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Crook  (2010 - Hindi)

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Crook cumulative rating: 2.8 out of 52.8/5 (65 users)

Crook critics rating: 1.75 out of 5 1.75/5 (10 critics)

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  • Its Too Good to be Bad

    Crook rating: 7 out of 10(Vinayak Chandra wrote on 08 Oct 2010)

    Bhatts are famous for picking over newspaper headline issues and make them into movies. Crook comes up with a serious subject about the plight of Indian students in Australia, i.e. the racism issue, but as proposed in the pre release interviews, it doesnt turn into a serious movie. Contrary, it proposes to be a masala fare.

    With Emraan - Mohit Suri - Bhatss coming together, expectations sore high. So do they live upto it? Lets find out.

    First of all, the title of the movie is hardly justified. For sure Emraan is shown doing piracy and stuff in the early scenes, but for that alone terming the movie and tagline as such is not justified as the movie doesnt come up with any of Emraan's BAD act.

    Secondly, while the real story behind the racial attacks wasnt told, the way it was projected could have been better, tho i have no complaints from the picturised way. The real story actually was that a large group of Indians misbehaved with Aussie girls, which led to such blooded response from the opposition, but Mohit chose to highlight the issue in a different light, which anyway for me is acceptable.

    But but but...guess what? Crook works..and works big time.

    Crook never intented to create a revolution of sorts. It always presented that it is a usual masala fare, with a look at racism, without giving it to serious cinema. And Crook succeeds there.

    It starts off straight away giving us an insight into Jai's (Emraan) life, who pirates CDs and whose father had been a criminal, thus forcing him to live with his uncle (Gulshan Grover). His uncle believes he is a good person at heart, and thus sends him to Australia with a fake name, fake passport.

    Jai falls in love with Suhani (Neha Sharma) who is Samarth's (Arjan Bawja) sister. Her brother is over protective and is the self proclaimed Indian public protector. He hates Aussies to the core for the fact that he belives it was coz of an Aussie that his other sister died.

    The movie's first hour revolves around romance, building up characters and showing sights of Indians being attacked by Aussies.While many find the romantic angle unwanted, one should realize it was an important angle for the fact that Jai needed PR for which he had to rope in a girl to fall in love with him and the same time showed that he doesnt wanna fall into the Indo - Aussie fight.

    While the racism issue is just a sneak peak in the first hour, it pulls up full on post interval. And from there you are set on for an engaging watch till the climax.

    There are certain twists and turns towards the penultimate 20-25 minutes, which take you by surprise and the message that movie comes up with during the end, dwelves into you, ordering you to look into yourself.

    Music of the movie is very good, and best thing about it is that songs have been properly placed and dont halt the screenplay. They are enjoyable and more often goes in flow with the movie. 'Kya' could have been better, while 'Mere Bina' and 'Tujhi Mein' are excellent tracks with excellent pictursation. Special mention to the reprise version of 'Tujhi Mein' which plays off at the climax. The track just pumps you up in the climax.

    Dialogues are good, but not a match to those shown in promos.

    Cinematography is good.

    Mohit Suri has handled the subject very well and gives a perfect balance to the masala plots and the serious plot. You dont feel dragged.

    Emran Hashmi is the BIG Thing. Period. This guy connects with his masses, be it whatever character he plays and once he settles out with a comedy one (which would be to see in Dil toh bachha hai ji), he is out there for you as a hardcore versatile actor. He is confident throughout and is responsible for some very good moments, which the masses enjoy whistling to.

    Neha Sharma is good for a debut. For a change, you see a debutante who has a meaty role unlike other debutantes these days who are there either only for your eyes, or just for a good 30 mins.

    Arjan Bawja is very good. Revealing about his character would spoil fun, but its worth watching out for.

    Kevin isnt utilised as good as he was in I Hate Luv Storys. But he does well.

    Gulshan Grover is hardly there.

    On the whole, Crook is a hardcore entertainer and would surely entertain you provided you dont go expecting a serious cinema or a flick which deals in and out with racism. It never promised to do that, and it never does. It was to a masala enterainer, which it is and successfully so. Watch it, enjoy it. Its Good to be Bad.

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