Vidyut Jamwal's guide to ruthless action

If the claims made by the makers of 'Commando - A One Man Army' are right then Vidyut Jamwal has accomplished a tedious task. He plays a commando in the film who is an expert at fist fighting and jungle trails. The title of the film clearly points out towards the occupation of the protagonist who is actually good at flaunting refined combat skills, but is this much enough to save a film? From Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris to Arnold Schwarzeneggermore

COMMANDO is vintage good versus evil saga in a strikingly new avatar

Recall actors who started as antagonists, but switched to positive characters effortlessly... Several decades ago, Vinod Khanna and Shatrughan Sinha portrayed negative roles at the onset of their respective careers. Much later, Shah Rukh Khan acted in a series of career-defining [grey] characters, before he got labeled as the romantic icon of Hindi cinema. Now Vidyut Jammwal, who made his debut with FORCE, undergoes an image makeovermore

Bolly’s Rambo is here!

With his bare hands, he takes on 20 armed men at a time. He squeezes himself through a car window in one swift motion and jumps vertically across a moving jeep. He rappels down a series of buildings at lightning speed and fells a group of 10 simply by launching himself on them. He double-swings off a tree and kills a gang of dreaded goons just with his feet. Commando — The One Man Army is a one-man show. The Vidyut Jammwal showmore

Our desi Commando, is what you will term paisa-vasool entertainment

Dilip Ghosh's Commando has a linear narrative. Set in North India, the story can even be termed archaic. It's got a hero, a heroine and a villain. Small-town goon AK-74(Jaideep Ahlawat) is irresistibly drawn to the local, fire-brand beauty Simrit Kaur(Pooja Chopra). When she resists, the bad man threatens her. She elopes to escape his advances and naturally, she's chased by AK's band of baddies. Fate smiles on her when she accidentally bumpsmore

Commando - A One Man Army is an all-out action film

There is a difference between having a well-sculpted body and being physically able to execute some really demanding action scenes. We have actors who flex their biceps and show off their bare torsos but look awkward while smashing someone's skull or jumping across roof tops. Fortunately, Vidyut Jamwal, the lead actor of Commando, doesn’t fall in the latter category. Having made his debut as the baddie in Force, Jamwal got noticedmore

Commando is Rambo, plus a Punjaban

Imagine if John Rambo, while readying himself for First Blood's carnage in the woods, had found a woman instead of a red rag to tie around his head. And not just any woman, but one inexplicably disposed towards non-stop conversation: a Manic Punjabi Dream Girl, as it were. Imagine how pissed off Rambo'd be then. Vidyut Jamwal, the most beefcake-y youngster to make a Bollywood debut in quite some time, takes on the one-note role with dropkicking aplombmore

Some Brawn, No Brain

In the high-octane but tacky intro, Commando Karanvir Singh (Vidyut Jamwal) is taken prisoner by the Chinese on the pretext of being a spy and put through a year of torture. In the meantime, the political muscle in India decides to disown the soldier because it is now a game of international machinations. An army colonel is aghast at this suggestion. Do you know, he asks, what it takes to be a commando? Cut to Vidyut Jamwal’s training routinemore

This film requires complete suspension of disbelief

After all, not only does the villain of this film AK 74 (Jaideep Ahlawat) lack in morals, scruples or even basic human decency, he also has no pupils in his eyes! With only those blank egg-whites of eyes, the man is able to see everything crystal clear. He also has unlimited reserves of henchmen, policemen, forest officers, guns, jeeps, and even politicians who are willing to offer heartfelt support in his search for his runaway fiancée-by-forcemore

Commando: A-grade polish to B-grade plot!

Let the title not mislead you into believing that the film has got anything to do with war, army training or patriotic fervor. Commando essentially is about a couple who is largely running around the trees albeit for different reasons. The plot is predictably old-school where a dreaded local ganglord AK (Jaideep Ahlawat) is obsessed with a girl Simrit (Pooja Chopra) and wants to marry her, much against her wishes. Simrit tries to escape his clutchesmore

The end result simply isn’t compelling enough

A strapping, beefy soldier on a mission takes on a particularly repugnant small-town rogue to keep a pretty damsel out of harm’s way in this predictably visceral action flick that plays out more like a violent cut-and-thrust computer game than a movie about real, believable people. While the stunt scenes are impressively staged and filmed, the good versus evil confrontation is as old as the stunning peaks and vales around which the action unfoldsmore

Hail the new action hero

It's 'First Blood 'territory and The 'Force' villain, Vidyut Jamwal plays the super fit kick-ass hero, an elite Special Operation Commando Karanveer Dogra who crashes into Chinese territory and gets captured and tortured only to finally escape back into India and get waylaid by Simran(Pooja Chopra) a north-Indian girl who has runaway from home in order to escape despicable despot Amrit Kumar a.k.a Ak 74 , a white eyed pursuant who wants hermore

For diehard action fans

An Indian Army officer crashes his helicopter into Chinese territory and is subjected to third degree torture. But Karanvir Dogra aka Commando doesn’t let slip any secrets. A year later, Karanvir is shown hale and hearty, crisp linen shirt in place and still refusing to admit he’s an Indian spy. The Chinese decide to try him in a court of law and escort our hero in an open jeep with just two guards for company on a lonely mountain roadmore