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Critic's review: Tushar Joshi

    The Smurfs 2

    Rating: The Smurfs 2 critic rating: 4 out of 10

    Color me blue. The Smurfs franchise worked because every 5-year-old dragged his parents to the theatre and wanted a matching toy. In its sequel the story shifts from the Big Apple to Paris where the nasty wizard Gargamel (Hank Azaria) is looking for a ‘surf essence’ that gives these tiny creatures their blue colour. For this he kidnaps Smurfette (Katy Perry) to give him that magical power to rule over the world. Neil Patrick Harris, George Lopez...full review

    B. A. PASS

    Rating: B. A. PASS critic rating: 6 out of 10

    Savita bhabhi has a new competitor. Sarika Khanna (Shilpa) is a ‘desperate’ housewife who finds sexual gratification in the arms of a younger boy Mukesh (Shadab) who gets addicted to their steamy sessions. What starts off as an isolated random encounter soon becomes a regular affair. But before you think this one is a one dimensional erotic drama, there comes a twist that puts the right spin to the story. Soon the tables turn and the temptress...full review

    The Conjuring

    Rating: The Conjuring critic rating: 9 out of 10

    When you have a disclaimer before a film that says “members of the paranormal society” would be available for counselling after the screening, you roll your eyes and perceive it to be nothing but a marketing gimmick. But trust me as the end credits roll out, you might actually want to see if these folk exist, and if there is a chance of having a discussion with them. Set in the 70’s The Conjuring is a throwback tribute to the classic The Amityville Horror style...full review

    Chor Chor Super Chor

    Rating: Chor Chor Super Chor critic rating: 4 out of 10

    Small time theft and robbery is the central theme of yet another drama set in Delhi. Shukla (Avtar Sahni) runs an undercover agency of petty thieves who work in a photo studio. Satbir (Deepak Dobriyal) wants to turn the page and start afresh. He meets Neena (Priya Bathija) who has her own devious plan unknown to Satbir. On the side there are other supporting characters who add more chaos and create some humorous situations along the way...full review

    Bajatey Raho

    Rating: Bajatey Raho critic rating: 4 out of 10

    Sabharwal (Ravi Kishan) is a con man who fleeces money off people through devious plans and commits a series of frauds until the tables turn on him when Baweja (Yogendra Tikku) dies of a cardiac arrest after being wrongly framed in a bank fraud. Now, his wife Mrs. Baweja (Dolly Ahluwalia), her son Sukhi (Tusshar), and friends Mintoo (Vinay Pathak) and Ballu (Ranvir Shorey) decide to avenge his death by teaching Sabharwal a lesson...full review

    Luv U Soniyo

    Rating: Luv U Soniyo critic rating: 3 out of 10

    Mark (Tanuj Virwani) and Soniyo (Neha) are the regular run of the mill lovers. He's the cool dude who wakes up in the morning, dresses up goes to college and does whatsoever is required to play to his celluloid image. She is the coy demure Punjabi girl who has to eventually fall in love with Mark not before facing family and other problems! Of course the story can't be linear, hence we get a twist in the tale with Soniyo has to marry an army man...full review

  • Issaq critic review on DNA India

    Rating: Issaq critic rating: 3 out of 10

    A desi adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Issaq is set against the backdrop of Benares is a love story of Rahul Mishra (Prateik Babbar) and Bachhi Kashyap (Amyra Dastur). Both belong to warring families with burly moustached men who believe in the law of the gun. The first half introduces us to a plethora of characters and sub plots that have minimal importance to the main story. Rahul and Bacchi do the rehearsed routine of courtship...full review

  • Red 2 critic review on DNA India
    Red 2

    Rating: Red 2 critic rating: 6 out of 10

    So what do you do when your film is the sleeper hit of the year? You go ahead and make a sequel! Dean Parisot revisits the 2010’s hit team of undercover hitmen who are now joined by Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta Jones and Korean star Byung Hun Lee in what seems to be a calibrated effort to use the old tricks to market some new material. Retired CIA agent Frank Moses (Willis) is dragged back into the game by his girlfriend (Parker)...full review

    White House Down

    Rating: White House Down critic rating: 5 out of 10

    John Cale (Channing Tatum) is a capitol police officer with a dream of making it to the secret service protecting the most important man on the planet- the President of the United States. An average Joe, he’s also dealing with a divorce situation where his 11-year-old daughter Emily (Joey King) has that indifferent phase going on. A trip to the White House changes everything when anti-American hostile forces take over the...full review

    Pacific Rim

    Rating: Pacific Rim critic rating: 7 out of 10

    Remember as kids how we would play with toy figurines weaving imaginary battle scenes in our head. Guillermo del Toro's trillion dollar budgeted sci-fi monsters v/s humans flick does the exact same using giant sea dragons named Kaiju battling super sized mechanical robots with human drivers (Jaegars). Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) is the man who gets a second chance at avenging his brothers death at the hands of a Kaiju early on in the film...full review

    The Iceman

    Rating: The Iceman critic rating: 5 out of 10

    The Iceman is a biopic about a famed hitman who killed over a 100 people, yet continued to love and support his own family. Based on the life of Richard Kuklinski, the film has Michael Shannon playing the lead role. It isn't your regular thriller, but a story that takes a while to weave its web of intrigue and suspense around you. Ariel Vromen gives us a first hand account into the life of a criminal living a dual life....full review

    Despicable Me 2

    Rating: Despicable Me 2 critic rating: 7 out of 10

    Being good is boring, being bad is super fun! Despicable Me proved that pure evil has a worldly charm to it. Now Steve Carell is back playing the parrot nosed Gru, however, this time he's in a different mood. After stealing the moon in the prequel, and adopting three orphans, he has turned a new leaf. His devious plans and wicked mind has made way for jelly and jam making. But, it isn't too long before he has to go back to his criminal ways...full review


    Rating: Ghanchakkar critic rating: 4 out of 10

    Ghanchakkar opens on the right note. We are introduced to an odd ball couple - Sanju (Emraan) and Neetu (Vidya) who are polar opposites (his tied up hair and casual attire v/s her loud jarring 80's ensembles) living under the same roof. What starts as a heist to loot a bank in the middle of the night and share the prize money three months later ends up being the biggest adventure of their life. Pandit (Rajesh) and Idris (Namit) are Sanju's...full review

    The Heat

    Rating: The Heat critic rating: 4 out of 10

    Think 21 Jump Street, but with two women reprising the roles of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. In The Heat, Sandra Bullock and Mellisa McCarthy play the roles of a FBI special agent and a Boston detective. Both actresses bring star power to the film with their names. Bullock an Academy Award winning star is America's darling while McCarthy has become a household name post Bride Wars. So when this oddball pairing goes on a hunt...full review

    World War Z

    Rating: World War Z critic rating: 5 out of 10

    The zombie genre seems to be 'done to death' (pun intended). With Brad Pitt as the poster boy, World War Z gets all the right buzz a film of its stature requires. A classic end of the world scenario set against the backdrop of modern day New York sees a virus outbreak that turns humans into zombies. Gerry (Pitt) is a retired UN investigator having a regular day out with his wife (Enos) and kids, until they witness a savage attack by the living dead...full review

    Shortcut Romeo

    Rating: Shortcut Romeo critic rating: 2 out of 10

    Shortcut Romeo is a failed attempt at making a thriller that has no element of surprise. Instead it is filled with over the top loud grating scenes and sounds that remind you of a badly written telly soap. The deafening background score and dialogues involving a strange milk and bitter gourd smoothie (doodh ke saath karela khaoge to ulti hi hogi) leave a bad taste in your mouth. Neil plays a blackmailer who tapes a topless Ameesha Patel having a...full review


    Rating: Raanjhanaa critic rating: 6 out of 10

    Raanjhanaa joins the rank of recent love stories (Aashiqui 2, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani) that take the unconventional path of approaching the genre by exposing the dark underbelly of romance through shades of loss, regret, remorse, and pain. Despite a colourful and vivacious beginning, the film ends up being weighed down by its heavy melodramatic second half. We are introduced to Kundan (Dhanush) and Zoya (Sonam)...full review

    Ankur Arora Murder Case

    Rating: Ankur Arora Murder Case critic rating: 4 out of 10

    The film begins as a medical drama that involves a young boy Ankur Arora (Vishesh Tiwari) losing his life on the operation table due to negligence at the hands of a renowned surgeon Dr Asthana (Menon). It chronicles his mothers (Tisca) battle to get justice and battle the corrupt system to set the wrong right and make sure there are no more such accidental deaths. Despite being a court room drama it lacks the finesse...full review

    Man Of Steel

    Rating: Man Of Steel critic rating: 6 out of 10

    There is something different about Zack Snyder's Superman that will make you embrace or dislike your favourite superhero from the very first time we see him in his full glory. We aren't talking about the missing curl on the forehead, or the lack of his signature red underwear, or how scaly his suit looks. We are talking about the way Superman thinks and behaves in Man of Steel. Of course fan boys and those who follow Clark Kent's adventures beyond...full review